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  1. Kotor is an amazing sail in and out. The port is great too. It's a shame you are missing it. Hopefully you get those port charges refunded as some OBC and will take another cruise there in the future.
  2. Sorry people are so rude on this board, OP. They forget it is called Cruise CRITIC and people have criticisms.
  3. My translation...Here's some chocolate covered strawberries. I think that is a common NCL response.
  4. On the Spirit cruise last month, they just crossed out Moderno. So it's La Cucina only. We skipped it.
  5. If you want a stress free high end experience, I'd also suggest pricing the luxury lines or premium as well. The luxury ones can be priced closer than you think.
  6. Considering we were on the Spirit two cruises ago and the captain didn't know we were above the Arctic Circle, it's a possibility! Sorry someone took it. It was very cool and they obviously thought so. There were quite a few door decorations on our cruise so I really doubt crew took it.
  7. A good alternative to the frozen drinks is an Aperol Spritz. Not heavy and refreshing. If you enjoy that, maybe try a Negroni before dinner. It’s more bitter but great as a before dinner drink. Another nice one is a French 75.
  8. Just back from a 12 night NCL cruise that we chose mainly for the itinerary. The internet was not great so I'm still finishing up my blog about it www.alpacamybagsblog.com but I did get it started. This was our 18th cruise on NCL. I never compare it to a luxury line but we've always been pretty satisfied. This might be our last cruise on NCL. The quality of food has gone way down. It used to be very cruise traditional (lobster, beef wellington, escargot and souffle) in the main dining room and we enjoyed that. The ships are too big for us now. We were on the Escape 4/18 and it was better than the Getaway but still not our thing. We do not like having to make reservations for shows. We also do not enjoy the entertainment in the atrium. I think for a family celebration it could be a fun time. Just don't compare it. It's a different atmosphere for sure. This last cruise we watched a woman fall flat on her face, neighbors fish off the balcony and pajamas as evening attire. It is good people watching. We did not stay in a suite. You do get some perks but for us it is not worth the price. On Escape, you can pay for a Vibe pass to have a kid free area that has padded loungers. I believe it is about 200 per person. I think it will be a fun time. I still had a great cruise mainly because of itinerary but it did make me very excited for my upcoming Crystal cruise this fall!
  9. Used our Latitudes dinner for Le Bistro last night. Dinner was very good as usual. We paid for our daughter to join us so with app, entree and tip is was 52. Entertainment was a comedy juggler and the white hot party. I guess on longer cruises, they use this theme night in addition to glow party. Today is our last sea day. Woke up to some rougher seas today.
  10. We enjoy Crystal and Seabourn but I think we will try Celebrity. We’ve heard lots of good things. We used our last cruise reward for this trip. The Spirit is our favorite ship and we really loved this itinerary. After 18 NCL cruises, I think it’s time to switch it up, thanks for the recommendation.
  11. It went all the way down. I watched it get reeled up ten stories. I posted a pic because I wouldn’t have believed it. I always thought it a joke made by the comedians. Money doesn’t buy brains or class. Of course on Cruise Critic, especially NCL boards every behavior is justified by someone. I’m sure if someone got snagged by it and posted here that someone would blame the victim. Or say “oh that’s bad but at least you’re on a cruise”
  12. We definitely reported it way before posting here. I really just was shocked I guess but after 35 cruises so start to see it all.
  13. Well after speaking to the Captain yesterday at breakfast, we did hit that Arctic Circle mark. Check! Today we are in Nordfjordeid which is a small, quaint area. We saw the Viking ship, strolled the town and returned to the ship. Most activities need a ship tour here so we decided to make it an easy day
  14. A crew member was in the suite doing maintenance and said nothing. Later the kid was throwing hot dogs at birds and saying he “would punch one in the face if it got close”.
  15. I think it is a big deal. Rules are for reasons. Someone could get hurt by the hook and if he did catch a fish throwing it back ten stories high is animal cruelty. And yes we did report it. We did repost to block the face of the guilty. Honestly, I think it amazing how people can defend every behavior on this board. My biggest complaint with NCL isn’t the price, food, or entertainment. It’s the trashy clientele and crew I’ve talked to say it’s only getting worse. Everyone acts so entitled and above rules unlike the luxury lines where most here think is “snobby”.
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