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  1. I guess if my cruise in May to the Holy Lands is cancelled I will apply all my credit to our Africa cruise in Dec. and keep my fingers crossed that by Dec of 2021 we will be cruising again.
  2. When I posted this I did not notice the post regarding this issue. sorry.
  3. I recently noticed that most of Regent's cruises in May of 2021 are now waitlisted. Wondering if this means they will most likely be cancelled.
  4. We are on this cruise but from Tel Aviv to Rome. I just noticed that both segments are waitlisted so wondering if they are going to cancel or what. I really am keeping my fingers crossed that it is as go as we really want to go to the Holy Lands but also we will need to have a vaccine by then. I believe the border in Isreal at this time is closed to US citizens. We have been to the other ports but never to Jerusalem so we also booked the pre cruise in Jerusalem. Hopefully we will know something by the final payment at the end of Dec. I have been doing some research and there is a great private land tour of Jerusalem and the Holy Lands and it also includes Egypt which we have never been to and it is also on my wish list. This is offered by Kensington Tours which has great reviews. I believe we could go later in the summer of 2021 on this so keeping it in mind.
  5. Thank you Bill that sounds great. Will check into that. Hoping by Dec of next year there will be a Vaccine and a lot better. We do love great red wine.
  6. Hoping by next year in December you will be allowed off the ship and things have settled down somewhat. I am thinking positive.
  7. We are booked in Dec of next year on the Africa cruise as we had to move from this year in Dec. We are in Durban overnight but we arrive at 5p.m. on the first day. Regent has shore excursions listed for that day but I seriously doubt that there will be any excursions as we arrive late. Anyone of you who have been on this cruise and arrived in Durban late have any feed back on this. Also if you have overnighted in Durban is it safe to go out for dinner somewhere and if so do you have any suggestions. Also what do you suggest doing while in Durban? Any feed back will be really helpful.
  8. Cool Cruiser, That is good news to know as that is the exact card we have. I did not take FCC but I cancelled our Africa cruise which I had only made the deposit on this December and moved the deposit to DEC 2021. How did you find out this info as I need to do some checking. We had not made the final payment on the Africa cruise so I would assume when I make that final payment this Dec for next year DEC using my chase card we should be insured for up to $10,000 per person on that cruise as I had only made the deposit prior to moving it to 2021. Let me know how you learned about this ruling.
  9. Nothing within the past several years. We are not talking about pec here just regular insurance without pec coverage.
  10. Steve, If my Visa Sapphire card covers trip insurance for $10,000 per person and my trip total cost is $30,000 for myself and my husband and visa covers $20,000 can I just take out the balance of $10,000 for the remainder of the coverage with some other company.
  11. Thanks to everyone as long as I have been cruising and buying insurance no one ever explained all this to me. Thank you all so much for explaining.
  12. Cool Cruiser Are you saying you can purchase a travel policy 15 days after initial deposit and just cover the deposit amount not the full price of the cruise and because you purchased 15 days after purchase you will be covered for pre existing conditions and then prior to or after final payment add the remaining balance to the existing policy? Will you then be covered for pec for the entire amount or just the deposit amount. I did not know that you can add monies to an existing travel policy. Please explain more.
  13. We too have used Tours By Locals in many cities in Europe and never had any issues and wonderful experiences.
  14. I read the Regent Reassurance guidelines and the FCC can be used on an already booked cruise. Also I have never bought travel insurance that included the cancel for any reason as it is way to expensive. Since the Sapphire Visa card covers up to $10,000 per person if it was charged on the card I then wait until right before the final payment and take out more travel insurance to cover the balance.
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