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  1. I hope the same for everyone though we won't be on her as Cunard have emailed to say they are cancelling the rest of the voyage. Safari girl and Roy thank you for your blog posts as I have enjoyed reading them and safe journey home. Julie
  2. Okay are they encouraging people not to fly as well if they elderly or weak immune systems? I certainly hope so as I have seen quite a few get diagnosed with COVID-19 after flights. The issue with cruises is that it is confined to one group situation whereas plane travel everyone disperses. And yes I do have respiratory health issues so I am talking all precautions and I am still travelling. My choice and everyone should just make their own choices. Julie
  3. I was on Ovation in December and I don't think it was the ship that was unsanitary. The number of people I saw sitting in Seabourn square coughing and obviously very unwell. Not everyone who has a cough has a contagious disease but I overheard people discussing their visits to the doctor and the treatment they were on. I started to avoid going there to try hopefully not get sick. Maybe those who were sick should have been the ones to not go there and sit for a long time spreading their bugs. Julie
  4. We do the same as cat, though in the Spa we tip because they are a private contractor and have different rules as far as I know. On the odd occasion if we have had extra care by our stewardess we have tipped but this is dependent on over and above service. I must say I find it uncouth that people were being so obvious with tipping that you could observe them doing so. Julie
  5. lissie I am pleased you had a good time but I also understand the concern regular Cunard lovers have regarding changing the dress code. When I started on Seabourn 10 years ago there formal nights, now there are formal optional and no jackets required on the smart attire. Now my husband likes to wear jackets of various colours on smart attire nights. On our last couple of cruises which had a number of Australians onboard we had people looking at us oddly and even making comments such as "who are you trying to impress?" Luckily there were also a few others who were not that rude so we had a good time with them. So it makes us modify what we take on our cruise depending on who are likely fellow travellers will be. It isn't as easy as just dress up if you want to. Julie
  6. Isn't the health care received dependent on health coverage with. Our public hospitals are usually teaching hospitals with access to many of the finest doctors. The problem is delays in getting elective surgery but emergency care is no problem to access these doctors. Is that the same in the USA? I have private cover but only to help facilitate getting seen quicker for tests and elective surgery if need be. Julie
  7. Hopefully it will come Mid-March as best you have it a couple of weeks to build immunity. I was also glad I got it earlier because I had a minor reaction feeling snuffly and ? feverish so I was glad I had that prior to boarding the ship 😄. Talking to my former colleagues they told me this year in Australia instead of a Trivalent vaccine, two Type A and one Type B the new flu vaccine is going to be Quad, two Type A and two Type B. Julie
  8. Here in Australia it is the same with everyone recommended to get the flu shot. The over 65 free vaccine is for pneumonia. We can get and I have got sometimes my flu shot from a pharmacist and just let my doctor know next time I see them.
  9. It is interesting to read how other countries handle this vaccination. Here in Australia PPSV23 is recommended and given free for all adults over 65 and those with certain medical conditions. The repeat dose of PPSV23 was given 5 years later. In the medical practice I worked in we would send out reminder letters to patients. Even though my husband and I are younger than 65 we got this vaccine at the beginning of the year and at AU$41pp we saw it as buying an extra insurance policy. My husband and I have just invested in getting last years flu vaccine as the new one won't be available here until April. It was recommended by my husband's doctor because the flu vaccine is only at peak effectiveness 3-4 months after being given. Which I must admit I didn't know as I don't remember learning that a few years ago when I was still working. Julie
  10. As someone who has caught various colds or flu over the years at times from people on cruises who choose to go to communal areas even though they are quite sick...I am hoping this will stop people doing that on cruises. This includes going on ship excursions. Maybe something positive out of this?
  11. Terry, I have been following your blog and enjoying reading it. On our now Auckland to San Francisco cruise in May we are due to visit both American and Western Samoa so it will be interesting to see if we can go there or if not where we will end up. 🤔 Travel is an adventure that is for sure. We have friends who are on Silver Muse who are following you. I have gotten some photos from them and it looks like the weather has been glorious. Julie
  12. Terry, your recommendations turns out very lucky. Our upcoming Seabourn cruise has been changed to Auckland for embarkation with a stop in Russell. So I will wait awhile to make sure nothing changes but if it is correct we will contact the HOG 🙂. Julie
  13. I was on Ovation in December and ordered caviar twice as a starter at lunch. It took about 20 minutes because I got some thin toasted baguette slices rather than the usual wafers. I have had this happen on and off over the years depending on caviar demand. The first time I was told one night there was going to be a wait of an hour was in 2010 on Seabourn Pride. I just learnt to order in advance or not be in a rush in case they had lots of orders.
  14. I agree with this assessment. I have been to Oman twice and would love to have more time there with an overnight. We met the shopping with the chef group in the souk and that was interesting though we only stayed to by some top grade saffron. There are some places in the desert in Oman it would be great to visit with more time. We used a lovely guide Valentina to go out to explore the first time and I would use her again. Abu Dhabi, Doha and even smaller places in the Middle East if you are into good food are fascinating. The Indian ports we visited this December and I booked tours through Mumbai Magic in all three cities and we had a wonderful time. I will admit the Chennai face to face before leaving was frustrating, but it's their country so we have to respect it. Julie
  15. I do feel your pain as we are on this segment and have just had to sort out our flights. Luckily a few airlines fly between Sydney and Auckland ie Air New Zealand, Virgin, Qantas, Air Tahiti Nui and Jetstar so maybe you could still do your land portion and hopefully Seabourn will pay for the hop across.
  16. I agree we love Adelaide Hills wines and the views are beautiful.
  17. Sandgroper I am sorry for your loss of your husband and your health problems. I haven't sailed Cunard yet but will in 3 weeks. On other lines I have sailed if you book a guarantee room it is always the ship's choice. I'm sorry but your TA should have explained this. If you want to choose a particular room you pay a higher price. Since we are fussy with our room we generally always do this unless it is a last minute booking with little choice. Your TA might have some luck getting it changed but not definite, especially at the moment with all cruise lines being swamped. I know I had to call two different cruise lines yesterday and both had me on hold for over an hour...I just put them on speaker and did other things while I waited. Julie
  18. Maybe that's what is meant, as we are going to need to do the same. Take our flight to Sydney since it was booked with points and then fly to Auckland much later the next day. If there is a long layover in Changi airport I can recommend using the transit hotel in Terminal 1 for the pool or even Terminal 2 & 3 though they seemed more basic but they are fine for a sleep and shower.
  19. Here in Australia both the satin and chiffon pleated skirts have been available for about 2 years. It is a lovely style and I love the swish of the skirt when you dance. Julie
  20. Hopefully F-J you will get an answer today or tomorrow at the latest re itinerary changes. I know it is Sunday tomorrow in the States but I am thinking some burning of midnight oil is happening 🤔? Julie
  21. We have flown Perth to the States many times and I am not sure who you would be flying with that it would take that long? Virgin Australia has one stop in either one Melbourne or Sydney. Air New Zealand has a stop in Auckland. Singapore Air a stop in Singapore. I don't use American based airlines so I don't know what they do. Admittedly some of these flights have long layovers ~ 8-10 hours but we used Novotel Airport Hotel in ?Sydney and Auckland and they were nice hotels with the Accor group if you have membership. It was nice to get a sleep in a normal bed and break up the flights. Julie
  22. I live in Perth but can't help too much with hotels. Friends are staying in The Westin soon but I don't know it myself. Bunbury if into wine if into wine is the place to get to Margaret River and surrounding wine region. Otherwise there is the dolphin centre but dolphins are wild so not guaranteed. Albany is a great place to just wander around and the newish ~2yo ANZAC museum is getting very positive reviews.https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Attraction_Review-g261671-d7275819-Reviews-National_Anzac_Centre-Albany_Western_Australia.html or closer to town the West Australian Museum which has a full sized migration ship from early settlers. https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Attraction_Review-g261671-d3604587-Reviews-Western_Australian_Museum_Albany-Albany_Western_Australia.html If you can get to Mount Barker or Denmark there are great wineries there. Esperance haven't been in years the beaches are the main attraction because they are so white sand and blue sea but no sun loungers for hire. Port Lincoln we hired a car and went to Coffin Bay and did an oyster tasting tour. It was delicious and fun. Adelaide has three main wine regions Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and Adelaide Hills with great food and wine in all these areas. I would suggest Adelaide Markets but they are closed on Monday. Adelaide itself is a lovely city to walk around. Penneshaw KI. The area near there got badly burnt but if Seabourn put on a shuttle to Kingscote which is the main town on the northern coast and people who did that in 2018 enjoyed walking around the town there. Nice green park areas and places to eat. Unfortunately places like Hansen Park Koala sanctuary got devastated by the fires but they are rebuilding. I am not sure if the seal places or Admirals Arch are open yet. Melbourne there is so much to see in the city and lots of food tours including coffee into the small side lanes. Queen Victoria Markets. Take the trip into the Flinders Ranges on the Puffing Billy Steam train. https://www.finder.com.au/best-places-to-visit-in-melbourne Burnie they put a shuttle into the main visitors centre. You can walk around the boardwalk area and town but be aware it is hilly. I took one of the bus tours the centre sold that went to Hellyers Distillery and sampled some wares. It also went through some beautiful countryside. https://www.discovertasmania.com.au/about/regions-of-tasmania/north-west/burnie http://www.discoverburnie.net/Cruise-Ships/Tours/Burnie-Attractions-Bus And Hobart is just lovely place to wander with the yacht harbour right there where the ship docks. The famous Salamanca Markets are only on Saturday. I hope this helps. Julie
  23. In Auckland we caught the half hour ferry over to Waiheke Island and did a private group tour with friends. We used Ananda Tours but there are quite a few and you can join a small group tour. The ferry is an 10-15 minute easy walk if reasonably fit from where the ship docks. https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/Attractions-g285729-Activities-c36-Waiheke_Island_North_Island.html Waiheke Island wineries are some of the best in New Zealand in my opinion and my American friends. Julie
  24. We were just in Fremantle as we were getting ferry tickets for Rottnest for next month. My goodness, I thought QM2 was a big ship but Majestic is HUGE. 🙂 Julie
  25. Maybe at least possible for you to do the 13 - 29 April from Sydney to Auckland? You know the crew on Seabourn will help you 🙂. Julie
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