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  1. On our first cruise, one couple at our dining table was late for dinner as they "lost track of time visiting with friends in the Diamond Club". My thought then, and still is as D+, that you can easily meet great friends everywhere on the ship and arrange to meet again anywhere.
  2. Thought pre check is only in airports. However above reply sounds as it is also in cruise ports now.
  3. Quoted from John Bull: 'Perhaps more naively, I also fear a contactless card accidentally or deliberately being charged for a transaction that happens just a couple of feet away, for instance the person in front of me at a checkout." Accordingly to Danish papers, this does happen.
  4. Wife has difficult walking and standing so we rented a wheelchair on the ship. We also notified Royal Caribbean that we need wheel chair assistance in Fort Lauderdale. We were informed to ask an agent for wheelchair assistance. Is there a special security line for disabled or are wheelchair assistance available before security? Thank you for any help.
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