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  1. I use the laundry quite often, they always do a great job, socks and all. the prices are reasonable and never had any issue with colorfastness, or anything. Go use it and enjoy!
  2. We did the OS which is right under the windjammer and truly i never heard anything --- and I was really worried about this before we set sail. But sounds were fine!!!
  3. We're in a similar boat in terms of done all the ships over and over... same islands. Love Royal but do want to mix things up. Only difference is our kids are much younger. We did an All Inclusive to Cabo at the Hyatt Ziva resort and really enjoyed that, it was a great trip and we wouldn't hesitate to go again. We have been doing more city visits.... we took a trip to San Diego and had a blast visiting different places. These days so many cities have so much to explore, just pick a town, research activities for their age group and dive in. I too have heard many great stories about Universal for your kids ages.
  4. I did once --- regretted it. But only you know you --- try it out
  5. I've done as little as ordered a lot of room service and invited several couples to stop by our suite.... to as big as renting out the steakhouse for the night for my wedding reception. If you have a good TA let them guide you .
  6. This is where booking through a travel agent has been great for me. Mine emails me and just lets me know she has credited by bank account, as she checks for prices drops for me regularly.
  7. I would love to prebook something --- know anything other than RCI transfers?
  8. We face a similar situation. I had one more option for a flight late in the afternoon. So even though it cost 3 times as much I did it, because I didn't think i'd get to the airport in time for a 10:30am flight and i didn't want to risk being stuck there.
  9. On my cruise, on enchantment, we were in a grand suite. The owners suites showed full and some days royal suite showed available and some days not. Well I bid up for the owners suite, just because, knowing they had been full for months. Turns out someone in the owners, upgraded to the royal suite. I got their owners, someone else got my grand, and some in an outside got the balcony that person was in. All of us were on the same roll call, and so we were able to see how everyone got bids taken thanks to one person at the top moving up.
  10. Yep, I'm looking at that one and 3 to it's right... of course RCI says they're NOT obstructed on Odyssey. lol who knows.
  11. Yes there's a lot to be said being close to everything. We were right by the elevators and one deck down from the pool, on our cruise last year and we loved it. I think we're going to try deck 6 Thank you so much, for watching my stories on the air, and following along on cruise critic. I keep saying I'm going to change my avatar, had no idea how many DFW people were on this site. But I truly appreciate the compliments!
  12. When RCI came out with Qantum. I looked at the layout and the side of the ship and said this ship looks like they took Solstice and changed it a little to make this. I posted that and had several people post about tonnage and random things, and tell me how wrong I was.... I was like, I'm no engineer, but when i go to pick rooms, the exact same drama I run into on solstice is what I run into on this ship....
  13. If I move to these deck 6 balconies there are no lifeboats under me. Around me yes, but not straight out or straight down that I can tell. I always get flamed for this, but I sweat Quantum class is the same base design of the Celeb Solstice class... The side of the ship is the same. On Celeb, even high up, I hated that the lifeboats were below me. Only part of the ship that doesn't have them is all the way forward, which I rather not do, and the hump. I'm thinking the hump is the way to go even if it's lower. I may be wrong but I don't think lifeboats will be in my way. I attached a pic. First circle show where I am now on deck 10.... boats still below me Second shows the open cabin on the hump.
  14. my sailing is super full... only ones by the elevator are deck 6....
  15. I booked Odyssey this week which I'm super excited about because once I sail a Quantum class I will have sailed on every class in the fleet. (i know technically Odyssey is Ultra-Quantum... but work with me here) Anyway --- I'm picking my cabin, and would love to know your thoughts. Junior suites (my go to) are sold out the week we're going, so all i can do is a balcony. There's a million balcony options. My TA put me in a midship deck 10 balcony (my usual) but there's a handful of rooms on the hump on deck 6. I'm thinking of switching to those. Any feedback on balcony cabin locations on this new ship for me?
  16. We're looking to soak up our few hours in Croatia and are looking for something fun to do besides the palace. I'm told beaches are crowded and public The National Park is beautiful but may be hard to do with limited port time. Any other suggestions? We'd love to hire a tour guide and have someone show us around, take us somewhere authentic for lunch. What is there to see? Where should we go? What can I pre-arrange?
  17. Hi, I'm looking at going to Krka National Park, but our cruise is only in port for a few hours, all the tours on their website seem to be all day affairs. Were they able to cater to you with a cruise friendly tour?
  18. We're sailing Rhapsody out of Venice this year. Really excited about that ourselves. Have a great trip!
  19. Awesome! I never understand when people say KSF doesn't work for them I always save thousands!
  20. I have no idea what RCI is doing with Enchantment either. When we were on Vision and told some crew we had booked Enchantment for a few months later, they all reacted, "oh..." and talked about the lack of upkeep and no clear idea why. I will say this, they were trying to paint Enchantment when we were on her in October, but it was impossible to do while she was at sea. She needs a dry dock to fix her up. I was shocked they're getting rid of Grandeur over her, seems like a big mistake.
  21. I'm so happy you put this here and more importantly the mods let it stay! I've looked at the other cruise line boards, and much like we are here, it's just a lot of inside baseball. It's really nice to see one of "loyal to royalers" take on the other lines. I hope there's a way to somehow let these continue, to some small degree, they're super helpful
  22. This is so tough --- we just did Enchantment, it was my least favorite RCI cruise. Mostly for the same reasons others cited. The ship needs work, and for us the staff was a real mixed bag. A tired ship, and rough staff. That being said we LOVED vision when she sailed out of Galveston earlier this year, amazing crew, ship in great ship and would say Vision beats the big ships. The size of Enchantment won't be a problem, staffing and maintenance could be.
  23. Yeah if I had my wits about me I would have reacted a bit more. It all happened so fast. Happy to know the review is still helping others almost a year later!
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