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  1. I guess my mistake was walking up those steps when no one was around to unlock the gate. 😁
  2. Sorry, the time for me to edit my post above has expired — I realize from your thread title that you are asking about which Princess ship.
  3. Are you asking a question about the ships (in which case a better place would be the Princess forum), or about the itineraries, which you should post if you are.
  4. Traffic on 8th (and 10th) runs northbound. (It runs south on 9th.) And it also runs north on 12th. But if you want to get dropped off at the Terminal itself, you would not want the cab to go up 12th Ave., because it would likely have to wait a while to take a left turn at 55th Street to then turn into the Terminal complex. It's much better to go up 10th Avenue and turn left on 55th St. there, so the cab can go straight across 12th Avenue and then into the terminal complex. But if you just want to get dropped off on 12th Avenue across from the Terminal complex and walk across 12th Avenue to the Terminal, then you want to be dropped off near the pedestrian entrance closest to your ship's pier (which will not be 55th Street). For Pier 88, get dropped off on 48th Street. For pier 90, it's 50th Street. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. I was told the same thing. It's a really silly and confusing thing, though, and totally unnecessary. All that LATREW means is that the guest is a Latitudes member and will receive whatever benefits on board her Lats status gives her. Well, that's a tautology and would be the case even if it didn't say LATREW on the reservation (it never used to), and since it doesn't specify the person's Lats tier anyway, it's useless; all of that info is in the reservation system itself. Then the added disclaimer about the code not providing any Lats points is clearly confusing people, as evidenced just by the discussion in this thread.
  6. I can't tell you what to do, but what I would do is tell him to make the changes, period. Then no one has to worry about whether he's correct or not. There is no downside to making the changes, but there could be if they are not made. To you, though, not to him. (Well, not until you get another TA after that.)
  7. I have traveled to Antarctica with Lindblad/Nat Geo, and thus also have been in zodiacs with my camera gear. Depending on the conditions and where you are sitting in the zodiac, you can get pretty splashed. I was using a DSLR at the time, and would keep it at the top of my dry bag at my feet in the zodiac. If conditions were okay, I had no problem taking it out to shoot, and keeping it out as was appropriate for the weather. It stayed in the dry bag when I was getting into and out of the zodiacs. Also, we were required to have water-activated life vests on while we were in the zodiacs. I don't know Hurtigruten's rules (I would hope they are the same), nor whether these vests would get in the way of your harness. In any event, keep in mind that you'll be wearing a big parka and will be pretty "bulked up." I think the larger issue is getting in and out of the zodiacs, especially on a wet landing, as donaldsc noted above. You really need to have both of your arms free for this process, and you don't want any gear in your way or affecting your balance. For these reasons, the crew would take anything people were carrying, like dry bags, from them before they got into or out of the zodiacs. (And, depending on your height, there might even be an occasion where the water is deep enough that a short person trying to get back into the zodiac after a landing [you need to do this by jumping up backwards] would not be able to do it and would find herself unceremoniously picked up and dumped in. Let's see now, who did this happen to... 🤣 .... Actually, it was great fun, and I wasn't the only one who needed that help.) I'll add one caveat: I have no experience with Polarcirkel boats, so I'm not certain the on and off process would be as "unwieldy" if you will. I would suggest you also ask your question over in the Antarctica forum. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/370-antarctica/ Have a great adventure!
  8. Thanks for posting that info. Interestingly, I was just in an Apple store yesterday, playing around with the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro. I was surprised that the 11 Pro is *smaller* than the 11; it's the same size as my iPhone 8. The iPhone 11 is quite large by comparison. (Are you sure you mean the 11 Pro and not the 11 in terms of seeing signatures?)
  9. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this thread and for your very kind words, which I greatly appreciate. And thanks also for your Cunard story. I can just picture you as the lift doors opened to ...surprise! It's a great story, thanks for sharing it.
  10. No, it's not just "willing" to pay for it. It's also "able" to pay for it. Very big difference.
  11. Yes, of course it's a "buying choice" in terms of the literal meaning of those words; no one has said otherwise. But, by the same token, many people are not in any position whatsoever to make that "choice," as much as they might like to; it's not correct that anyone can be a suite guest. And, calling it "buying choice" or not, it still creates a class distinction on the ship, whether you call it "first class" (as on the Titanic and ships of that era) or "suite class." And, as on the Titanic and ships of that era, Celebrity is going back to a class distinction in terms of prohibiting access to certain public spaces by the lower classes, call them what you will (steerage, second class, third class, or the more modern: balcony, inside, OV, etc.). Thank you for acknowledging that.
  12. Santiago does not have religious significance for me, but I very much enjoyed our visit there from A Coruña precisely for the reasons you said, and would definitely recommend going.
  13. I can't say enough good things about GeoIceland, which operates out of Reykjavik. Our South Coast Tour with them in Sept. 2018 was one of the best tours we've ever done; the driver/guide was fabulous. GeoIceland was easy to deal with in setting things up. And, when our ship had a last minute one-day delay because of weather, GeoIceland quickly slid everything back a day. (Folks on our Roll Call who did the Golden Circle Tour with them also loved it.) BTW, they are partnered with Saga in the north, so I'd be looking at Saga in Akureyri (although I can't speak to that directly), and would try to book a classic "Lake Myvatn" tour. (We did that tour with another operator; it's a fabulous day out of Akureyri.)
  14. I have the following TKTS question, and can't find the answer on their site or in their FAQ: when TKTS has tickets available on a certain day for a specific show, will each of the TKTS locations have the same inventory for that show? I would assume that they are dealing with electronic tickets, and that the answer would be yes, but I've learned that it can be unwise to make assumptions about things. 🙃 Thanks for any info!
  15. While you are correct that signatures can't be seen on phones (at least not on iPhones, I can't speak for Droids but I think the same is true for them), they can be seen on "other digital devices." I can see them on my iPad, for example, and they can be seen on laptops. (BTW, the prior interface was replaced more than a year ago.) To see other members' signatures, a CC member must enable "View signatures?" in her own Account Settings. Click on Account Settings, and then in the left column, click on "Signature." In the middle of the next screen, be sure that "View signatures?" is turned on.
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