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  1. Many thanks! And I see from your later post you’ll be doing a cabin crawl, so if you visit a C3 or C2, it would be great to see some photos if you have a chance. There are some appearing now on the Summit Revolution thread; the colors look very elegant, but it’s hard to tell the closet and other storage situation. Looks like no drawers in the desk, and no coffee table. (But your main goal should be to have a great cruise, so ignore any of these requests of course!) Enjoy your day in San Juan!
  2. It's the "Grand Tour of Copenhagen," offered by Copenhagen Free Walking Tours, and they start from the City Hall Steps. Right now, their web site only shows 11am starts, perhaps they offer more in the summer. (Last summer, they did have 10am and 11am starts.) You could email them to ask. http://www.copenhagenfreewalkingtours.dk/
  3. Thanks for taking the time to do this! My wife and I are looking forward to your comments and photos. If you have a chance to check the fitness center, we'd love to know whether there are any rowing machines and, if so, what brand (e.g., Concept 2). Thanks! Have a very wonderful cruise!
  4. Also, a tip — it’s not considered very wise to post your full names and hometown on a public message board.
  5. On my iPhone, it shows up at the bottom of the screen; below is one example, the Categories home page. (But again, I doubt most folks see it way down there.)
  6. That would seem to be one option. Frankly, since the Roll Call finder tool has not worked since mid-December or so, unless a fix is imminent, it might just be better to take down all the "find your Roll Call" links; they don't work, and people just get frustrated. I think some just give up.
  7. The notice is on the side of the Roll Call pages, unless you are on a phone or in mobile view on a tablet (in the case of my iPad, a vertical orientation), in which case it’s at the bottom of the screen, where it’s pretty much unseen. In any event, regardless of placement, it’s apparent that many folks aren’t seeing the notice. It’s not in color nor does it stand out. (A banner in color at the top of the Roll Call pages would be more visible.) I also think many folks don’t even look at the right side of the pages.
  8. The "Members" thing seems really silly. Not only a plural for a single person, but obviously we are all members, or we couldn't be posting.
  9. I used the Member search link that broberts very kindly put up for you in post 2 above and searched for Sailor Jack. His profile page came up (link below), and it says he has no recent activity and has not visited since May 2013. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/profile/980847-sailor-jack/
  10. Just call NCL and ask them to note this in your reservation. (Even if it doesn’t happen, your cabin steward will be able to take care of it after you embark, but I agree it’s preferable to have the bed already set up the way you want.)
  11. No problem whatsoever two years ago on the Jewel in using our SE balcony. The only "restriction" is that, because you are under the bridge, you cannot have any lights on your balcony after dark, and you must keep your curtains drawn in your cabin at night so the interior lights don't shine on the balcony. That was no big deal at all. In fact, the lack of light pollution in the bow of the ship made for fabulous stargazing from our SE balcony; this was a huge added bonus. (Not only could we see the Milky Way, but we even saw the Southern Cross in the pre-dawn hours on our approach to the Panama Canal; it's special to see this in the Northern Hemisphere.) When your cabin steward does the evening turn down service, he/she will close the heavy watertight door to the balcony. But there was no restriction on our opening it at night to use the balcony (just had to make sure we weren't letting any interior light onto the balcony).
  12. OP: a very good place to ask your question is over in the Ports of Call/Europe/British Isles forum, where this is often asked, and you'll have local experts replying as well. (Whatever the time of your flight, I agree with the advice to use Smiths for Airports for your transfer.) https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/148-british-isleswestern-europe/
  13. Didn't realize it says that too. That's ridiculous, though note the word is "may" not "shall," which gives them discretion. I still think they are trying to protect themselves from passengers swaps. It's hard to believe that if there's a typo in the original passenger's name, that fixing it would be considered a cancellation. But again, best to call (and get it in writing!).
  14. We've stayed in both the SE and SF suites on the Jewel-class ships (of which the Jade is one). In terms of walking, the SE suites (forward-facing) are closer to the main theatre, which is in the bow of the ship. But it's pretty much as far as you can be from the larger MDR (Grand Pacific), the buffet, and the Great Outdoors (imho one of the best outdoor spaces on these ships). The smaller MDR, Alizar, is more or less midship, as is O'Sheehan's. You'll be in a suite, which entitles you to eat breakfast and lunch in Cagney's or Moderno's (you should confirm the location with NCL, or hopefully someone on this board will have the current info); they are midship. You should give some thought to where you feel you'll be eating; the sit-down lunch for suite guests is nice, but we often find ourselves wanting something faster, especially at lunchtime, or we just need a break from that sort of dining. Do look at the deck plans if you haven't done so already. If you wind up booking an SF, try to get one on Deck 10, they have the largest (deepest) balconies of the SF suites. In terms of the interior space, I much preferred SE 10500, Deck 10 directly under the bow, which has more interior space than the other SEs because of the bump out from the bow, than I did the SFs. But there is the walking issue for your DH. (My right knee failed during the cruise in which we were in that SE, and it was really tough for me to walk all the way to the buffet and Great Outdoors in the stern.) The mirror image SE, 10000, will be the same in terms of the larger interior. But the other SEs won't have that extra interior space. As for the wind on those forward-facing balconies, I did not find it a problem when we were underway and I was sitting down, but we were also on a warmer-weather cruise (Panama Canal) than you will be on. There's also a very heavy door to contend with if you want to use your balcony in the evening. (It's okay to keep it open during the day.) The SEs are a bit more "disconnected" from the water than are the SFs, where you will be over the wake. I hope that's helpful. If you have any other questions, just ask. Enjoy whichever you choose, and all the best to your DH in his recovery!
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