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  1. I streamed “Hamilton” early this morning. (I’ve seen it five times in the theatre.) Obviously, no film can substitute for live theatre, but I particularly enjoyed closeups that could only be seen from angles shot on the stage when there was no audience. It’s gorgeously filmed. There are a few things I would have preferred they’d shot differently/wider, but it’s so wonderful to have this available now. And it’s just bizarre to think that I can watch “Hamilton” right now, whenever I want. Truly, the world turned upside down.
  2. Of course it's not a full refund. It's a piece of paper with some value that NCL has attached to it along with rules governing its use and deadlines for using it. An actual refund is getting your money back, money that you can use or not whenever you want and for whatever you want. NCL and other merchants may play around with language, but that doesn't make a FCC a "full refund."
  3. You selectively quoted me by only quoting the first paragraph of my comment.
  4. I cracked up the first time I saw that phrase from NCL.
  5. Are you surprised? The issuer of the FCC also controls the price of the only thing it can be used to buy. This isn’t unique to NCL, either. And it’s one reason why I think a cash refund is the better choice. It’s not a scam. And it’s not unusual for prices to go up, especially when there’s pent up demand. Another way to look at is if you opt for the FCC, you can book the higher priced cruise without adding more cash, assuming you want to risk having your money tied up in a cruise line.
  6. I agree. This is a really "big" trip -- it's not like a week in the Caribbean. It's not something I'd want to be planning right now with all the big unknowns and question marks. Also, isn't the Star completely lacking in a forward-facing observation lounge, with the Spinnaker Lounge having been removed to make way for suites? With the caveat that I haven't sailed on the Star, is this really the best ship for an itinerary like this, where temperature and weather may keep you inside at times? There are other cruise lines that do round the Horn cruises and drive-bys of Antarctica, with what are much likely better ships. Just mho.
  7. You're both right, as the OP asked two different things: one US port to another, which does require a stop at a "distant foreign port" (and Mexican ports, among others, are excluded from that definition), and RT Miami, which, as a closed loop cruise, only requires a stop any foreign port.
  8. I believe I've read on here that this is not permitted. It has to be a real port call.
  9. We can only tell you how they did things pre-pandemic — in this case with a flyer or in the Freestyle Daily — but who knows what they may do in the future to reduce that kind of clutter. I think the one thing you can count on, though, is that NCL will let you know how you can spend money on board. 😀
  10. I’m sure you’ve already looked into whether you can get Disney+ directly on your TV itself. We have a Sony, and I just installed Disney+ on it. (This bypasses our X1.)
  11. The balcony cabins you are looking at alternate, bed by bath, bed by balcony. Also, when there's a convertible sofa bed -- the ones that open up -- those are placed next to the balcony for obvious reasons and so, in those cabins, the main bed is next to the bath. On the deck plans, when you see the square icon in a cabin -- meaning "convertible sofa bed" -- you know the main bed is next to the bath. And since the cabins alternate, bed by bath, bed by balcony, if your cabin does not show the convertible sofa icon (and 1064 does not), just find the nearest one that does, and alternate till you get to your cabin. In your case, it's easy, since the cabin next door, 1062, does have a convertible sofa and thus the bed near the bath. That means in 1064, the bed is by the balcony. (You can also alternate from 1074 and get the same result.) I hope that's helpful. If you feel that strongly about your preference, now you know how to check the deck plans. In terms of preference, we've sailed in both --- it's not like the difference is huge. Enjoy! Oddly, nothing came up for me as well for any of the surrounding cabin numbers using the search engine here on CC, which has always worked before for me for that sticky. So I just tried searching the actual Google spreadsheet that is linked in the first post in the sticky, and while there's no entry for 1064, there are entries for 1062 (bed by bath, as I said above), 1066 (bed by bath), 1068 (bed by balcony), 1070 (bed by bath). Those are all what I would have predicted from the deck plan and the method I discussed above.
  12. The "Hamilton" trailer has dropped. 😊
  13. I was going to suggest just that to the OP, but I did the search before doing so, and it returned no info on 1064. (Of course, all those concierge cabins along the straight part of the ship on Deck 10 between the two elevator banks are the same, the main difference being the location of the bed.) OP: you're on a great deck, with cabins above and below. Your cabin is not quite midway between the two elevator banks; you'll have easy access to each. The bed in your cabin will be near the balcony (not the bath). Some folks (yours truly included) prefer that, as it gives a more open feeling to the cabin when you walk in not to have the bed almost right there. Plus, imho, it's easier to get dressed when you have that open space by the closet, rather than having to walk around your bed. Enjoy!!!
  14. Yes, that's the TA the person you quoted was asking about. We were booked on it and were very excited about it, but with each passing day this spring it seemed very unlikely that it would be a go, including for the reasons you said. And, even if for some reason NCL managed to sail this TA, not only would we have no idea what restrictions would be required on board, but that kind of international flying and cruising in October, with no vaccine, did not seem smart to us. (Others may feel differently.) Since it was clear there would be no answers before final payment due on July 3, and since we had no intention of putting more money into this cruise given the circumstances, we've cancelled and have received a full refund of our deposit.
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