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  1. Agree. Although if you fancy anything special then just ask .... give them 24/48 hrs notice and they will do their best to oblige. We asked - nicely - for a Chateaubriand on our last trip .... it was excellent.
  2. The bank said, on 1st October We've contacted your retailer's bank to try and resolve this dispute. If they do not respond we will credit your account for this transaction. Should the retailer provide us with further information we will contact you. However reviewed the information you have provided, I am sorry to tell you that I cannot help you with the transaction for £XXXX for the following reason: * Under Visa rules, we can only dispute a transaction that was made within the last 120 days. I have argued the last point (the deposit payment) saying this disputed transaction began on 8th May when the TA agreed to refund me money and reneged Nothing heard so far. Claim ongoing. As an aside, when the TA bleated for sympathy I intimated that they should take out a dispute with Crystal [emoji16]
  3. Fwiw... I have an ongoing UK Debit Card Dispute ... the bank is seeking the refund monies from the TA as they are the ‘vendor’. They told me ten days ago that the monies were imminent .... oink oink flying pigs [emoji849] I believe the small claims court is just that ... for ‘small claims’ in their £hundreds .... not £thousands ... but I stand to be corrected. As an aside the TA is not happy and has intimated that I should withdraw the dispute.
  4. We had a week in Barbados a couple of years back (stayed at Little Arches in Oistins .... not recommended) and always used public transport. Dirt cheap, very efficient, and massively interesting as you interact with the locals. As for BGI we had no problems ....... MIami on the other hand 🤮
  5. ..... and in the UK, where the laws are different? Take a 15 year old who commits a sexual offence. They may, if ‘of previous good character’ receive an official caution. They do not get a criminal record and at the age of 18 years the caution is expunged from the system. Option 2 is that they end up in court and are convicted where they may or may not be placed on the sex offenders register, and if they are it could be for months rather than years, and again when the stated time is reached the SOR entry is expunged. All subject to no further offences being committed of course. I am also led to believe that the UK register can prove problematical to view and is not generally in the public domain.
  6. For what it’s worth ... My deposit was paid in 2018 My balance was paid in 2019 I instigated a dispute in August 2020. Today the bank informed me that they are contacting the vendors bank(TA) and that if they do not receive a response then they will credit me with the balance only. The deposit is outside of the time frame so that will be part of the Crystal wait and see game[emoji57] I am now expecting a call from my TA. I hope they don’t want my sympathy🤬
  7. Agree whole heartedly ... it might improve things if they contacted customers and apologised. The silence is stunning! I had a call from my TA yesterday and mentioned this lack of information. They glossed over it saying they were pushing for my refund ... and mentioned ... FIVE TIMES ... that my credit card dispute would be against them, not Crystal 🥺 Tough! If they don’t like it they they can instigate a claim and see how they like it.
  8. The last time I bought photo’s on a cruise ship, the price, for the pictures, was reasonable. The price for them putting the files onto one of their memory sticks was outrageous ! Never again[emoji2]
  9. Ditto please ... my bank has now asked for a copy of the cancellation policy! My claim went in 8 May ... still waiting[emoji57] I have forwarded the request to my TA to see what they say.
  10. Mrs B is now starting to get concerned re our June Baltic booking ....
  11. The November ones have gone! December 1st is now the earliest shown on the website. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  12. Not cruisey but boaty 🤭 Just seen an oldie but goody is being shown this week on UK TV ... ‘When Eight Bells Toll’ , again Alistair MacLean. Lead role is a very young Anthony Hopkins!
  13. We have a cruise booked for June. I asked for a flight deviation (fly out a day early) and gave them a ‘suggested’ itinerary to peruse. Twenty four hours later it appeared on ‘My Silversea’. Haven’t had the bill yet🤭 The only galling point is I pay for a deviation for the privilege of missing out on ‘free’ transfers🥴
  14. I am bored [emoji849] so here is a serious question about the processing of a single refund. How long does it take? (6 months I hear 🤬) Someone, sat at a PC gets a notification that a customer is due a refund. What happens? How long does it take to process the due refund for that one booking, which in most cases will be for two passengers? Ball park figures ..... Ten minutes?? If that surmise is accurate then they have circa 500 bookings per cruise ... at ten minutes each, six per hour, 40 per day ..... so one operator could spend two weeks max on one ocean cruise to process all refunds? Two operators ... one week per cruise Eight operators would be 480 bookings per day.....circa one cruise ..PER DAY! Let’s face it, if someone books a cruise ‘on line’ ... it can be done in a few minutes and that is including filling in all sorts of details ... and the money will be out of your bank in minutes.
  15. Last year, on a luxury cruise. Arrived at the Piraeus Cruise Terminal at 12:05. Checked in, boarded the ship on deck 4, walked up to Deck 5 for the admin work. En route, welcomed - by name - by two separate members of staff! Up to the bar, pre lunch cocktail, total time was less than 15 minutes. Went for lunch, again greeted by name. Excellent food. Enquired about a special request for dinner in a couple of days ..... a Chateaubriand for the two of us ... no problem Mr B. anything else? Nothing ostentatious or obsequious .. just pleasant and polite. Nothing was too much trouble. Having said that there were a couple of people who, rather than ask with a smile on their face ... demanded and failed the attitude test! A Totally chilled out experience. There are three types of sea sickness. (1) Is where you think you are dying! (2j Is when you wish you were dead! (3) On a long trip you think ‘This is the sea and I am sick of it’
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