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  1. We spent about 2.5 hours with Yube. She pointed out some potential lunch places along the way, and we later went back and ate at one of them. We walked around some more on our own after lunch, including along the water, and then returned to the ship.
  2. So why ask anyone else? Pick what works best for you and what interests you the most. 😊
  3. Of course that poster is right. Several of us have already told you the same thing and explained how to solve “your dilemma.” All of the necessary info about how to use the shorex promo credit has been provided to you in this thread, and appears in many other threads as well, including this one linked to above:
  4. “Least painful way” is to park at the pier. Get there around 10am, you should not have any parking issues. When you drive into the terminal, go directly to the parking level; don’t go to the departures level and drop your bags first, or you’ll have to exit and drive around again to park. At the end of the cruise, you and your bags will be in your car quickly, and you’ll be on your way home. Would not want to take the time after a cruise to schlep my luggage back to a hotel in New Jersey.
  5. Yes, but I’d do that with the 11-day. 😃
  6. I voted for the 11-day because of the itinerary and also because a 7–day cruise is too short, especially if you have to fly to Europe for it! Also, while Barcelona is an interesting city, it would be wonderful to spend some pre- or post- cruise time in Rome. The kids are a great age to enjoy that city. Enjoy whichever you decide!
  7. Agreed. Moderno is totally NOT worth that. We’ve tried it multiple times on different ships, and NCL just can’t pull off a churrascaria at sea. The meats have never been very good, and the salad bar has really gone downhill. Those prices are pretty close to what you’d pay on land, which is crazy on a ship, especially when the quality is not there.
  8. Great! The ship docks in a commercial port. Everyone must take a short, free shuttle from the ship to the terminal entrance. From there, the walk to the Gold Museum meeting point was about five minutes. Do let Yube know you are on a ship and the scheduled arrival time. Enjoy!
  9. You’ve confused people trying to help you because you haven’t been clear about whether you have the $50 shorex promo. If you don’t, then the only way you can use your OBC to pay for your excursions is to wait until you board to book. If you do have the promo, then call NCL before the cruise to reserve the excursions, but do not pay for them in advance. That way, you can book in advance and still use your OBC to pay for the excursions. And yes, the lines at the shorex desk on board can be long.
  10. The Swizzle Inn makes a fantastic fish sandwich. Certainly have lunch there!
  11. You have a smart Mom! The Gem is a comfortable size and a great ship. We just got off our fourth cruise on her (a 20-nighter).
  12. The OP’s two young children are very different in age. Would anyone expect to bring a little toddler under two years old to Jersey Boys? It would be inappropriate on land, no less so on sea.
  13. Sure. Let’s advise the OP to start off the cruise celebrating their 50th anniversary by violating the rules.
  14. For good advice in terms of purchasing the champagne in Miami, ask the local experts over in the Florida Departures forum: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/386-florida-departures/
  15. Anti-malaria pills have their own potential side effects. If your doctor gave them to you, fine, but not everyone needs them or should take them for a PC cruise. It can be a “big deal” to take meds needlessly.
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