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  1. I too was a deck officer for many years and have obviously attended many a drill. In the old days they were at times a farce. Folk would roll up to muster stations 15 minutes before the alarm went off. They could have a chat and a fag[emoji4]. This attitude was in the main due to old, old fashioned Masters who worked on the principle that if it ain’t broken don’t fix it! Then we had a new, younger Captain who casually walked onto the bridge one morning and after ensuring all was safe, he sounded the GA. What a total fiasco. Some people came on to the bridge to see what was happening, some ignored it, and needless to say some complained. One thing was sure that afterwards the Captain gave his somewhat forthright views .... and that sort of fiasco never happened again! It stood me in good stead later in life when apart from the ‘been there and done it’ I got to wear the tee shirt so to speak. After leaving the sea I ended up working for the Emergency Services. One of my specialities was crisis management and exercise planning and our exercises were as stressful and realistic as we could make them. The troops loved them!
  2. Well, as per my earlier comments, I have today formally cancelled our September cruise and had the t&c’s confirmed. I am told 60 to 90 days to process the refund. Back to the brochure....
  3. Shame about it having to be a ‘cruise ship’ 😀 I could supply a couple of horror stories of being on a ‘ship’ 😁
  4. Yup .... A clickbait journo who has set themselves particularly low standards of truth and accuracy and failed to achieve those standards.😀 Research ? Nil by the look of it. Almost as laughable as the one out today whereby an ‘expert scientist’ has determined that air travel caused the spread of CV. Really?
  5. Not CV19 related !! I was looking at a couple of cruises and it made me wonder which department is responsible for the itinerary and planning of cruises? Would that same department be responsible for worldwide operations or does each area have its own ‘planning team’? i.e. one team in Europe, one team in the USA etc. I can’t find anything on t’interweb that relates, in depth, to the corporate infrastructure which would allow me to contact said department? Just me being nosey 😀
  6. Where does Corporate Responsibility end.? NCL strike again .. Let’s go party 😀 https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/05/articles/disease/norwegian-epic-the-latest-ncl-cruise-ship-to-ignore-the-cdcs-social-distancing-rule/
  7. FWIW From my TA, 28th April, cruise date 27 September. ”Crystal have confirmed that if you cancel your sailing before the 15 June 2020 the charge would be only £154 per person with the remaining paid refunded back to you. The £154 per person would be held to use as a future cruise credit within 1 year.”
  8. Once you go out ‘Deep Sea’ into the miles away from anywhere zone with almost zero light pollution it is quite amazing what you can see. A Lunar Halo, and very rarely a double halo were quite spectacular. Phosphorescence was not unusual. The green flash was an occasional phenomena. The most unusual natural phenomena I ever saw was in the Caribbean ... we were in poor weather and nearing the Mona Passage, when we suddenly had seven waterspouts form a couple of miles away. One? Yes. Two? Occasionally .... but seven! Ridiculous.
  9. I was looking at a another thread about FCC’s and the impression I got was that - with this particular company - the FCC could only be used ‘towards’ a cruise and that you would still have to fork out a separate ‘normal’ deposit and use the FCC to pay for the balance. If that makes sense 🤷‍♀️
  10. Some CEO’s can afford to retire ... https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/04/articles/executives/ncls-ceo-frank-del-rio-collected-over-17800000-in-2019-1052-times-more-than-wages-of-median-ncl-crew-member/ $18000000 for a bonus.? Looking at the other lead articles on Cruise Law News seem to indicate a ‘downer’ on NCL ...some interesting points raised, .
  11. I am male, and in my 70’s so I was mildly concerned when I had a letter from my doctor saying I was suffering from post gestational diabetes 😀 Now that IS notifiable !😂
  12. The (optimal) cancellation date given to me, by Crystal, is 105 days before the cruise. Not that 15 days will make a great deal of difference in the long term 🙄
  13. As long as the anchored ships remember to weigh anchor every so often😀 I remember once we were at anchor off a port in the Arabian Gulf. Waiting times for a berth were up to six months. One ship, having been told the pilot was on his way tried to weigh and found that they couldn’t as the anchor had sunk so far into the sea bottom. Oops! In a similar vein ... one ship that again had been at anchor for several months. Someone had managed to obtain a full size, replica, human skeleton. One day when the Port Authority boat was doing its 'rounds', all personnel were moved out of sight and the skeleton was draped over the bridge wing wearing nothing but a cap - and that was the only sign off occupancy that were seen by the staff on the boat. Rumour was they were not amused!
  14. Presumably therefore, in a months time they will be cancelling all of the Med. July sailings ... some of which are shown as ‘Call for Availability’? Our cruise is due late September and our TA has spoken to Crystal who intimate that as of two days ago, our optimal cancellation date is before 15 June. Since that conversation they have cancelled those June sailings. I will be speaking again in June to see if the cancellation options have changed.
  15. The cruise we have booked for September will, I suspect, be cancelled. As far as we were concerned it was a ‘one off’ , booked for the itinerary .... Having checked the schedules I can see nothing that appeals for a rebook, so my choice is easy. Having paid an arm and part of a leg, I have no intention of donating the remainder of the limb, as I still won’t end up with anything like the itinerary I booked. I thought my airfares would be an issue but the airline is essentially offering a good exchange policy, so I suspect it will be a basic refund in our case. All we need now is the next wave of cancellations so as to see exactly where we stand .... but optimism isn’t high on my list 😀
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