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  1. I totally empathize as I have very old parents... I usually use whatsapp ( your parents also need to have wifi communication at their end for this), but also use the free phone time provided by Regent. We're Gold, so get 3 hours per trip/ segment. Dont know how that would be calculated if I was in a World cruise.
  2. Well, if their job is really in peril( and I dont know why but I doubt it), it behooves the crew member/ staff to decline it
  3. Yes. Although some parts of the San Juan area are still affected by the power outage , the area really affected in terms of destruction is the southwest
  4. Here we go again, another round of the never ending "Is it ok to tip?" topic. My prediction? People that tip will keep tipping, and the crew members that accept it ( which I assume would be pretty much 100% of them) will keep accepting it.
  5. I was in the same transatlantic as Jmariner, late March 2019. Unfortunately weather wasn't our friend and there weren't many opportunities to lounge on deck. So although the rain gear is ok, unless you're planning to spend a lot of time outside under the elements, be sure to also bring comfy wear for inside. In my case that's what I wore the most.
  6. You wouldnt think this is so difficult for Regent to get right. Yes, I agree with Wendy the Wanderer, organic organization via Roll Call is better. After all, we don't need for Regent to organize free booze and food, its available everywhere! Sheila, glad to hear you're having a relaxing cruise!
  7. What are the other ports that have been removed? I did this cruise not on Regent, but on Seabourn, a 15 days cruise ending in Chile, and dont recall stopping in more ports that your cruise shows. We stopped one day in Montevideo and that was quite enough. We were lucky to be able to stop in the Falkland Islands. For me the highlight was cruising by the Chilean Fjords. Since we ended in Chile, our cruise was 15 days vs 21. For me the additional days between Chile and Lima would not be worth it (actually, that's why we did it with Seabourn and not with Regent).
  8. Hello Jackie, Hope you're home or close to it! Thank you for taking us along!
  9. I've found fairly easy to get additional reservations in the Specialty restaurants, but you have to be flexible about the hour ( usually later). No, Ive never felt its a "class system", but frankly i wouldn't begrudge people in the big suites getting preferential tables. In the end, if you dont have the budget for it, it doesnt matter why we think its great. If you have the budget, but seems like an "extravaganza", I suggest you sharpen your pencil, and do an apples to apples comparison with the other lines, IE. all inclusive alcohol, cabin size,excursions, airfare, and then see if it makes sense for you. I just know I could never go back to Princess or Royal Caribbean, sorry!
  10. Marc, I also had a conversation about it a couple of weeks ago with CD Jamie, and he explained the same advantages, plus that it was definitively "evolving to version 2.0". Dont know when you did it, but I was able to complete it on my iPad.
  11. Great for her, hope I'm able to do anything close to that next time I'm on Explorer. I may be in the minority, but I find the venue of Compass Rose there a bit like a convention hall. Just cruised on the Navigator and it was so nice to go to a more cozy Compass Rose.
  12. Jackie, I "discovered" during our last cruise (when it was time to fill the online questionnaire) that your society number is printed in your key card! Not sure if its always been there! Oh, that's too bad about all those ships in San Juan, that's unusual! Yes, OSJ will be a zoo, although "fun" to people watch! Hope you're able to find el Batey or Marilyns. Another nice place for a drink and a bite to eat is the Princesa Gastrobar, also very near the port (this one is not a "dive", but its casual). https://www.princesapr.com/
  13. LOL!!! I would have taken you up on it in a heartbeat as well! I'll be there in 10 days, too bad we won't coincide! Wishing you calm seas and that your glasses and any other assistance works. Was Pacific Rim tonight or tomorrow? I had the Sea Bass on Compass Rose but I think the Cod on Pacific Rim is better!
  14. LOL, that tip about the Cuba Libre is great! Another dive recommendation is Marilyn's ( Calle San Francisco 100) for their great mojitos!
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