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  1. getting close to Skykomish video of us passing through Skykomish, WA After Sky, the sun set and the thick trees made it really dark and hard to take landscape shots. I took this time to relax and reflect on the week. Final station stop before Wenatchee. It was 9pm when we got to Wenatchee. I was tired and too dark to take pictures. I hope you all have enjoyed my journey on the Bliss. I am still working on my vlogs. Now that I have finished my review I can focus on those. I will post them as replies onto this review so you can see them. Please feel free to ask questions! With love! Matthew
  2. From Seattle, you run North to Everett. Then you start heading East toward Wenatchee. Snohomish County farmland - I just noticed the 5 deer in the field Passing through Gold Bar A blurry shot of my friend Ben's place. You can see him in the Blue to the right of the white house. video of us passing his place
  3. Sunset shot with Whidbey Island WSF at Clinton, WA Mukilteo Lighthouse Waiting to dock in Everett Naval Station Everett Station stop at Everett
  4. along Puget Sound, the Princess ship that left after the Bliss. the Bliss is visible just to the left of the sailboat on the horizon. Do you see it? Olympic Mountains of Olympic National Park. . closer shot Washington State Ferry heading to Kingston speed + full zoom = not so crisp photo. sorry 😞 a little better 🙂 Best shot of the Bliss I could get. Washington State Ferry at Edmonds Goodbye Norwegian Bliss
  5. Departing Seattle, we passed Pier 66. The Bliss left at 4pm. Passing through Balmer Yard Great to see BN green around. Passing over the Lake Washington Ship canal and Ballard Locks. video of crossing over the locks!
  6. Far ferry is going to Bainbridge Island, near ferry is coming to Seattle Waterfront without the viaduct. I caught an uber to King Street Station to wait for my train to depart. The Empire Builder pulled up to the station, and it was time to load! Amtrak Cascades Siemens Charger Time to head to Wenatchee!
  7. I caught an uber down the waterfront, as I had all my bags, to get lunch. Ivar's was the place. fish and chips with chowder! yummy! I saved a couple fries for the Seagulls! After eating, I watched the Washington State Ferries arrive at the Ferry dock. They are completely replacing the ferry dock in downtown Seattle. Too many rotting pilings to be safe in an earthquake. The ferry a bit later heading away from Seattle. Argrosy Cruise boat Seagull looking for a snack
  8. yard transfer train The Empire Builder #7 came rolling through. This is the train I will take this evening back to Wenatchee. Switching tracks Loaded Coal train heading to Canada. Another stack train! With the stack train still going by, Amtrak 517 comes beside it. an engine only power move went by It was starting to get windy and cold so I packed it in. This is the video I filmed of the trains on the waterfront
  9. I went railfanning! A block away from the Cruise Ship at Wall street. The ship is like right there! Not nearly as busy, since the ship was sailing without passengers from Seattle. It was being resupplied but no passengers were boarding, as it was sailing for Vancouver BC.
  10. Disembarkation Mornings are always hard. breakfast menu I said goodbye to Marliza and thanked her for the wonderful service all week long. seasonal fruit salad cottage cheese cream of wheat eggs benedict Soon after it was time to go. I had time to kill. It was a bit before 10 am and my train doesn't leave till 4:40pm.
  11. Time for Dinner! Bruschetta Smoked Mozzarella Ravioli sunset sailing into Victoria Beef Sirloin Medallions Beaded Flounder Fillet dessert menu warm chocolate lava cake! My Favorite! My friend Amanda took these as the boat sailed into Victoria Thank you Amanda! Dropping my Vacation Hero cards off. I had to pack, so I decided not to go into Victoria. Plus I was exhausted, and went to bed early.
  12. I headed to the Theater for the final comedy show of the cruise. Quinn was first Andrew was next The final comedian. I can't remember his name. All three comedians were great!
  13. finished cake Una, our fabulous solo coordinator this cruise. Solo group photo It was great sailing with all of you! These five were cool to hang out with!
  14. Cruise Director Jake, the head pastry chef, and GM Mark are making the cakes. I always enjoy watching this! calling helpers up slicing the cakes Adding some booze! or a lot of booze in Mark's case
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