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  1. There are crew on room service duty around the clock . This is part of their hours so it is not extra work. I personally walk to get my own food as I like walking .. Many struggle with walking and need room service. It is part of what is included in your cruise fare except for after hours. Of course extra grats are always welcome.
  2. Not sure what a gold member is? The person sharing your cabin will be able to attend Elite events with you but will not get any of the other perks
  3. Yes you do . I man was removed from the ship ( Celebrity) on a cruise we took for not showing up , ignoring pages and finally refusing to attend stated that he did at the beginning of his first leg
  4. On one of the Celebrity cruise we were on a man did not show up for muster and ignored being paged . When they did find him he refused to attend saying he was B2B and already did it . He was actually removed form the ship!
  5. I have been on many Celebrity cruises and check the desserts daily . The Café desserts are not at the buffet nor the MDR
  6. The dining room is jammed full of tables so if they increased the number of 2 tops then there is less room for large tables and not all bodies will fit in the MDR; 2 tops take more room
  7. If you see a bar staff use hands to scoop ice then report that! I have never ordered a drink at a bar so I don't need to consider this issue Open ice buckets to carry ice?/ what about the open plates of food you carry? Do you walk around with an uncovered drink in your hand?
  8. It seems that it does not matter what question you ask on cruise critic you will get similar responses. Just call your TA and explain health reasons. Don't worry , you will be changed.
  9. I have watched people fill personal drink bottles at the dispensers even though there is a sign saying not to . Then I see people using their hands instead of the cup to operate the dispenser. This contaminates it for the next person who uses a regular water glass. We always fill cups with water and another with ice and then take to a table to fill our personal bottles . there is no risk on contamination from ice on the ship
  10. As a person who never eats late at night your suggestion to have apps at the buffet to hold old for late dinner this is not remotely a possibility for many. When your body clock does not tolerate evening eating doing such would keep me up most of the night. I Also I personally have no interest in paying for a meal either. My husband and I are quite fit and very healthy. he is 71 and a hockey player.. For us it is early MDR or buffet . I am sure others are the same. Many folks cannot go to bed with food in their stomachs. At home we have always dined at 5pm
  11. I always travel with small baggies in case I want to bring a treat to my cabin for later . I carry on a plate and bag in the cabin
  12. it may be that they chose which photos they thought were good
  13. They can't as they still need the dining room for all those who want set early or set late. There is not space. They have one floor for set and one for select. Also with select peoples choice of times varies with the cruisers each time so many won't get the time they want especially on a port day. I like to stay with early and use the buffet when I can't make it
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