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  1. So I made today’s dinner suggestion, the jury came down, devoured it, and the verdict is in: it’s a winner! In case anyone is interested, this is the recipe I used: https://juliasalbum.com/butternut-squash-and-spinach-lasagna/ It will be added to our library of recipes. Thank you Rich!
  2. So on the topic of Thanksgiving- I’m looking for input on flavor of gelato to go with sour cream blueberry pie. First thought is vanilla, but that could be “typical”. I’m wondering what adding bourbon might do? ( I have no clue what bourbon is like- only that I like bourbon Gouda.) Any suggestions?
  3. Love it. I’d like to present a set of those to a certain couple I see regularly at our local market. They both wear their masks on their chins so their smirks show to everyone. Because of the laxity of the market I now vote with my dollars- and spend them elsewhere. I did notice a large group (>50%) of the shoppers at Trader Joe’s senior hour appeared quite young- like 20s-30s. So we either have a large population of special needs young folk, or a quite a few “SPECIAL” young. Glad to see the CEO of Costco issuing the policy that ALL wear masks, or a face sh
  4. Good Morning All, Butternut squash & spinach lasagna sounds great. I haven’t decided whether I’ll give it a go for tonight or add it to our pending file. I’ve gotten some great recipe ideas from your daily suggestions, Rich.😁 Today is my meal planning day, which sets my grocery shopping plan. So far it’s shaping up to opening Trader Joe’s (trip by bike) and then Costco (which doesn’t lend itself to a bike run: Like most businesses here, there is NO safe parking for bikes, along with the obvious size of most packaging from the BigBox not fitting well on even my Dutch transp
  5. Thanks! We have several Sprouts which I seldom go to, but for jumbo shrimp, I would. DH and DD love them.
  6. Perhaps your spam filter activated with all the cancellation emails???
  7. The PCR test can remain positive for weeks (sometimes 7-12) because it looks for particles of the virus. Those pieces of “dead” virus may persist long after they are infectious. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/testing-overview.html From CDC document: ...” Revisions made on July 17, 2020 Except for rare situations, a test-based strategy is no longer recommended to determine when an individual with a SARS-CoV-2 infection is no longer infectious (i.e., to discontinue Transmission-Based Precautions or home isolation)” Generally, Iso can end when
  8. The other day when I was having another go at our band weed, it hit me. You are familiar with it, so it likely sustains itself in YOUR winters, so WHY do I think I might be successful in my struggle against it here?🤨🧐
  9. That can become the new way to recognize CC members (in place is mardi gras beads.)
  10. When it was offered for my keep Cherokee years ago I had to look it up.
  11. Good Morning All, And thanks again for this thread. It is one of the highlights of my mornings. @richwmn I have no idea where that is, but I’d love to be there now! @DeeniEncinitas lovely painting. What media do you use? Nothing much on my schedule today, except for chasing a few more weeds in the yard and maybe starting the attack on the garage. (Scary thought.) Will get some supplies in (lumber for shelves and a bag of TP for dad) in case we get locked down again.
  12. That downward slope is likely the hearing loss, showing it took more intensity (loudness) to hear higher frequencies. You can line up his results line and plot it in Speech Banana to get a rough idea. The “banana” portion is where the frequencies of specific letters fall. So if a person has a loss at 5000Hz, they will have a hard time hearing F,S,T, as those letters are in that 5000 Hz range. 5000 may need to be “boosted”.
  13. We have more success with FaceTime because he can see my lips (even though the speakers in our iPads tend to amplify the higher frequencies.) We have set up his iPad to Bluetooth directly to his hearing aide, so that overcomes a lot of that problem. (Of course when it rings, he doesn’t know where it is because directionality is lost with hearing aids.)
  14. A bit more Audiometry 101: The Speech Range is 500 to 6000 Hz. SNHL (inner ear pathology) typically affects the higher range (3000 Hz and above). Many consonants are in the higher range, so if that’s where the HL is, the person doesn’t hear them, or they aren’t clear. So a word can easily be mistaken for the wrong one.* Typically the SNHL that we get as we get older is worse the higher the frequency. The lower range typically carries the vowel sounds. So a person with a loss in the higher range will hear the vowels but not necessarily the consonants, leading to Wilma and Fred’s
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