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  1. In case folks haven’t seen this — Egyptian authorities have seized the Ever Given, whose owner has been ordered by an Egyptian court to pay $900 million in compensation for the losses allegedly caused by the ship’s running aground. https://www.cnn.com/2021/04/13/business/ever-given-seized-compensation-bill-intl/index.html
  2. Thank you so much for all of the information in your reply! The photo from Cologne at the link you provided, with all of those boats rafted together, is great. It had not occurred to me to check marinetraffic.com (duh!), so I did so for the boat we are booked on next year, the Viking Gefjon, and it's docked with many other boats in Cologne. (The photo to which you linked is from May 2020, but the scene probably looks very similar now, sadly.) Very interesting, and thanks again!
  3. We picked Myvatn rather than the BL because we'd read it was less touristy, and we loved it, but I do believe it's also humanmade. https://icelandmag.is/article/icelands-two-blue-water-pools-blue-lagoon-vs-myvatn-nature-baths https://www.anothericeland.com/guides/myvatn-nature-baths#:~:text=This nature baths consist of,the Old Icelandic bathing tradition. (Myvatn Nature Baths, by turtles06)
  4. A year ago -- April 2020 -- we were booked on our much-anticipated first European river cruise (Viking's Tulips and Windmills). Obviously, that didn't happen. We re-booked for April 2022, and now that we're a year out from that, I've again been thinking about river cruises. And I just started wondering -- where have the river ships been for the past year? There's been so much media attention given to, and discussion in other forums here on CC about, what has happened to the ocean cruise ships during the pandemic -- repatriating crew, warm storage at sea, etc. -- but what about the Eur
  5. Speaking only for myself, I would never go to the trouble of a four-night cruise (especially now), unless perhaps I lived within a short taxi ride of the port. But also, it would likely be a party/booze cruise, and I have zero interest in that. Even week-long cruises are too short.
  6. What’s your authority for this? The Supreme Court’s original jurisdiction (its power to hear cases from the start, bypassing all other courts) is quite narrow (see, e.g., the discussion at the link below), and in fact Florida filed this case where it belongs, in a federal district (trial-level) court. https://www.fjc.gov/history/courts/jurisdiction-original-supreme-court
  7. Very similar; two words for us: “herd immunity.” Which we may not get to if there are too many anti-vaxxers.
  8. It's pretty clear that NCL is not proposing a "no kids" policy now let alone forever. It's proposing a no UNVACCINATED passengers policy, for this restart of cruising. If kids can get vaccinated, fine. If they can't, then for this temporary period while NCL takes some baby steps in its return to service, that's how NCL wants to do it. I don't blame them. And I don't think they will have any problem selling cabins. NCL is not intending to keep kids off its ships on a permanent basis.
  9. I'm happy for you and appreciate your troubleshooting. I don't have a Mac. Also, if you will read the many comments in this thread, you will see that the problem extends for people across numerous browsers and devices, and that it is intermittent. I can go for days without experiencing it, and then, boom, I'll find myself logged out.
  10. It's not Chrome. It happens to me on Safari on my iPad and iPhone, and if you read the comments above, you'll find other non-Chrome examples.
  11. Agreed. And they've also made it clear that by "all passengers," they really mean all -- no kids will be allowed who haven't been vaccinated, unlike the rules under which Celebrity and RCI are starting up this summer out of the Caribbean and Bermuda.
  12. Just to clarify for the OP, since your comment might be read as saying the balcony of 9270 is larger than the balcony of 9266; they are the same. (I do think you meant to say that they are.) OP: the balconies of the first and third cabins on the slant of the hump (counting from the straight part of the hump) are the largest; the second and fourth (9268 and 9264) aren't as large, but they are still larger than the normal balconies.
  13. I just found myself logged out (yet again) on Chrome on my laptop. Had been on CC earlier today with no issue. @CC Help Jenn any update on this? Thanks!
  14. (As long as they are not engaged in unlawful discrimination of course -- e.g. "whites only.") In addition to what you said, what gives the governor the authority to tell private businesses that they can't require customers to show proof of vaccination? Whatever happened to "no shirts, no shoes, no service"?
  15. It sounds like you already know that the “club balcony suites” are not suites and do not have suite amenities and perks. Do keep in mind that they are located on Deck 11 and thus under the noisy and potentially noisy public spaces of Deck 12 (like the pool and the buffet). Personally, we prefer cabins above and below us; YMMV. If you go with the CBS, choose your location wisely, paying attention to what is above you. Also know that the bathroom in the club balconies has a tub/shower combo. The tub is quite narrow (okay for kids) and the tub wall is quite high, so climbing in an
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