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  1. Really very glad to see your post Miss Kazu. With all the torpedos and arrows flying around on my post I almost decided to not even venture here anymore. But less me address your point because it does deserve answered. This was actually our 3rd cruise with HAL and the previous 2 we had an absolutely wonderful time. We truly did. But for some reason ( a combination of many things) this one in particular was "different". My wife who absolutely NEVER COMPLAINS about anything even said to me on several occasions she couldn't wait to get off the ship and get back home. Maybe the 14 days is just too much. But she said something that "will always stick with me". She said "You know honey this experience is like going back in time 30 or so years and losing all communication with the world". No keep in mind she is not a complainer. She too missed the computer room that is on the Veendam which we took in JAN. OF THIS YEAR (2019). She also hated the TV channels. She also hated the very liberal and biased N.Y. Times. She also had the same experiences at the "Bistro on the Lido Deck #9" with many rude people just barging in front of you. The other stations seemed to be fine but the Bistro was really a bad experience. She told me she felt cut off from the world after the 14 days. Then throw in the "Mix" that about 20 to 25% of the people were coughing and hacking their heads off up on the Lido and everywhere else for that matter and it was just a "Perfect Storm". Could HAL have done a few things differently???? Of course they could have. I had a good laugh at the poster that was spouting off of how they have hundreds of thousands of happy customers. The reason that is funny to me being a business owner is the fact that people now expect a low level of service as that has gotten to be the "norm" pretty much everyplace you go. Walmart does around $500 Billion in gross revenues but when you go to Walmart have you ever gotten what you would call "Really Great Customer Service"???? But yet they too just like HAL deal with the "MASSES". Just because you deal with the masses and are a successful company certainly does NOT MEAN YOU GIVE GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE-----FAR FROM IT. But lost in all of this ABYSS is the fact that there were many days where we had a perfectly fine day and we did enjoy for the most part the 9 HAL shore excursions. Again, I just think maybe at this point we will look at other cruise lines that maybe do not cater to the more mature crowd. Sorry for such a long answer but hope this helps some of you understand our thinking. For those of you that can't understand our feelings then its because you don't want to.
  2. Fully agree with you RocketMan. BUT if I was Orlando Ashford I would give a little “ latitude” to the Ships Mgmt. The dollar difference would not have put a dent in their profit margin. Lets see now $1.00 difference times 2 glasses per day ( I drank beer) over 13 days. Oh I can see more clearly now—That $26 would have put HAL out of Biz. LOL. PS. Lighten up if you can.
  3. I just have to "respectfully" disagree with you close to about 100%. Here me out for a minute. I was self employed and owned my own business for over 40 years and not to pay myself on the back too hard I was quite successful at it. I can easily afford to take 2 or 3 cruises or vacations a year if I want with no problem whatsoever. But the reason I was more successful than many others is I always and I do mean "always, LISTENED TO MY CUSTOMERS AND I CARED WHAT THEY HAD TO SAY". I made a careful practice to ask them on a very regular basis as to what I could do better or differently that would even improve upon my service to them. You would be surprised at how many "referrals" I got over the years and decades. I had customers that left me for "price" only to call me a year later and "ask if they could come back to me" as they didn't even "realize how many business's give really crappy service and don't even care about the customer". So Mr. KAZU your words ring hollow to me. If a large Corp. like HAL chooses to NOT listen to their customers they will eventually go by the wayside like many before them. There are hundreds and hundreds of companies that go out of business every year and many of them chose to NOT listen to their once loyal customers. No company or no person is irreplaceable. I know as I worked my ---- off for well over 40 years because I truly loved my customers and they knew it. I can tell you have never ran a company. It shows.
  4. I just want to chime in at this point as yes I agree this post is now way out of control. When I "first" made the post my honest attempt was at helping other people who are "perhaps" new to cruising or maybe had not even cruised with HAL before just simply and plainly "understand" what to expect. Its not really complicated. The 2 previous HAL cruises that we took went off without a hitch and we had a really "GREAT TIME". We really did. This one was very "different". I have now mentioned all my complaints so no need to repeat them. Like I said previously it was just a "combination" of everything beating us down after 13 days of putting up with many of the irratants. Irratants not meaning people but everything else that we have now talked about. Even my wife said as we got closer to the end of the cruise, "between the lack of decent internet, horrible TV selections, no decent paper to read, and listening to all the coughing and whooping on the Lido Deck #9 she was "NEVER SO GLAD" to get off the ship and go home. Really a shame that a person cannot come to this site without the constant attacks that people feel the need to do. And by the way we made friends with many many many nice elderly people. I think its just a little shock to ones system to see such an elderly crowd thats all.
  5. Sure glad that I don't have to do any business with you. I truly don't think you know what real good will is by your post. Have a nice day though.
  6. "Hand Holding" Really????? I wish I could tell you what I would like to say but I can't.
  7. I can't remember "exactly" what I paid but it was something like $1,500 for the 2 of us. Did you know they won't sell the package as a solo??? You both have to buy it or no deal. Anyway, if it makes you feel better to push the blame off onto me feel free as thats what people like to do around here. I think since they (HAL) are the professionals not me they should have gone into great detail and maybe even asked me what my wife and I like to drink. But the HAL Rep did NONE OF THE ABOVE. Like I previously said GOOD WILL would have gone a long ways. But that didn't happen either. The Mgmt. on the Ship should have had the authorization to make an executive decision to let me pay the $1.00 Upcharge instead of just saying "Oh, we will have to charge you the full $12" which as I said adnauseum is a true RIP OFF. It definitely left a very sour taste in my mouth---no pun intended. One last thing when you actually "start doing the math" on the cost of the package it truly is NOT WORTH IT UNLESS YOU'RE AN ALCOHOLIC ----Which we are NOT.
  8. THANK YOU Canadianbear; Finally someone that actually "Gets It". Lord Sakes it took long enough. Are you familiar with the term "Good Will"? HAL could have a policy to let the customer pay the "Upcharge" and all would be well. But they choose not to so as far as Iam concerned they have no good will. They have lost a customer who booked a "Signature Suite" and even perhaps would have next time gone with a "Neptune Suite". We have done many cruises over the decades (only 3 with HAL) and we do like cruising but want it to be a good experience overall. But this one unfortunately did not meet our expectations.
  9. Yes indeed when we cruise next there's a 98% chance it will NOT be with HAL. Maybe in 2 or 3 years when the experience wears off we may look into a Viking. I have heard good things about them. Thank you for the comments and even the criticism. I'm a big boy and I can handle it. We did just fine overall. I think as I may have said before it really was just the "Combination of things' that wear on you. I won't name them all off again as I've gone over them adnauseam. But in all "fairness" to me, I did spend one heck of alot of money in total ( $12.000) and did come away somewhat dissapointed. When you DON'T HAVE decent TV channels, decent internet connection, crappy NY Times, and throw in about 25% of everybody coughing and hacking continually it just "Wears You Down" especially on a 13 day cruise. Sorry, but YES, I do blame HAL for the drink package, lousy internet service with no internet room like on other ships, and horrendous TV channel selections. Not everybody after dinner rushes down to the "show", many people prefer to go back to their room and watch some good TV which was not possible.
  10. Let me just add one thing to the person who said "And all that anger with a wine steward about $1.00-Huh?" I don't know anything about you but first of all "respectfully" my wife and I were not angry. Second, maybe you have never bought the drink package so "perhaps" you don't understand how it works. The cap of $11 was fine with us but my wife really prefers "Moscato" which is by far her favorite. HAL only offered "One Choice of Moscato" and it was priced at $12 which was a dollar over the limit. I simply asked the nice folks that were in charge of the wine etc if I could pay the "Dollar Difference" which is a very natural and normal question to ask. I was told NO they would have to charge me the full $12 for the Moscato and not the dollar difference. Thats why I stated way back on page #1 that the "DRINK PACKAGE IS A RIPOFF". Nothing complicated about it. By the way they only offered one kind of Moscato which there are dozens and dozens of domestic companies that make a very affordable Moscato so you see they could have offered it buy chose not too. And to be brutally honest when I bought the package thru HAL they should have gone over the rules with me which THEY DID NOT DO.
  11. THANK YOU VERY MUCH RACERGIRL24. I CAN TELL THAT WE WOULD GET ALONG WELL TOGETHOR. We have cruised twice this year alone with H.A. and "perhaps" its time to try another line.
  12. Great Post Knittinggirl. I feel your pain to a certain degree. No fun coming home with a horrendous cold. Which both my wife and I now have.
  13. I absolutely love your numbers 2 and 4. Oh how true how true.
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