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  1. My wife and I are on the Summit right now, and we were delighted the other night to see “The Room Where It Happens” from Hamilton performed as part of the production cast singers’ Broadway Cabaret show. (Really great job by Rafael singing that song, which was very well staged for a cruise ship.) This was not part of the same show when we last saw it on the Silhouette in November. At a backstage tour this morning, I asked how new numbers are inserted in the show. It was interesting to learn that some of the songs (the ones sung by all the singers) are in each show on all ships, and that there’s a list of other songs from which the singers can choose for their solos. Fortunately for us, Rafael opted to sing “The Room Where It Happens.” It was a first for us to hear anything from Hamilton on a cruise ship. I hope you will be (or already have been) as fortunate on your cruises!
  2. It’s really not difficult to find a Roll Call. Just go to the Roll Call forum for your ship and scroll. That’s how it’s worked for years.
  3. Just a very brief sentence about Burr. There’s really no context to any of the songs sung in these little cruise ship concerts. They are less than an hour long.
  4. If you haven’t already done so, it would be good to ask on the RCI board as well. You could also call RCI’s shorex desk and ask them for more details. Which castles does this tour visit? Last summer, pre-cruise, we took a private tour out of Copenhagen that included Kronborg Castle (Hamlet’s Castle) and Frederiksborg Palace. I did not find Kronborg that interesting inside, but Frederiksborg is one of the most amazing places I’ve ever seen. Sort of a Danish Versailles.
  5. If they were still in the Château after all-aboard, they didn’t leave any time...
  6. I think it was well-received. (A great deal of Hamilton isn’t rap.)
  7. They didn’t need to say — there were six other ships in port. The Caribbean Princess was out where we were as well. I was impressed with the free shuttles, minimal to no waits on either end, and we were dropped right in the Lower Town, very close to the funicular and the steps. The only downside was not being able to walk off the ship at night and be right there in the Old City. We still had a wonderful two days. 🙂
  8. Speaking of Hamilton— a first for us last night: a Hamilton song on a cruise ship! My wife and I are on the Celebrity Summit right now, and last night we went to the Broadway Cabaret show — the six singers from the production cast singing show tunes. The usual mix of Les Miz, Phantom, etc. To our great surprise, midway through the show, one of the singers introduced the next song as having been written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, whom he described as the genius behind In the Heights and a newer show called Hamilton, from which the next song came. My wife and I and a few others applauded, but otherwise there was silence from the nearly 1000 people in the packed theatre. (Do they live under a rock?) He then sang The Room Where It Happens, with the other singers filling the ensemble roll. He did a great job, and the song was well staged and presented for a cruise ship. My wife and I were so happy that Hamilton has made its way onto a cruise ship!
  9. No whales. Did see dolphins. 🙂 You can see the shore along the St. Lawrence, and we are having a beautiful day at sea today, but I wouldn’t say the views today are anything special.
  10. My wife and I are on the Summit right now, the 14-night New England/Canada cruise round trip out of Cape Liberty. We just had a wonderful two-day port call in Quebec City on Sunday and Monday. Pier runners are not uncommon in the Bahamas and other islands, but we never thought we’d see people actually miss the all-aboard here. Two passengers were really late yesterday, and they are quite lucky that Captain Matt did not leave them behind. Our all-aboard yesterday in Quebec was 2:45 PM. This was of course clearly stated in the Celebrity Today and posted at the gangway. Also, since we were docked at the commercial pier about a mile out of the Old City and free shuttle buses were being used, it was also clearly stated in the Today that the last buses back from the Old City would leave at 2:30 PM; this was also announced in the morning on the buses themselves. At 3 PM, as the ship prepared to sail, my wife and I went down to the port side of Deck 4 so we’d have a good view of the sail past Old Quebec. We heard a shipwide announcement asking two passengers to report to Guest Services. We were standing over the gangway on Deck 3, where several officers and the port agent were on their cell phones, quite animated. The longshoremen were waiting to pull up the gangway. After some minutes, we could hear one officer say to the others “the Captain wants to leave.” More cell phone calls, and then an officer appeared with two American passports that he handed over to the port agent. The agent walked off the gangway, still on his phone. He came back shortly after, and it sounded like he told the officers “they are at the Chateau” (presumably the Chateau Frontenac). This was some distance from the ship, and everyone on the gangway looked pretty disturbed. More waiting and phone calls. Somehow, a bus must have been arranged for the stragglers, as a few minutes before 3:30 PM, a big bus pulled up with just the two of them on it. They were quickly hustled on board, and the gangway was pulled. One of the longshoremen looked up at us and said that had it been five minutes later, the Captain would have sailed. (There are speed limits in the St. Lawrence River to protect migrating right whales, so we were not in a situation where the ship could have speeded up to make up for lost time.) We’d never seen passengers that late before, nor passports handed over to the port agent. Those two people were lucky the Captain waited for them.
  11. So many people keep asking the same questions over and over about the shorex promo, without reading the Terms and Conditions or even doing a search in this forum, that I put together a how-to thread, to which others have posted helpful additions:
  12. Olivia is not a “gay/lesbian cruise company,” it’s a lesbian travel company. They do whole ship charters (ocean cruises and river cruises) marketed to women. I don’t know where you are getting your info from about a “bunch of drunk women,” or that Olivia is using Carnival, but if you look at their itineraries, ships, and prices, you‘ll see they are pretty upscale, expensive, have sailings all over the world, and that you have a bunch of misconceptions. Please don’t confuse Olivia with gay male party cruises.
  13. There is no specific time for NCL to post excursions, nor will they all be posted at once. You’ll need to check your account on line periodically, as well as monitor your Roll Call.
  14. We’re on the Celebrity Summit right now, out of Bayonne. Thanks for that heads up (no pun intended 😀); it will be interesting to see if this is used when we return. @Gershep I hope you had as nice a time in Portland as we did on Wednesday. I have some photos of the Escape that I’ll post when we get home.
  15. I’m on the Summit now (Sept. 8 sailing, 14 nights NE/Canada). We are not in Aqua Class but yesterday we were speaking with some folks who are and they said Blu has been terribly overcrowded and people have had to wait for tables. They also said the staff have been trying to come up with a solution, including opening earlier for dinner.
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