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  1. I believe that HAL no longer has Bermuda itineraries . Sad , as they had a ship that could dock at all 3 Bermuda ports like the old days of Bermuda cruising from NYC.
  2. Make a fist with your thumb pointing down . That is the state of Alaska. An Inside Passage 7N r/t cruise you will visit just the tip of your thumb. Go for at least a 7N North or Southbound cruise or even better a cruise/tour (if your budget allows) to see more of Alaska.
  3. Way too much for a Balcony on a short 5 night cruise.
  4. Yes , for us 2 production shows is enough on 7 night cruise . We enjoy a variety of entertainment instead .
  5. Those comments about locating the nearest Public Restroom to your cabin , is a great idea . May involve stairs/elevator. Still time to reconsider 4 adults in 1 any type cabin?
  6. Yes , our Backup Plan for all of those concerns , is Insurance , that is it .
  7. We were 2 decks below the Skywalk . No problem for us . Watching the reactions of the guests walking along staring thru the glass at the ocean more than at us. Skywalk seemed to attract the been there, done that , type.
  8. Beware , this OP is a Troll . Moderator removed him from First Timer Forum now he is here on NCL Forum to annoy with silly question's. Claims to be Mentally Retarded, ?
  9. Yes , Carnival occasionaly has a Military Rate on select sailings but it is rarely the best rate currently available to you. However they do not offer a Military OBC at all.
  10. Do you actually get a Military Rate in the UK or just OBC like the US ?
  11. The reduced Casino size due to the addition of cabins is noticeable . The removal of the seldom used splash pool and bar is hardly noticeable but the addition of more cabins in that area is.
  12. Although we enjoy an occasional Cunard cruise for its onboard experiences that are more like what ocean voyages use to be , Cunard would not be my first choice for an Alaska Cruise . Alaska itinerary is the draw here , onboard experiences secondary . Go with the itinerary that best suites you ,cabin type then price.
  13. Perhaps the Perks don't show until the Group is finalized with the number of paid cabins that will sail , to earn the Perks? Another case where a Good Cruise specialist TA could have been a big help , cost you nothing .
  14. OP , this is your opportunity to post it right here in the Cunard Forum ?
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