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  1. Regarding IP Address and location .... We have just returned from a mediterranean Silversea Cruise .... Their internet selected Luxembourg for Google, Turkey or Greece for Maps, ... and always .com for the SS home page. Even typing in the .uk address it went Stateside? The only prices you could view were USD and they included US to Europe airfares? Heavily sanitised?
  2. Our recent cruise on the Shadow increased by over 80% from the time we booked it to the time we sailed. Our next one has business class fares included ... but there is a distinct lack of flights with business class when traveling from Newcastle to Southampton 😃 In fact there is, at present, only one carrier ... Flybe ... I wonder if we could have first class rail instead??? It will be interesting to see what they come out with.
  3. We booked our first Crystal cruise some months ago, and last week we paid the balance so as to get the extra discount. We have never sailed Crystal before - mainly SS - so it should be interesting. The payment has finally ‘gone through’ at head office so we can now start to book dining and excursions etc. We booked this specific cruise (actually 2 x 7d b2b) based on the itinerary. It has overnights in Sorrento (for Pompeii) and Livorno (for Florence), both of which are high on the wish-list of places to visit, so we were quite shocked at some of prices being touted for Crystal excursions. That, so far is our major concern, if concern is not too strong a word. Having said that some of the independent private excursions seem somewhat dubious so at least a Crystal one will be / should be organised? We shall see. Overall we are looking forward to the experience. A good dining experience is high on our list and generally speaking reports are always good.
  4. If I use the App in the UK al the prices I get are USD .... which is not much use🤷‍♀️ It seems handy enough for reference though.
  5. We stayed at the Radisson in Athens ... chosen because it was near to the Archeological Museum and it was offering a free breakfast. 300 Euro for two nights b&b. We arrived at 6pm to be told they had cancelled the reservation They claimed they had tried to debit the credit card a few day before but there had been a problem so rather than query it they cancelled the booking! They did not say why they had tried as we were still a couple of days into the “cancellation allowed” period. It was sorted in the end but we were NOT happy! We used pre-booked Prestige Limo for the airport to hotel and hotel to Piraeus. 90 Euro and 50 Euro respectively. Not cheap but excellent service.
  6. I have the reverse problem .... joining one at Southampton. We live in Northumberland and flights are scarce .... one per day on the day we travel (the day before embarkation). We have the option of a direct train at the cost of one arm and part of a leg... or we take the cruise company's arrangements and fly LHR and they provide a car transfer. Decisions decisions 😀 On a separate issue regarding the two hour check ... we have just come home from Athens and they didn’t even open the check in desk until well less than two hours before the flight.
  7. H13 ... I was going to pm you but CC says I am only allowed zero messages per day? Doh!
  8. That does bring back fond memories😀 I once got spoken to somewhat harshly for having the audacity to sit down when on watch! Our ‘smaller’ ships usually had a large bridge, separate chartroom, and stubby bridge wings, but as ships got larger and technology improved the actual enclosed area became smaller and the bridge wings larger. The reason? Easier to keep cool ... not for the benefit of the OOW but for the electronics ... not that there was an over abundance of equipment.
  9. Nor is there any guarantee that trying the Professional Courtesy / Old Boys Network etc will get you a visit. 😇 As stated ... security is paramount.
  10. The last time we stayed in Rome we spent the better part of a full day at the Vatican, over half a day in the Vatican Museum and came out of both feeling that we needed more time. I couldn’t contemplate a satisfactory visit to both the Coliseum and the Vatican in one day ....
  11. “Officers were 4 months on/2 off” Maybe, perhaps 😢 We used to dream of 4 month trips 😀 There was the famous ‘overseas contract’ with P&O .... you signed on for twelve months .... Arabian Gulf / Indian sub continent to Australia / NZ ... return ... ad infinitum. The perk was no income tax😂 as agreed with HMG. It caused mayhem when they brought one to the UK.
  12. Many many years ago, when I first went to see, the situation was the same for both salaried staff and non-salaried staff, i.e. officers and crew. You joined a ship and signed articles, you left when you left ... could be four months, could be ten months ... luck of the draw. When you signed off, your net wages earned were calculated and your ‘paid leave’ was calculated and the whole job lot was paid in one lump sum. When your ‘official’ leave was up you were effectively off pay. If you chose to return early then you started getting paid again so effectively you were on ‘double time’ . This applied to all staff ... contract or non- contract. As conditions improved and wages were paid on a regular basis by bank transfer this ‘perk’ disappeared so the best you could hope for - in the event you were asked to return early - was a choice of ship. If you chose NOT to return early, you got what you were given .... usually what everyone else had declined 😏
  13. Yup ... ours is London (Southampton???? ... someone is geographically challenged!) down through France / Biscay to Northern Spain and Portugal ... in September .. so pleasantly temperate. No need of a balcony. The savings with the cheaper price will give us a short mini break somewhere ..... effectively for free !
  14. Slightly ott. ...... we have just booked a trip on the Spirit and gone for a vista rather than a veranda. We hardly ever used the balcony last trip and the price differential is £1200 per person !!! Murphys Law suggests that if there is anything to see it will on the other side 😏
  15. As requested ... CD Bob Leininger HD Martin Blanar Update: They have honoured the 5% ‘on board’ discount ...... so I felt it would have been churlish not to have booked another ..... Silver Spirit this time.
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