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  1. Its awfully nice to see that other people are having the same experience, thanks for your stories. This situation and the cruise industries reaction to it seems very indicative of the arbitrary nature (in my opinion). They make the rules (which we agree to) and are not answerable to any of our countries so we are, within reason, kind of powerless. This situation is unprecedented in this era but I still think they can update our data a bit more aggressively.
  2. We were booked on the Zaandam last March and canceled after getting the email that said it was okay to cancel and get FCC. Well, that was 4 months ago and we still don't show any FCC. In fact I didn't know that there was a tab on the HAL website to show it, when I found the tab it showed: YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FUTURE CRUISE CREDITS OR FUTURE CRUISE DEPOSITS. Not exactly a reassuring message... When I asked the Holland America chatline about this it was that they have not come up with a solution to show FCC that we are entitled to and no idea when it will be available. Am I the only person that has this problem?
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