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  1. Sometimes it’s even more than double. A friend found a special fare for a cruise in a few weeks. It was a really good deal for 2, but about $300 over double for a single.😂
  2. Oh, my mistake. I believe it is (was) Anthony’s I’m thinking of... with the Fishette adjacent. We loved that place.
  3. Wouldn’t sleeping on the “porch” at night get a bit damp?
  4. I believe the fish market was redeveloped. Anyone with current information?
  5. The Midway is adjacent to the cruise terminal. It is worth several hours. There is also the Maritime Museum on the other side, also worthy of a few hours. Both are quite walkable (a couple hundred yards from the ship). Balboa Park is incredible and with all the museums and beautiful open spaces it could take days to see. I’m sure someone will come along with information on how to get there besides Uber or a taxi. What are your interests? Midway: https://www.midway.org/ San Diego Maritime: https://sdmaritime.org/ Balboa Park: https://www.balboapark.org/
  6. Same here. But I recognize that shower curtain.
  7. IIRC Captain Albert said 344..... He also said many of the smaller ports are upsizing to handle the large ships, so I’m sure HAL is plugging that into the equation. Of course, Port size is one thing. There’s also route accessibility. We were able to stay in the Inside passage several times (resulting in lots of scenic cruising) because PDam is short and small. There were plenty of bridges and overhead wires that she just barely cleared.... But seriously, folks, if you want a smaller ship again, let HAL know.
  8. We’re 2 of those “pucks” that are heading into retirement with the desire and resources to travel. Jobs now tie us from travel. As I see it now, when the R and S are gone, so are we.
  9. We were on her final voyage and were being encouraged to make our desire for a small ship (likely between an S and R) known on our comment cards and surveys. This is with the hope the Powers That Be consider a build after Ryndam is released.
  10. That’s interesting. Our refund by HAL onto our credit card was several hundred dollars. We booked >8 months out. Because there is is no outlining in the paragraph (along with our experience) it leaves me to wonder if the entire paragraph is based on booking less than 14 days prior. However, the heading makes it sound like the entire paragraph is made up of separate terms and conditions that apply across the board.
  11. We had excess OBC from THAT hotdog place last month and HAL returned it to our credit card within 3 days of disembarkation.
  12. Welcome back! I thought at first someone had dug up an old thread. (Glad I was wrong!) Wishing you a great vacation!
  13. So how do you know if you are buying consolidator tickets from the cruiseline? And how do you book a consolidator ticket directly? (Who are the consolidators?
  14. Oh. GrammaPajama. I know that’s not quite correct but I remember her from awhile ago. So sorry to hear this.
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