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  1. Jenn, thanks for your response on here and for all you are doing to keep CC up and running.
  2. OP: I think you may be overthinking this. Just pick one of the companies that has a rental car location near PE and a shuttle to the port. Alamo is one such; we rented a car from them a few months ago (at the Eller Drive location), and they have shuttles to and from the port. It's not very far (for the shuttle), but not something you can walk back to the port from. One thing they were advising people at Alamo who were returning cars that day and heading to the port was to do so no later than the early afternoon, when it would become a zoo.
  3. On the “old” site, whenever I cleared my cookies, I would have to log in again.
  4. That might be the case the first time this happened. But I give them enough credit to think that after the repeated inaccessibility of a main portion of this site — after a big upgrade no less — they’d want to know what is going on. And I still believe that communication with people when things are going wrong is important.
  5. Turtles06

    Hilton by Quebec City?

    Carolyn, we’ll be spending several days in QC after a cruise in September. Is there a reason to stay in the Upper Town v. the Lower? And can you recommend some of those wonderful small hotels you mentioned? Thanks!
  6. It was nicely done and very clear to me at least what you meant. I totally agree with you that more information should be forthcoming. I was very surprised, when we had two more recurrences of the server problem right after it supposedly had been fixed, that no one from CC explained what was going on. I think that companies best deal with problems like this by being upfront with their customers and communicating with them. People are more willing to be patient if they are informed about what is going on, what’s being done to address it, and when it reasonably is expected to be fixed. The inaccessibility, repeatedly now, of the major cruise line boards is a big problem and a very frustrating one for users. That frustration is exacerbated by a lack of information.
  7. Turtles06

    Things to do one day in Vancouver

    You've erroneously posted in the forum for help in using the message boards. You should post your question over in the Ports of Call/Canada (Alaska/Pacific Coastal) forum. (You might also want to do some research there first, which might fine tune your question.) https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/23-canada-alaskapacific-coastal/
  8. Turtles06

    Southampton Transportation

    OP: Having used Smith's, I highly recommend them. And yes, it's certainly more expensive than public transportation -- they are driving you about 80 miles. Well worth it, imho, for the convenience. As LHT28 said, the place to ask about sharing the ride is on your Roll Call.
  9. Jenn: if you haven't had a chance to see it yet, there's a new thread from yesterday in this forum (which I've linked below) in which a number of folks have put together a list of existing glitches, bugs and suggested improvements. I know that some of these are known issues, but it would be great if we had some idea of whether they are being worked on or can't be fixed. Thanks so much! Here's the thread:
  10. A few minutes ago, I tried to open this thread but got an Error Code EX1052 instead
  11. But you don’t have to log out. If you forget, and someone else with whom you are sharing your account tries to log on, they will get a message, as POA1 notes above, that another device is logged on and then be able to log that device out.
  12. It’s not just desktops. The problem of horizontally alphabetized columns exists on iPads (tablets) and laptops as well — any device on which there’s more than one single column.
  13. Yes, it’s a known problem, going on right now. Please feel free to post on the thread I linked above, no reason to duplicate the discussion.
  14. I agree with you about the great value of these boards. I also share your concern that this most recent set of recurring and very significant problems will drive some people away, especially given the level of frustration with the other glitches, annoyances, and loss of functionalities we’ve experienced since the “upgrade.” I have emailed CC to express that concern and suggested that an announcement letting folks know what is going on and when we can expect a permanent fix would be helpful.