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  1. SS quoted me a price of £2450 per person to upgrade to BC. This is on top of the economy fare that is included in the price ... for simplicity say £550. By my maths that is £3000 per person whereas booking them independenty is £3500 for two people ..... £1750 each .... not £3000 ... If that isn’t a mark up then what Is? Similarly they quoted me for a hotel. The quote price - per person - was identical to the hotels price per room! A 100% increase. I appreciate the peace of mind aspect but at what cost?
  2. We do not have much of a choice when it comes to flying. Our regional airport only offers international flights using BA (via LHR), KLM (via AMS) or AF (via CDG), so unless SS are going to fly us around the houses and / or mix and match then their options are also limited. In the case that I mentioned BA do not even fly to the airport that SS use ... it would be a code share with AA. (Thinks frying pan and fire) I take your point about cheaper contracted fares ... we used the same principle when I was at sea but we had the ‘perk’ that the company passed the discounts onto wives airfares 😀... so what bugs me is that despite the massive discount they can negotiate, they still apply a mark up on the ‘regular’ price? Also I cannot understand how they can quote a price on something that is not for sale ... which is what they are doing in this case. I find the marketing / sales somewhat misleading, and then maybe having to pay extra to obtain decent flights... the whole process is off putting and it stops me from using that particular aspect of a potential booking.
  3. I’ve just received a quote for a voyage from SS. I asked for the costings regarding a business class airfare upgrade. Taking into account the ‘free / included” economy airfare .... Taking into account the fact that airline schedules have not yet been released, and tickets cannot be purchased .. SS quoted me a price of £2450 per person to upgrade to BC. This is of course on top of the ‘included’ economy airfare which gives a ballpark figure of £3000 per person. Should I choose to arrange my own airfares, the cost is £3200 for two passengers ... less any ‘refund’ for not taking the included airfare. Basically the fares are marked up by 100% !! For our upcoming cruise we booked our own airfares ... it proved far more economical !
  4. Ten weeks tomorrow and we are off on the Shadow ... we haven’t heard anything from SS and was it not for this thread we would’t have known about the DD. We booked it for the itinerary so we’ll be somewhat miffed if it goes belly up 🤫
  5. If my maths is right ... as an example .... Harmony of the Seas .... If the 5400 passengers pay an average of $15 per day auto gratuity. Total ‘income’ per day, is $81000 . Add on to that various ‘service charges’ .... 2394 crew, less officers and salaried staff ... 2000 people? $40.5 pppd. pro rata .... but some get more and some get less? That is almost $300 per week when at sea. Having said that I have probably had brain fade working it out .... but it is quite amazing how these little add ons all add up. Equally wasn’t there some scandal recently when a mainstream company upped its service charges and said the extra income would be used to pay for staff uniforms? ... and another company that had a similar hike which was purely profit based and not even passed onto the staff ..... never mind the fact that NCL’s head honcho earned in excess off $22 million last year 😀
  6. We were on the Wind last year and prior to sailing I asked for a copy of the comp. wine list .... they sent me the below with the usual rider about availability etc. Probably way WAY out of date but for a general idea ............. Complimentary Wines - May 1 17 Update.xls
  7. Well, that’s my vino collapso sorted 😀 Looking at the ‘premium’ wine list, the ones I recognise seem to be on a normal mark up .... 100% . It made me think when I ran the officers bar on one ship, we were charging more for the tonic than the gin! Mind you that was bog standard, no mark up duty free prices.
  8. When I initially asked the stance was “Our special Services team have advised that the attached wine list is the only list they are able to provide.” ..... i.e. the one published on the thread. I did reply thanking them and told them what specific style of wine I was looking for and surprisingly they came back saying that their were four of that style on the comp list and they listed them, inviting me to pre-order should I wish to do so, but yes, it is strange that they are being evasive.
  9. They have sent me a list of the non-comp wines .... a 15 page pdf document. Hopefully it has attached correctly. WINE LIST.pdf
  10. Another poorly paid cruise line employee
  11. When I acknowledged their email I asked for a copy of the current complimentary list - they sent me one last year - and explained what I was looking for i.e. an oaked chardonnay. When / if they send one I’ll pop a copy on the forum.
  12. We are sailing in three months so out of interest I asked about two relatively inexpensive wines that are generally available in the UK. The reply was ... ”Errazuriz Wild Ferment Chardonnay and Bonterra Organic Chardonnay are special order items and would need to go through procurement and a cost may apply and there may be a possibility we cannot source. The only Organic Wine we have onboard: Bott -Geyl Alsace Mettis , France, White Wine” There was a bit more waffle but essentially they wanted to know how many bottles I wanted before they would even attempt to source it. I may pop into Majestic and source my own 🤫
  13. Foreign Staff / Crews ... For what it’s worth, from the other side of the coin. I have spent several years at sea, starting out as a cadet and leaving as Chief Officer. We had European crewed ships and we had Indian crewed ships. Were the Indians paid less than the Europeans? Yes. Did they know this and accept It? Yes. The wage they got was poor in comparison to the officers, but not that different to the cadets paltry wage! This was in the days when each crew member was given an allocated amount of rice per day. This was the way they wanted it. More often than not they stashed some away and gave a lesser amount to the cook. When they left the ship the stash was taken home .... and frequently sold on. They were offered overtime but many frequently refused it as the extra money was not needed.. Did they have to come to sea to be away from their families? No .... but neither did anyone else on board. Competition for a place on board was fierce! Were they ‘poor’? No. They were rich .... especially when they went home. Did they receive a basic living wage? No ... it was far better. Environmental issues ??? In my opinion, Governments are now taking the issue far more seriously and acting accordingly.
  14. Are these ‘Interline’ rates an American thing? When I was working as a navigation officer for P&O we were offered massive discounts on cruise ship sailings .... but not at the expense of a full fare paying passenger ... and I know of a couple of people who had their trip cancelled at the last hour! Literally! Now I am retired there are no ‘perks’ that I know off.
  15. Our forthcoming cruise is visiting various historical / ancient sites including Kusadasi for Ephesus, then Haifa and Ashdod for various religious tours. I will be extremely miffed if our guides make any similar claims!!
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