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  1. so am I understanding that depending on the ship we are not sure if we will be charge a 10.00 upcharge for one protein or only if we want a combo for hibachi?
  2. I want to have my facts straight when I explain to my husband how this works. so if anyone that has been on the Harmony that had the package explain to me how the package worked for you I would greatly appreciate it like were you told you could not eat or any extra charges, did you make reservation for every night and lunch, were you allowed to use it any where on port days for lunch? did you go to more then one restaurant a night? anything you can give me will help Thank you so much !!!
  3. thank you that is what I was hoping for has anyone ever just walk in and got sushi or do you need reservation for that
  4. we will be on the Harmony in March and are buying this package for the first time my husband wanted it because after shows there is never anything to eat other then paying or pizza so if we wanted to just show up at sabers or Johnny rockets to grab something small we should be able to do that? are there any other small places like those to grab something maybe Vintages is that on Harmony
  5. can you tell me if there was an upcharge for the hibachi and was the ala carte pricing for the day or per restaurant. we just bought it for the first time because my husband was hoping like after shows when everything is closed for food that we could still get something at sabors or whatever else they have on Harmony like that johnnie rockets not sure any feed back would be great thank you
  6. sorry this happen to you but I will double check before I get on the Harmony in March to make sure it is taken care of before we get on ugggg
  7. I remember watching the movie as a kid then I watch it as an adult not tv version but movie version and I said to my parents I cant believe you let me watch that and they laughed everything went over your head and they were right
  8. we did it over Thanksgiving there were 10 of us we escape with 10 seconds left it was a lot of fun you have to read everything very closely we made a couple of things harder then it needed to be. the ending is the coolest escape room I have ever done.
  9. must of been because my kids tried and my husband and were told no
  10. we just got off the Oasis and ate at JR and were told you can only get a milk shake if you eat there my husband tried twice to just get a milk shake and was told no
  11. we just got off the Indy yesterday and I never heard what the medical emergency was? the funny story for me was I didn't know we turned around in the middle of the night and Friday morning I am on my balcony reading and first I started seeing little boats far away, and I said to my husband that is so weird for a boat that size to be out in the middle of the Gulf?🙄 and he said your seeing things lol so I went back to reading a few minuets go by and I see a southwest plane really low going over the ship and I am like what the heck is happening and I say again a plane just went over the ship and he says again are you sure LOL then all of sudden we started to turn and far away you could see a large city and I made him come on the balcony and he says it must be Havana LOL🤔 and I said that is no way Havana I think it is Miami and not even a minute later the captain came on and said we had to turn around for a medical emergency. we did make it to Cozumel but instead of 8 am it was 12:30 but they extended our stay to 9:00 pm it all work out. just hope who ever had the emergency is ok.
  12. ok Thanks I was told on the phone that they did , but when looked online I don't see it.
  13. we are going on the Independence of the seas does the spa have the juice bar?
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