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  1. That's fabulous, thank you for sharing! (No spoilers here, but that is one of my pet peeves. Glad Capt. Kate was able to use it so well to mock that idiot.)
  2. Yes, we learned that shortly before our last cruise. A definite bummer. Also, re the “free” minutes-based perk, please keep in mind that shipboard internet can be so slow that it will eat up your minutes much more quickly than you might be expecting. Goid luck with whatever you choose.
  3. The Gem and her sister Jewel-class ships are our favorites. Comfortable size, easy to get around, traditional promenade deck, great public spaces. A couple of comments about the aft-facing staterooms. We've sailed twice in aft-facing Penthouse suites on Deck 10, a great deck, because you have cabins above and below. Also, the balconies are much larger (deeper) than they are for the staterooms on the other aft-facing decks. While it's true that you can be seen from above when you at the railing of your balcony, the rest of the balcony is covered. It's private and I wouldn't worry about "being seen." (The photo above is a bit misleading, since it's shot from an angle looking into the balconies, not from directly above.) As for Deck 11, the Great Outdoors is usually hopping all day. Don't forget, they serve breakfast out there. Hopefully, none of that will be a problem for you. Enjoy!
  4. Perhaps HAL means the Viking Village in Thingeyri, which, according to the link below, can be visited on a tour from Isafjordur. https://fantasticfjords.is/vikings-waterfalls/ We visited Isafjordur with HAL two years ago, and a bunch of us from our Roll Call booked several mini-vans for a private tour out to the Dynjandi waterfall. If you haven’t already done so, I would also ask your question in the Northern Europe forum, where you’ll have additional folks who are familiar with Iceland.
  5. We took minibus tours on our port days in Iceland, and had mostly excellent experiences. Terrific guides, and the minibus groups were small enough to move around efficiently.
  6. I'm not sure I'm understanding you, but the door is not in the room. (It's not a connecting door like you'd find in a hotel room, in the middle of a wall.) Here's a thread -- with photos -- that will give you more info (and visuals) about the "connecting" cabins on the Eclipse and other S-class ships (except Reflection, which is different): https://boards.cruisecritic.com.au/topic/1063649-solstice-connecting-cabins/
  7. Also, in case you don’t know and would like to know, the bed will be by the balcony. And the cabin is very conveniently located near the mid-ship elevators. Enjoy!
  8. Thanks for sharing that review with us!
  9. Funny, but when I saw the title of your thread, before I read your first post, the answer in my head for me was "10000 and 10500 on the Gem and Jewel." For all the reasons you said, these are great suites. We had one for each of our two full transits of the Panama Canal, most recently the three weeks we spent aboard the Gem in January from NY to San Francisco. No one knew then that it would be our last cruise until....??? I'm so glad we have those wonderful memories of that trip, in that great suite! However, I would not necessarily book those suites on a cold-weather cruise or one likely to have a great deal of wind (though I know some folks like them for Alaska). In fact, we had an aft-facing penthouse booked on the Jade, on Deck 10 (the best for those suites), for a TA out of Italy this October, imho a better spot for what could be a windy and/or chilly (or worse) crossing of the Atlantic in the late fall. Of course, that cruise is not happening. I would recommend those Deck 10 aft-facing penthouses to others; we've sailed in them twice. (the view from Gem 10000 as we approached the Gatun Locks, January 2020) (Cartagena at sunrise, from Jewel 10500) (Jewel 10500) (photos by turtles06)
  10. I hate what AC is doing to you and others -- playing word games and pretending they didn't cancel, not abiding by the DOT rules, etc. And you are right to be upset with Master Card. Do keep at it, I wish you the best of luck. And fyi, according to this post about Air Canada from a couple of months ago by The Points Guy, you've done everything you should be doing to purse your claim: https://thepointsguy.com/news/air-canada-rebooking-options-canceled-flight/ Good luck!!
  11. I would consider staying as least an extra day or so in Reykjavik, so you can at least do the Gold Circle Tour and the South Coast Tour. The latter is a long day, but fabulous. Stunning scenery everywhere you look. While the Golden Circle is better known, we enjoyed seeing the South Coast more. Have a great time, whatever you decide!
  12. Did what? Respectfully, what the OP is asking is not permitted under the PVSA, as others have said above.
  13. Sorry, no it would violate the PVSA. A cruise line can't take you from one U.S. port to a different U.S. port unless there's a stop along the way at what the law calls a "distant foreign port" (not just any foreign port), and ports in Canada and Mexico, among other places, are not considered to be "distant foreign ports" under the Act.
  14. Agreed, it's charming. Plus, we had the best fish and chips in our lives there, and the view from Mount Aksla is stunning. (photo by turtles06)
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