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  1. I agree, the pillows were lovely as were that mattresses, so comfortable.
  2. At least we’d be in Uk and not hit with enormous travel insurance premiums. P and O have high standards of hygiene and the same protocols of screening and passenger responsibility could apply.
  3. silversurf

    A suggestion

    Why not park up at least some of the ships in accessible Uk ports and use them as hotels. Passengers could book them for a few nights at a time. At least this would recoup some of their money and keep some crews employed. many people who have never cruised or are scared of the sea could see if cruising would be something they would like to do. And cruising addicts could at least get some of their fix. I realise that there are probably many logistics that would have to be overcome and it may not be practical but I thought it it was a good suggestion. Harry, of course will come up with a hundred reasons why it can’t be done.
  4. My insurance company wouldn’t give me any of my premium back despite not claiming on it. Their website says, in FAQs that the will refund if you don’t travel, but on speaking to them they say I have got the wrong type of policy. Asked what I should have had, but just referred to Ts and Cs. Bit misleading.
  5. Recently cancelled our cruise and lost our single trip travel insurance £250.
  6. I hope so Jean. i now see Madeira is closing to all cruise ships.
  7. Don’t go on a cruise if you are over 70 and have underlying medical conditions. This was the advice given in Cobra meeting this afternoon. will cruise lines give full refunds in the light of this? A couple of days ago we cancelled our June sailing, but so as not to lose our deposit and pay an extra £100 cancellation fee we moved to to June 2021. We have 2 more cruises booked, the first in January 2021 with Saga and the other in August 2021 on Ventura, which we have already moved from Iona as we felt the ship was too big. I now see that Norway is refusing passengers disembarking in Bergen and Stavanger, so that rules out all next years sailings on Iona anyway.
  8. I see Fred Olsen are also offering passenger the chance to move their bookings to later in the year.
  9. Tried to phone my travel insurance company and TA this morning to see where we stand if we cancelled. Recorded message at travel insurance ‘we are very busy please send an e mail with your message.’ Girl at TA not trained in cancellations, leave message and they will contact me in a few days. Very unsatisfactory.
  10. It has been shown from the Diamond Princess fiasco that putting all the crew and passengers in quarantine on the ship was not a huge success, so would they do that again?
  11. I am 75 years old and use a wheelchair for any distance due to osteoarthritis. 6 years ago I was diagnosed with a lung disease which causes coughing and a low oxygen level. This is well controlled by tablets and inhalers. We have a cruise booked for June in the Baltic, which we are very excited about, but I am concerned that when we get to Southampton and are tested that we may be refused boarding due to these symptoms. I should be very upset if we had got this far and then had to go home, this is an expensive cruise for us, so would we get our money back. Don’t think phoning P and O would be much help if I phoned them to ask as their admin don’t seem to know their a**e from their elbows.
  12. No, no supplements. But I believe some conditions have supplements.
  13. Terrierjohn yes we declared everything, always do. the only thing Saga insurance doesn’t cover is cruise extras like missed ports and cabin confinement.
  14. We have been on P and O a few times and really enjoyed them, got two more booked over the next two years, but the price of the travel insurance with our medical conditions is astronomical; then there’s the drinks bill, while not excessive is in the low hundreds over two weeks. So last year we booked Saga Spirit of Discovery to Norway and loved it. Didn’t find it ‘posh’ at all. Included insurance, car to and from port, three speciality restaurants included and now all inclusive drinks. What’s not to like? Yes, it sounds expensive but when we worked it all out there was very little difference in price. Brand new ship, decor beautiful, all balcony cabins, attentive staff and the food; oh the food was delicious. Booked again on the new Spirit of Adventure next year to the Canaries.
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