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  1. Yes, those are the standard times. We usually go to the 7pm show and eat at 8pm. But the shows on the Silhouette In November were pretty mediocre.
  2. OP: you may also want to post in the Honeymoon and Wedding Cruises forum here on CC: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/18-honeymoon-amp-wedding-cruises/ I share the concerns expressed above: if you have already paid, what contract gives the company the right to change the price? And please do write to the email address that jelayne posted above. Good luck, and congratulations on your marriage.
  3. We have found that they do. There are usually two lines to enter the select dining section of the MDR -- one for people with reservations, and the other for folks who don''t have them. But I think the actual experience may well vary with the time you are trying to get in.
  4. I didn't think global warming had gotten quite that bad yet. 😉
  5. Akureyri itself, imho, is not that interesting a place, but it's a great jumping off point for seeing some spectacular natural sites (as well as the Myvtan Nature Baths). Excellent full-day excursions are available. See my comments (and those of others) in this thread, for example:
  6. Probably for the same reason they have replaced the sofa in the veranda and concierge cabins with that smaller not-quite-a-love-seat-thingie, and taken out the coffee table -- trying to make the cabins look bigger. I haven't been on one of the "revolutionized" ships yet, but I suspect I'd rather have the functional furniture.
  7. @Alaskanb as JB says, they are very, very close. I took the first photo from inside the West Gate, which we'd just walked through after having lunch at the Pig; I took the second looking back at the West Gate. (photos by turtles06)
  8. @TMLAalum just type the @ and start typing the member's screen name, and you'll suddenly see a short alphabetical list of member names pop up; once you see the name of the person you want to address, click on it and it will appear highlighted in blue as your name does here in my comment. The member should get a notification of this (I can't recall whether that specific notification has to be turned on, it might be the "someone mentions me in post" setting). I hope that was helpful.
  9. That forecast is the reason why some folks who were scheduled to embark on the Anthem's cruise to Bermuda this past Saturday, which then got changed to Sunday night because of the medical emergency on the prior cruise, said they decided not to sail (RCI was giving refunds, having had to shorten an already short cruise by two days). I hope the storm peters out/doesn't materialize, and that everyone in Bermuda and on the ships is safe and sound.
  10. My wife and I are in that fan club too, and we're considerably older than your boys. Sue has such a great reputation here on the Celebrity board that we were thrilled when we learned she was going to be the CD on our TA. She was as fabulous as her reputation, and an incredibly talented entertainer in her own right. We enjoyed her five minutes or so after the evening shows more than we did watching most of the guest performers. She also had a tough job on our cruise re-arranging a lot of the activities and entertainment, because the night before sailing, Celebrity changed our itinerary (due to a big storm moving across the Atlantic): adding a sea day, moving the port calls back a day, and eliminating a port. And even then, she still had to move some of the evening entertainment around on the crossing because it wasn't safe for the performers early on (due to the ship's rockin' and rollin'). I remember very few Cruise Directors, they don't usually have a big impact on the cruise. But Sue is definitely memorable, and in a very good way.
  11. And still there in Nov 2018 for the Silhouette TA. The best thing about "Pearl" was Cruise Director Sue Denning trying to explain the "plot" to everyone the night before. 🤣
  12. There have definitely been complaints by some folks who have been on the Edge and on the "revolutionized" ships that form (design) was emphasized over function, and I think we can see that in some of the photos of the cabins on the various thread. Some of the stuff clearly was just unthinking by people who probably have never sailed on a cruise ship, like putting the only outlet for a blow dryer where there's no mirror.
  13. You're welcome. If you do decide to go with a forward-facing penthouse (SE), I wanted to give you some info about cabin choices (assuming you have them). The balconies on the Deck 10 SEs are large, but those on the Deck 9 SEs are even bigger. However, the *interior* of two of the SEs on Deck 10 -- 10500 and 10000 -- are larger than any of the other SE interiors on either deck because of the "bump out" of the bridge above, which gives those cabins a bit of a bay window and wonderful sitting area. We were in 10500, and I would highly recommend that or 10000 (the mirror image); the balcony was plenty large enough (we even had a bunch of folks from our Roll Call over during part of the Canal transit), and the extra sitting room in the suite was fabulous (and comes in handy if the weather's cold, or, in our case, far too hot!). (photos by turtles06)
  14. While we generally try to avoid ship-sponsored tours, there are some ports where we find them advisable. I think the description of Celebrity's tours on its web site are terribly vague and lacking in detail. We took our first HAL cruise last summer and I was pleasantly surprised by how much detail HAL provided on its web site about its tours.
  15. The HAL app works the same way -- you have to check the app to see if you have a message, so it's not all that helpful if you don't want to be looking at your phone all day (which I certainly don't on a cruise). While an audible notification would work, imagine hearing beeps all around you on a ship. Maybe a vibrate...
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