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  1. We have a river cruise in Europe in April 2021, and I have concerns about it. It’s very hard to believe that a vaccine will have been developed by then and also have been made widely available. Without that, traveling would seem quite risky. I hope I’m wrong on the timelines, but I don’t think it’s unreasonable to worry about a cruise a year out.
  2. Unless I'm mistaken, that interview shows (in the upper left) that it was recorded at 7:19 AM today, not an hour ago. (DeSantis did still use the word "dumped" more than once to refer to human beings, so he was definitely consistent in that.)
  3. Paul, we were saying the same thing. Not to mention that it's heading for the same terminal from which we all so recently left. We are doing okay so far. Glad you and Ellie are as well. Please stay safe and healthy.
  4. The hospital ship Comfort will be arriving in New York today from Virginia and docking at the Manhattan Cruise Terminal. Marine Traffic is showing her right now east of Asbury Park, NJ. So keep checking the NY port and harbor web cams.
  5. It's not HAL's world cruise. It's the 2-week (now much longer) March 7 cruise of the Zaandam out of Buenos Aires. The deaths occurred after Chile would not allow the ship to dock there on March 21. Two people on board have tested positive for coronavirus. Lots of facts out there, I won't repeat them here. Easy to find the news with a Google search, or right here in the long thread in the CC HAL forum.
  6. The Canal is not "effectively" closed. It is open. It has prohibited the Zaandam from passage. Perhaps you could say it is "effectively" closed to this one ship.
  7. Where in the world are you getting that from? The Canal is open, but it has prohibited the Zaandam from transiting. Two very different things. https://www.bunkerspot.com/americas/50208-americas-panama-canal-takes-steps-to-ensure-business-continuity
  8. These folks are busy handling actual issues. Not sure why you are taking up their time to prove a point you feel so confident about. Why not leave them alone and let them do their jobs.
  9. Respectfully, I don't think so. That's only a few weeks away. COVID-19 has not peaked, it is not about to go away miraculously by then (whatever the man in the American White House might think or tell people), and there is no vaccine for it nor will there be one for quite some time. It will still be unsafe for people to travel.
  10. I'll be clearer -- does anyone seriously think there will be cruises in April?
  11. You don't really think there will be a cruise departing this April 12th, do you?
  12. @mdsgu — indeed, where does NCL say that? I was on the same cruise in January with @njhorseman, and we had a port call in a Mexican port that had been given a Level 4 “Do Not Travel” warning. Prior to the cruise, I emailed NCL, more than once, to ask why NCL would schedule a visit to a Level 4 destination. My emails were ignored. Finally, I called the Executive Office, spoke to a very sympathetic person who put me on hold while he checked with their Itinerary Department, and then told me he was told, “we think it’s safe.” I do agree they should be cancelling cruises scheduled to sail in the imminent future.
  13. Oh Paul, I am so sorry to read this latest news. Again, my deepest condolences. I hope you and your family stay healthy.
  14. That’s of course an even smaller community. I hope you find something. If not, the Open Air Museum really is quite interesting and I think you would enjoy the history. The fact that both places are tender ports and that you don’t have full days (at least we didn’t) are of course other limiting factors, but I know you know that. I hope you enjoy the trip. We loved it.
  15. Ah, so you did decide to take this cruise. 😊 When we were on HAL's Viking Passage aboard the Zuiderdam in 2018 [a fabulous adventure!], with a port call in Qaqortoq (tender port, btw), there were no HAL tours offered (nor in Nanortalik). Just too tiny, no real tourist infrastructure. Before that cruise, I had read just about everything I could find here on CC about private tours, and that was not much. A few comments that I did find were from people who had booked in advance with someone with a boat, and the boat had problems the day of and there was no tour. Things like that. I don't recall any boat captains waiting on the tender pier offering to take people places, but then again, I wasn't looking for any. I know from reading your posts over the years how much the Viking history interests you, and I hope you are able to find someone to get you where you want to go. I would at least try the "contact us" form on Sagalands.com, and see if they can help. http://www.sagalands.com/contact-us/ Good luck!
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