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  1. Dont you hate it when your parents won’t follow directions? I mean, we always followed their directions when we were kids!🤥😁
  2. With the platinum plan AON only becomes involved at the time of departure. The plan is turned into a travel insurance policy just before you leave. Prior to that it is HAL who refunds 90%. Like so many others, I am also in line for a refund. “My” cruise was to be in Cabo today. When I cancelled ( a few hours before the pause was announced), Costco was slammed and staff from many departments were taking calls. I had to walk the agent through the cancel with HAL process so I could exercise the platinum.
  3. Our chocolates are long gone. I was supposed to be collecting them now as we sailed south to Bahia Magdalena.😢
  4. My hubby was wondering what they were. 😁
  5. I was on the same itinerary in 2018 (BsAs to San Antonio). Pax were roughly 1/4 from each country: UK, Canada, Australia, US with US the 4th largest group. There were only a handful of SA citizens- I believe from Argentina.
  6. Or our oft quoted thread, “The Westerdam Captain Waits for No One.”
  7. Not a finance person here. 🧐 Can someone translate/explain this please? Are they issuing more stock of a different type, options? Something else????
  8. PCR testing is not really a way to confirm someone does not have the virus. It looks for the virus (dead or alive) that is in the nasopharynx or oralpharanyx that has been picked up by the swab. A negative test is no guarantee a person is free of the virus as it may appear days later. PCR testing is best done on symptomatic people. There are blood tests available from other countries (not FDA approved). Not sure if those might be available in this circumstance.
  9. So does fuel have to be pre-ordered in a port?
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