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  1. Come on over to the roll call - hopefully it will become more active as the cruise gets closer: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2700185-november-17-2020-zaandam-32-days-south-pacific/
  2. I think it was in the last year or so that there was a thread about people being denied entry to Canada with a record (even misdemeanors, DUI). I'm not having any luck with the Search function. Anyone able to help? I don't need a repeat of the thread just want to find it,
  3. This is from my blog for our 2012 transit (prices are probably higher now - this is to show how the cost is calculated): ... a reservation to go through the canal... costs $25,000... In addition to the reservation fee, the ship/line pays $134 per occupied berth (bed), $108 per unoccupied berth. That’s for everyone, passengers, crew, officers, staff. For this ship, that’s more than a quarter million dollars if every berth is occupied: 1260 passengers + 580 crew= 1840 * 138 = 253,920 + 25,000 reservation fee = $278,920. This amount is divided among the passengers.
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