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  1. I'm learning today my March sailing on Odyssey is cancelled. So far I've just put down my $1,000 deposit on that cruise. I have a cruise this November on Adventure and final payment is coming up. I still owe $1,000. 🙂 Does anyone have experience getting Royal to just move money from one sailing to another? Or will I have to pay the $1000 out of pocket, and then wait (forever likely) for the refund from Odyssey?
  2. Several JS's open on my upcoming Odyssey cruise. Would you pick one of the aft facing ones on deck 12, or those on the hump on 6 - 13 and why did you make your choice?
  3. Yeah... My excitement for this trip is waning.... First our 2020 cruise was cancelled and we lifted and shifted to this 2021, and lost our coveted cabin and changed routes Now no more Venice... If we do Venice then I have to figure out a way to get there as the ship is only doing transfers to Marco Polo airport not to Venice. and I still suspect Rhapsody may be swapped out for another ship. I've kinda given up on planning this cruise.
  4. We're Lift and Shifting... so I can't change categories.
  5. Yes 8596 is what we had this year... cruise cancelled... so we lost it. It's gone so the one next door is open and I think we'll take that
  6. I don't know about the deck 7. But I booked the deck 8 corner cabin 8596 for just my wife and myself without an issues. My travel agent warned me though, that SOMETIMES, RCI enforces it needs to be 3 people or more, so there was a chance they wouldn't let us have it. But she was able to book 8596, the corner cabin, for the two of us, without any issue. I would give it a whirl.
  7. Yes it's a J3. Yes' it's just the two of us.... they gave us the corner aft, with just the 2 of us with no issue Jimbo. I know many of you have specific aft cabins you recommend. I didn't know if there was another one I should jump for or avoid. That's why I asked. Heck who knows if we'll even be on Rhapsody.... and yes I'm hoping someone in one of those corner afts backs out. I'll keep watch.
  8. So.... had a great corner aft balcony (8596) booked on Rhapsody this summer that was covid cancelled. Picked out my new cruise for 2021, also on Rhapsody and both corner afts are gone. 😞 There's a million JS's available, just not the coveted corner aft. All the other aft JS are available.....8098, 8100,8202, 8600, 8598 But so are a number of JS's right by the centrum, which is an awesome spot to be on the vision class. Which would you choose? I know those vision aft corners are great, but are there any other vision aft's that are any superior than the others? Should I just not both and go back mid-ship? What say you ? and Why? And aren't you glad to get back to a post like this instead of refunds and lift and shifts and when will they start again? 🙂
  9. There are 3 quotes that stood out to me in today's call from RCI leadership.... 1) "We don't expect that... someday somebody blows a horn, and all the ships start operating right away. We think that it will be a gradual start, a little bit like society is opening up gradually." 2) "So we would imagine that we would start with fewer ships, and more likely to be more drive markets in the beginning, and then it would then evolve and grow from there." 3) "But certainly the newer ships have more public space per passenger. And would be heavily in consideration for the return to service, as well as other ships that we've modernized and having more venues on to." So... It's not like August 1, or September 1, All ships are going to sail as scheduled. Nope. Sure, we might be sailing again in September, or October but it's only going to be a couple ships and it's probably not going to be where they're currently scheduled to sail. Newer and Bigger ships are most cost effective and allow easiest social distancing.... and RCI believes travelers will people will still avoid being in an enclosed space like an airplane.... but may be willing to cruise... so lets make the ships easier to drive to. If all this holds true.... I think we're going to see the Oasis, Quantum class ships and the recently amped ships (Indy, Navigator,Mariner) deployed around the country, rather than concentrated in South Florida. Divide them up first between... NY/NJ, Orlando, South Florida, Texas, Seattle... Then places like Baltimore, Norfolk, Boston, Charleston, New Orleans. The fleet may get entirely reassigned for a bit... which will play havoc for those cruises we have booked this winter. Again all guesses, but that's what my brain came up with when I read these quotes.... What about you?
  10. Sigh. Ok. Thanks for the advice! Always appreciated.
  11. So basically it has to be another 6 nighter, same area within a month. There's only one sailing that meets that criteria. Only 1. That would be my only option? I'm going to have to argue that one! lol
  12. I actually have one problem, Jimbo. I'm hoping they overlook. My Rhapsody cruise this year is a 6-nighter. In 2021, all their Greece cruises within a month of my sailing are 7-nighters or more except one. Just one 6 night. Hope they don't try to force me on that one. If they don't, we'll be very happy about the change.
  13. Ken, I'm confused on the "basic itinerary" "cruise type" For example, right now we're booked on Rhapsody out of Venice this summer to Greece. Next summer Odyssey is going to Greece out of Rome within the same 4 month period. Can I Lift & Shift from Rhapsody to Odyssey at the same price?
  14. Thanks for all the advice. I never thought about the lifeboat space. That makes sense. "Ourusualbeach" You are correct. It is open now. It was much different 24 hours ago. My TA is furloughed, but I called her company yesterday inquiring about upgrading to the JS, they told me none were available. Last night, when I was having a sleepless night I played around on rci.com and same thing, I couldn't book a quad JS. I saw JS two cabins with sofa beds available but I couldn't have them. After reading your post, I checked again, and this time there was on JS left, and it said it was able to be booked. Called my TA's company. She tried to switch it online, no luck! Computer told her it was waitlisted. But she called RCI and was able to snag it after all. Thanks for checking, I wouldn't have looked again if you hadn't said it was now available! Whew!
  15. Currently booked on Odyssey.... When we booked there were no JS available for my family of 4 on the ship. Had to get a balcony cabin. I really want a JS Right now, there are two JS showing available. But they're only available for a couple of 2, not for a quad. I can't figure out why. Both rooms have a sofa bed in them according to the deck plans chart. I'm sailing with two tiny little elementary aged kids, a sofa bed is all we need. I know their are rules about how many quad cabins can be sold, for the passenger count of the ship, but we're already on board. We would be taking a room and freeing up a room... No change in passenger count. So RCI why won't you let me swap rooms? I want to give you more money and move to a room that works better for me. My CC RCI experts help me understand what I'm missing, because this just seems silly to me.
  16. I figure it wasn't good when shortly after the TA crossing and inability to get into the shipyard, RCI told Galveston they need another year to build the new terminal for Allure.
  17. I don't have any more final payment situations. i mean just in general. these are sailings i have no bookings on, but want to book. I just can't believe I bought a cruise in the same area one year earlier for three times less. But I understand they have to cope with not sailing and with all those 125% credits they handed out
  18. I sure hope so!! Already have the Italy 2021 cruise picked out. Just need to know if I'll get money and if RCI wakes up and lowers the price. It is currently going for about triple what I had paid this year!!! And I had a JS this year, triple is for a regular balcony! lol
  19. I'm really nervous about this too. In October we sailed on Enchantment, and our cabin became unusable after they painted an air intake valve to our section of the ship. We got a FCC that had to be used within a year, meaning by 10/20. We had a cruise already booked out of Italy, on 7/20. It was partially paid for, so applied the FCC to the balance. We paid off Italy in full, and still had a small balance left on our FCC. They let us apply the small balance to another cruise we had booked in November 2020. This cruise was one month past the deadline, but they said they would still let us apply it to the November cruise. Great! Well, now, the Italy cruise needs to be cancelled too. We were going to Italy for a friends wedding, and the cruise was something we were doing on our own after the wedding. The wedding has been rescheduled to 7/2021. So now the RCC we used on the Italy cruise will be back in flux. I want to know what's going to happen to my money, but my TA was furloughed along with 85% of her company. The few agents left, are working one week on, one week off. But have had their workload multiplied by ten. I asked them to deal with this but I've been told it will take a while. Sigh.
  20. Is it just me or are prices for 2021 much much higher than normal? We had to cancel our Greek Isle cruise this summer, trying to rebook for 2021 and prices are about triple what we paid this year. Looking at another cruise for next year on a route we take often, and again prices substantially higher nearly double what we paid this year. It's got us considering doing something land based instead. I know RCI is hurting so discounts are tough, but many of us are itching to get out of town and are planning and booking travel, and I just can't comprehend leaving prices so high. All we're doing is planning vacations, if prices weren't so high I would have booked by now.
  21. Called my TA today to go over our plans now that we're cancelling our Italy/Greece cruise. We got everything squared away and she promised to call RCI in the morning to work it all out. About an hour later she sent me a text, "our entire office was just laid off, with dozens of other offices across the country in our company. I won't be calling RCI for you tomorrow. " My heart broke, she's been my TA for 30 years, planned so many great trips. I imagine more of you may find out your TA's are gone. A voicemail to the agency says it's temporarily closed, and leaves an 800-number. A friend says she gave up after a 1.5 hour wait for someone to answer on that line. I guess I'll call RCI and ask them to transfer my booking, but I can only imagine this situation is going to get a lot worse for RCI agents as more TA's shut down and bookings get transferred back to the cruise line.
  22. I use the laundry quite often, they always do a great job, socks and all. the prices are reasonable and never had any issue with colorfastness, or anything. Go use it and enjoy!
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