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  1. I have not booked that is in August but they have posted what is available with the prices. Regent did this very early.
  2. I am really thinking that both Regent and the ports where the ship stops are both uping the cost due to a lack of business for so many months. I am hoping by May of next year there is a vaccine or we will not be cruising so none of this will matter anyway. I need to do some research and see if our private guides are charging more.
  3. We are booked on a cruise in May from Jerusalem to Rome and they have just provided the available excursions for all of the ports. It seems to me that there are now a large majority of the excursions that they are charging a fee for that in the past they were free. The reason I am saying this is that we have been to many of these ports and some of the exact excursions that we have done in the past now are no longer free. Also excursions that have a fee in most of the ports outweigh the ones they are offering for free. A majority of the time we book private excursions but sometimes we will do the Regent excursions. I just noticed this fact and wondering if others have noticed this. maybe this is a way to recoup some of their lost revenue or are the port cities charging Regent more due to the shutdown for many months . Most likely a combination of both.
  4. A year ago today we were in Bordeaux drinking a glass of red wine. This was a wonderful cruise on the Explorer from Barcelona to London. This was our second time to do this cruise. We love all the ports and always buy wine in Bordeaux and stock our wine cooler. Wonderful memories. Hopefully before too long we can return to making more memories as at age 75 our time frame is getting shorter. When you are 75 loosing a year of your life due to Covid is a big deal. When you are young not a big deal. Kandy and Ron
  5. How do you know what the air cost is. We always use the free business class air with regent so never take any air credit.How would you know if the difference is due to increased air prices?
  6. But hopefully by Dec of 2021 there will have been a vaccination in place for sometime and all of that will not be necessary.
  7. I had to cancel our Africa cruise for December of this year as I feel certain there will not be a vaccination in time for us to go and so today I called to get a price on the same cruise for next year in Dec and actually moved down from a PH A to a PHB category and the price is $6,ooo more for next year with a step lower category suite . Grant it the cruise has 2 added days. Not sure what to do. Has anyone else experienced the price increase? Maybe just this cruise since it is around 19 months away. Or was the price dropped on the cruise for this year as people began cancelling their cruises early. We booked the cruise for this year in FEB.
  8. That is amazing. We know that the dentist can do a great job in Africa. We both love animals also and truly looking forward to this experience. Things here in Texas are beginning to open up slowly . The nail salons and hair studios are still not allowed to open. I am really in need of help regarding hair and nails. This has been an awakening to make all of us realize how blessed we are . We take so much for granted .
  9. Glad to get some reassurance. Thank You Travel Cat
  10. GrJ Keep us posted on this. My concern has been the return from CapeTown on Christmas Day.
  11. Hope BA gets reorganized before Dec 25 as we are scheduled on a flight from Cape Town to London and then from London to Austin after our Africa cruise.
  12. We try to do the same. The evening news is all doom and gloom. Nothing good is ever pointed out. All very negative reporting. We try not to watch the news any more.
  13. Keeping my fingers crossed that this cruise will take place in Dec You can read anything you want to hear regarding the virus. Hard to know what is the real truth.
  14. I did find some bleach in HEB today.
  15. Amen no hoarding. I had to go to several places today just to locate Kleenex. Still no 91% alcohol.
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