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  1. It is not a con job at all. It is normal practice for every cruise line to fill out a soft sailing after "their" Final Payment Date passes. OP had the choice of booking early or waiting with the benefits that each choice may have . Also, OP could have found a better TA to begin with for help and amenities.
  2. Certainly far more Mini’s are covered , than not covered , on Royal Class ships.
  3. If you failed to take any precautions and start feeling seasick , do not retreat to your cabin . Fight it . Stay out and about , on open decks if you can , and be eating something as frequently as you may.
  4. Their is no cruise line fare that you can book yourself , that can't be booked , and enhanced by a Good Cruise Specialist TA .
  5. No need to precook first night . 1) Not all get that Coupon Book from their TA 2) Not all even open the Coupon Book by the first night 3) Princess offers the Coupon to TA’s having Cruise Nights ,to attract bookings for that normally soft 1st night.
  6. Movies under the stars .Usually 2 shows nightly . Best seats with cushions go first but there always seems to be a seats somewhere on deck . Movies change nightly but some popular ones are repeated , especially on longer than 7 night cruise. Sound very loud Screen very big Blankets and popcorn provided.
  7. We generally take a look at the Dinner menu . Then if there is nothing exciting , walk thru the buffet and decide which is a better choice that night .
  8. Hard to predict exact Princess Sale dates . Good bet may be Cyber Monday and Valentines Day for $1 Deposits but this year they had one for Halloween as previously posted, so all bets are off. You may expect a certain Sale by what they had last year , but when, what sailings , and what prices are always unpredictable. TA's on CC will receive advance notification of upcoming Princess Sales and often post it . We usually book the first refundable Sale then monitor future Sales , then refare if better for us up until Final.
  9. Another reason for the increase in requests for "table for 2".
  10. Looks like some reshuffling of the spring 2021 West Coast sailings. Emerald 5/2/21 moved to 5/1/21 🤔
  11. A very good practice by TA's . Princess, more than most other cruise lines , is quick to cancel as soon as the Final Payment is missed.
  12. I don't know how many of your "real tables for 2" there are but we have had the ones next to each other several times, and also on other cruise lines . Never had any waiter ever, ever treat as a table for 4. Tables for 2 are very popular and demand could not be satisfied without these arrangements.
  13. Anniversary Sale ^$200 off air to Europe & Japan, $100 off air to Alaska & Summer Caribbean applies to all guests (up to 4) in a stateroom and is available on select voyages only. Air discount applies to a discount on flights booked through Princess EZair to and from ship. Air must be available in Princess EZair to book in order for the offer to apply.
  14. Another vote for Nachi Cocoum here . Been there 4 times , and will book again next Cozumel visit. Reasonably priced , max 135 guest , books up early .
  15. Most TA's are Resellers ????? Where do you get that info? Most every TA does not purchase the cruise from the cruise line at all . Merely handle the purchase of the cruise by the client. Any discounting of the Princess rates is mainly done by rebating part of their commission.
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