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  1. I must say I think your avatar is just excellent!
  2. We did Maho Beach and a sea helmet dive excursion. Truthfully St Maarten wasn't super impressive. The island still has a lot of hurricane damage to it. And it was very brown - not tropical green - when we were there in May.
  3. Did the full "behind the scenes" tour on Princess recently and got to spend time in the medical department. The doctor reminded us they care for the crew too ... so they are pretty much ready for any kind of emergency and just about every kind of minor issue you can think of. I would think you would be in good hands. They aren't doing open heart/bypass surgery in there but they can handle/stabilize most problems.
  4. This times eleventy bazillion. I truly wish when people post reviews they'd let us know where they are coming from ... because some are never satisfied no matter what while others are determined to have a good time no matter what and don't seek problems/let minor issues wreck them.
  5. very off topic - but do a search for AeroPress recipes and you'll find there is a whole world of APress fans out there sharing ideas on how to use this little guy to make amazing coffee. I hope you'll enjoy!
  6. Bring your own! I make coffee with my AeroPress each morning. Have a little grinder and I grind the beans, then use hot water I request from room service. Amazing and wonderful coffee right there and then! AeroPresses are cheap, work great, are easy to use and clean up quick. No, I don't work for them or sell them. Remember: life's too short to drink bad coffee!
  7. LOTS and LOTS of on demand choices. Drama, comedy, family, documentaries, even some TV series. Really nice setup and system. No need to bring your own.
  8. just off the CB. it didn't work. ever. and I spent time with the tech ... and he couldn't make it work. attempt to make it work resulted in me some how kicking my phone out of airplane mode, and it connected to the ship's tower for 90 minutes while I was at supper ... resulting in over $300 in charges. so ... not a fan. it will work (some day) but it sure didn't work on our cruise.
  9. This gets asked a lot and you can find a lot of threads pushing this around. These cards ARE good till August. I just got off the CB and used one no problem at all. You won't get the free brewed coffee part because they know you didn't buy that card on the boat you're on right then, so they make a punch for everything you get. They gave me non trouble or static using it.
  10. if you miss a clue you aren't out ... you just keep going from there. IIRC we got a crossword puzzle on Sunday that was due at check in on Monday. if you didn't do it you wouldn't get the clue "reward" but you could get the next task. and you can always pay attention to who else is doing HSH and see if you could talk them in to helping you, giving you the clue you missed, etc.
  11. I think it's important to give perspective on this question. If you think Folgers and Maxwell House are good coffee then you'll be fine. If you think Starbucks makes a good cup of coffee ... you'll prolly be okay. If, on the other hand, you are used to a better cup of coffee than McDonalds and/or even the Green Mermaid serves you may struggle a bit. IMO, the coffee quality is very uneven on the boat. In the MDR it was pretty undrinkable. I didn't try in the World Market Place because that's coffee made with syrup and that just doesn't work for me. The coffee in both coffee bars - Deck 5's IC and Deck 15's Coffee & Cones was okay. I had an Americano each morning and it was okay. Frankly I had brought my AeroPress and my own coffee beans and grinder to make coffee every morning but going to the World Market Place for hot water was a pain (as was waiting on room service to bring me hot water) so I just went and got an Americano. I had a coffee card from a friend so they were very cheap and that prolly influenced me unduly. At least it was drinkable! LOL The lattes I got in the afternoon were decent but sadly what I ordered was a cappuccino and they made a latte. Some of the baristas seemed to be knowledgeable and care while others ... uh ... not so much. They are using Simonelli 3 head espresso machines so the equipment is there but the grinder is grinding a certain time and then they have a mechanical tamper that they just smash the pile of grounds down into the portafiler (uneven or not), call it a tamp, and then clamp it on the machine and pull a shot. That's not exactly best practices for a coffee shop! So that's my opinion of the coffee. It's a terrible weakness, imo, on the Princess ships. But of course most people don't care about their coffee as much as I do!
  12. So I'll just tell you so you can all win: THE BUTLER DID IT! lol The Wake Show is "published" on your ON DEMAND TV screen EACH NIGHT. Yeah, I was like ... uh ... why is tomorrow's show already on? It even carries the next day's date! So you can watch it in the evening. Kinda weird. And the shows don't go off the air. You can go back and watch prior shows all week. The new on demand system on the TV is really good. Lots of movie choices. Lots of other choices. Music. Even audio books.
  13. Quick answers to some questions above: * the wife and I worked as a team and they did encourage that - prolly because they don't have 3K evidence packets! I did see an entire family working as a team (good for them!) so I think you could make your team be pretty much whatever/whoever you wanted. * we didn't do the sail away party so there may have been an explanation there and we missed it. * the prizes included the usual Princess swag - water bottle, notebook, and some Eaffy jewelry! also the obligatory bottle of champagne but since we don't drink that wasn't for us. oh yes - we got a certificate certifying our crime solving skills which I am now stapling to my application to the FBI academy. I'm sure I'll be admitted at once! we really enjoyed it. we just thought Princess had done a great job with it and it was super fun. and now we need to find Joe Kenda's show "Homicide Hunters" so we can see how our "mentor" is doing!
  14. I'm going to post this because we thoroughly enjoyed the High Seas Heist last week on the CB, but I don't think it's well publicized or explained. It rec'd a note in the schedule of the Patters in the roll of daily events but I wasn't really sure what it was. Even when I got there (in the Explorer's Lounge) I wasn't sure it wasn't a jewelry sale! It is not. It's a very well executed game of Clue. The story line is that there has been a crime on the Princess ship and you need to solve it. You get an evidence packet and some clues to start. Each day you do a check in and get more clues and some kind of task to complete - like a crossword puzzle - which if you complete you get more clues. Going along with this there are videos you see each day as part of the Wake Show. All of this is supervised by the famous Joe Kenda of the TV show "Homicide Hunter." He gives you daily briefings (by video). Follow the clues and decide who the culprit or culprits is! It's a blast to play. And, if you win (cough, cough, we solved the case and won) you get some nice Princess swag. So if you're sailing with Princess and you see this in your Patters. .. GIVE IT A TRY! I'm sure you'll love it!
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