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  1. So glad you are home and that your daughter and son in law had your arrival/food/transport organised. I think we met on the Spirit either last Christmas/ New Year or the one before that. We are booked on the Spirit late September ..Athens to Athens. If it goes ahead. Take care
  2. Thank you for all your updates. Hope to see you on the Spirit when all of this is over. Take care
  3. So many call centres record calls .Ask them for a copy of the conversation where you were advised to cancel and write to the customer care team.
  4. Thanks for posting the Prime Minister's speech - he spoke very well with honesty.
  5. Thanks for the recommendation - we are looking now at available hotels/apartments.
  6. Because of the virus NCL have had to cancel and re-route cruises. They must be loosing money so perhaps they are not inclined to offer reductions/upgrades/ OBC. In the UK when we pay a deposit ( TA or NCL ) it is non-refundable or transferable to another cruise. I'm quiet envious when reading how our American friends can price watch and then cancel without penalty before final payment . It's a subject often discussed on these boards and it seems every one is different. You could try phoning and speaking to a different operator (NCL) but as we found when NCL cut short our cruise by one day, dealing through our TA was difficult.
  7. EU law ??? we have had changes /ports dropped /cruises cut short and what we have had is .. port charges refunded (very slight change to cost) a pro-rated refund (NCL Maths). If you book with NCL direct then they will speak to you -if you go through a TA then it's up to the TA to fight your corner .
  8. Thanks for all the fantastic photos. It all looks amazing . Looking forward to September for our cruise..... any recommendations for a hotel in Athens ??
  9. Thanks for your advice and comments. We have a cruise booked Athens - Athens on the Spirit . I'm going to hang back for a while before booking the Dawn - we have plenty time . The Dawn cruise we are looking at goes Rome - Rome.
  10. Thank you ever so much for such a detailed response . We have been on the Spirit and like the idea of small ships . No need for reservations for the shows and usually we have been able to just "turn up" at the MDRs. Other than Cagney's and Le Bistro (both very small on the Spirit pre- refit) we are not familiar with the other speciality restaurants so that's something to look forward to. NCL have a "sale" on at the moment - but as this cruise is not till Christmas/ New Year we may just wait before booking and as it's Europe there's not much choice. thanks
  11. Wow - now that's a review hot off the press !!! I know shows change (we are looking at the Christmas/ New Year cruise ) - what shows were "OK" ?? thanks
  12. We have never sailed the Dawn . Hoping the very knowledgeable people on CC can help us with our choice ... I like the position of deck 10 (in between cabin decks) probably mid ships. Any cabins to avoid ? We don't like connecting cabins. We have a dining package - is there any "speciality " restaurant that stands out from the others. Is the main dining rooms open from 6.00 to catch an early (7.30??) show. Thanks for any advice/comments.
  13. Fantastic photos .. looking forward to the "new" Spirit with new venues
  14. I've started a roll call for the 27th September sailing on the Spirit . Fabulous ship . We are staying in Athens pre cruise but have not booked a hotel yet.
  15. Thanks everyone for your advice and photos. We did the Spirit Christmas/ New Year cruise 2019/2020 deck 10 midships so I'm pleased that we will not have a "hull" cabin if we book the Dawn 2020/2021. Though we are hanging back before making any booking (even with the NCL "sale" ) as ship's locations may change …. as it has with the Spirt. Thanks
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