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  1. Our TA sends the rebate check when we return home. I get very confused on exactly how the rebate check amount is calculated. My TA has explained but I can never get the dollar amount to work out. Not a big issue as she is a great TA and works very hard and has always gotten reductions if the prices fall even after final payments.
  2. Great pictures floosie009 . Sure hope we get to go. Watched Joel Osteen on TV this morning since all churches are closed and it was a great positive sermon. Think positive and do not let the negative thoughts in.
  3. Travelcat2 Thank you for the suggested excursion ideas. Those were the exact ones I had marked to book. The food and beer sounds great. That is one thing we most certainly love to do if time permits is have some local fare and a local beer if time permits. Fingers are crossed that we sail. This is a surreal happening. I told a friend it is like the futuristic movies . Praying things turn around soon.
  4. We have the Cape Town to Cape Town leaving on Dec 3 out of Austin Texas on British air to London an then on to Cape town and returning Dec 25 on BA. That is my concern that they might cancel due to so few passengers and then what on earth would we do. My other fear is that the cruise might not be cancelled but still concerned over the safety of flying and also the safety of getting on a ship especially in Africa We have until Aug for our final payment . If we were much younger than 75 I wouldn't be as concerned but being high risk places another burden on top of everything. UGH
  5. Pies4U Did Oceania agree to the waiver? Did you get permission ahead. What I thought I read was when entering Cape Town needed proof of vacine? our Dr seemed concerned about us getting the shot and that is why he said wait until sure we are going. Did not go into details of the possible side effects. At age 75 sure don't need to bring on any problems if not necessary.
  6. Thank you both for the info. I have never had to encounter this so had no idea how it works. I am sure hoping we go in Dec. as we are so excited . At age 75 we are running out of time to go to some of these areas although we are both pretty fit.
  7. I have never cancelled a cruise so need to ask a question regarding shore excursions. We are book on the Africa cruise in early Dec and our shore excursions become available for booking the second Monday in April. Most of the excursions I am going to book have a charge. Do I pay for these when they are booked ? Also if we do not make the final payment which is due in Aug only because of the virus situation will we be refunded for those or get future cruise credit? Never before have I had such a hard decision to make regarding a Regent cruise. Not a fun time.
  8. We are really looking forward to going to AFRICA but at age 75 not wanting to put ourselves at risk. We will make a decision in Aug.. There are a lot of cabins available so shows how people are holding off until something changes. The major problem is if they think it could return in the fall and we know there will most likely not be a vacination before then. Our doctor told us to hold off on getting the yellow fever vaccination as sometimes there are reactions . His suggestion was wait until we were relatively sure we were going. Have you guys had this vacination?
  9. Really concerned about this cruise. I guess I will wait it out until Aug when the final payment is due to so what is happening world wide. The issue of the virus returning in the fall is a killer. This board is very quite. Hope everyone is safe and virus free.
  10. Pappy, We live in Georgetown. I also noticed that mrlevin lives in Georgetown. I wish regent would add Austin to the gateway list. Many times we pay the deviation fee and try our best to not have to drive from here to Houston or Dallas. Hope everyone stays safe and here's hoping our Dec. Africa cruise will take place. Final payment is due in early Aug so maybe will know more by then.
  11. mrlevin i just read your article very interesting and some ways very heartbreaking. I just noticed that you are from Georgetown Texas. My husband and I live on a ranch on highway 29 West in Georgetown. We cruise Regent a lot. In fact we have an Africa cruise scheduled for Dec so hoping all in better by Aug as that is when final payment is due.
  12. Just noticed that the shore excursions for this cruise are finalized and listed on the website. In several of the ports there are only a few excursions and many of them have a charge. I realized the game reserves would have a charge but very surprised at some of the others. In fact there are not a lot of free excursions. Wonder if this has always been the case on this cruise. Carol maybe you can answer that question regarding many excursions have a charge.
  13. Hope everyone is safe and virus free. Not a lot of fun right now. Getting a lot of house cleaning done. Let's hope this is over soon. I have been reading over the excursions that were previously offered and trying to decide what to do. Hopefully by Aug final payment date the virus is gone.
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