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  1. Posting a video of my first pictures and video made with my GoPro Hero 10. http://My Out of the Box GoPro Hero10 First Video and Pictures Still lots to check out, but in an initial observation is the ease in which I can get at the video taken. It is definitely easier than my old GoPro. The stabilization is as awesome as others have posted. Will post more as I have a chance to use. Also way more excited about our November 9th cruise on the Miracle
  2. Just a quick update for anyone who had been following this thread, I finally made a selection. I had decided to purchase the Osmo based on the advice of others here, but when I went to purchase, my wife said what are you doing and that I should just get the GoPro. So I did and it will be here today. Once I have a chance to use it a little bit I will make a video to show it and give my personal impressions. Thank you to everyone for your help
  3. Wahoo!!! Dance all the way to the pier. Happy sailing! (and way to hang in there with so much uncertainty in between!)
  4. Awesome, I'll check out David Manning and Van Neistat, thank you
  5. Thank you for replying. Currently the price of the 9 and 10 are the same (or at least what I have found they are). Do you think they will go on sale before our November 9 cruise? I am still very much considering Osmo as our CC member had posted about. Also, would still love to hear from anyone who has had a chance to work with the 10. Thanks everyone!
  6. Thank you for the information and recommendation.
  7. Defiantly a casual user. On board pictures and video of the ship. On land views from our excursions and the places we visit as a family. I have a youtube channel for the family, but is defiantly for recreation and not profession. I am really looking for something that can get wet, but does not need the clumbsy casing the gopro I have now needs. I know there might be cheaper cameras out there, just looking for dialogue on the GoPro Hero10. Thank you for asking
  8. The last time I made a major investment into a camera I came to this board and found out all about it. I came here today looking to see if anyone had posted about the newly released GoPro Hero10. Specifically how it performs, like dislikes and such. I put into the search bar GoPro Hero10 and found no such thread so I wanted to see if anyone had first reactions/impressions and might be able to give a thumbs up or down. Yes I know there are other places reviews exist and I have read several, but I wanted to get a cruise's opinion. Thank you in advance. Happy sailing everyone!
  9. Wahoo!!! Happy sailing!
  10. My go to is the Miami Vice, but on our last cruise I took a liking to the Frog Island Tea.
  11. Yes https://help.goccl.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/615
  12. Me too, me too. Happy sailing (some day)
  13. Today is a sad day. And to anyone thinking this could be a April Fools day prank jimbo5544 might be posting about here is a screenshot of the Carnival page. Thank jimbo5544 for posting!
  14. it is important to know, it is not a full FCC it is a FCC up to 100% of the original cruise fare plus $500. If you new cruise fare is less than that amount Carnival will keep the remaining amount. I am attaching a confirmation of this fact (confirmed both by Carnival Twitter account and facebook account of JH)
  15. Although they delayed, the communication to staff says a plan is being delivered today.
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