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  1. I don’t know if you’ve cruised yet but we used Skyroam last year on our Panama Canal Cruise. As you guessed there is no service while on the water. We did catch some connectivity going through the actual locks. It works okay while docked but you’re at the mercy of whatever cell towers are close to port. If there are none, you’re out of luck. A few times we had enough bandwidth to download some shows to our devices.
  2. This is the relevant part for the specialty dining package question. If only three people want mains from a specialty restaurant and all others want mains from the MDR then only three credits will be charged. We found the easiest way to get organized was to write down your order and from which restaurant it should come from so it could just be handed to the butler. All in all we probably only ate three or four meals not in our room when we stayed in the Star GV and the sailing was 14 days.
  3. We stayed in the Star GV last year and hooked a laptop to the TV in the living room without a problem via HDMI. The remote allows for input selection because it’s also connected to the DVD player.
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