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  1. I feel just like you. We don't drink and usually book with the 3 for free but this past year NCL was having a big sale with 20% off for past guests plus free air and other amenities so we booked with them, thinking we will wait to book with Princess during the next 3 for free. Really hope this happens in the fall.
  2. My first cruise on Carnival will be in Sept. so am just researching everything "Carnival". Is this app only for iphones or can you get it on any android phone?
  3. You have to look at the deck plans and see which balcony cabins bump out. Then you have to see if any of them are available. NCL only lists 15 cabins at a time so might have to call for availability.
  4. Someone on a social media site directed me to this. I guess it answers my question. I would have to pay for a checked bag. https://www.portseattle.org/page/port-valet-enjoy-seattle-luggage-free?fbclid=IwAR2ogKANhzunoB0x5Cf-OuFnOLI4Qqg76IWzOvNVr5yrEcFZIbKXz5AtzNE
  5. What if your airline (United) only allows free carry on bags and you have to pay extra for checked bags? Can you still use port valet and pick up your bags at the check in counter?
  6. Hey Mary. I, too, had been skipping past your thread for days because I was reading the title wrong. I thought you said "non-agenda" and supposed it was just an "ordinary" trip report. But when I saw that this was eight pages long I simply had to find out why. This is no "ordinary" trip report and was loving every page. You have brought "JOY" (not the ship) to each and every one of us and I thank you. Looking forward to more.
  7. Maybe not in the specialties but I've seen tables close to ours where several apps and main dishes were ordered and the people took only small tastes and left the rest over. What else do you do with your time while waiting a half hour between each course? LOL.
  8. Mine dropped $500 and my TA called and said I can only upgrade to a mini from my angled balcony. I wanted to keep my cabin and asked for $125 OBC (25%). Got it! Maybe should have asked for more?
  9. Did you happen to notice if there were any games in the card room like Maj J. jong or scrabble?
  10. Sometimes if you ask nicely they will accommodate you. With our platinum dinner on NCL Sun last year in Le Bistro we asked the waiter if we can have the soup instead of dessert. He asked his manager and was told yes. Then after the main course we were surprised when the waiter brought us the dessert menu and said we should order it too.
  11. On the other hand I am having some concern about the free Air. My TA lists it on his confirmation and when I called NCL they see it but it is not listed anywhere on my NCL.
  12. If you have th2 time do a side trip before or after ti Iguizu Falls. It was great.
  13. Wow!! Will you be getting any compensation for the "downgrades"? I cannot imagine booking a suite and having to go to a balcony or booking a balcony and having to go to an oceanview.
  14. Thanks everyone. My TA just got me the reduction without losing my cabin or deposit. Now waiting for another reduction.
  15. I see my cruise price has gone down some. I booked about a month ago for the refundable fare (no perks) using my Amex card. I put down $500 and got the $100 statement credit. If I ask for the lower price will they just cancel and re book using the deposit I already made or will they cancel that deposit and charge me a new one and I will lose that Amex discount?
  16. I agree. On my upcoming cruise on the Bliss in April I waited a few months after the roll call was started and when no one mentioned a meet and greet I volunteered. Everyone seemed to thank me for starting it. This time I did a spreadsheet and got others to lead slot pull cabin crawl etc. Now up to over 150 signed up. Scares me a little with such a big crowd but I think we'll have a fun time. I do not expect any perks.
  17. Last year I volunteered to do two meet and greets. One was on the Med Epic. 100 signed up but only 35 actually showed up. Didn't get anything extra for it. Next one was on the Baltic Breakaway. 60 signed up and only 20 showed up. Even the officers didn't bother to stay and introduce themselves. But I was really surprised that they gave me a VIP perk. First we were escorted to the Haven area for boarding but when the escort found out we were just a lowly balcony he told us to just get on ourselves. We were also invited to one cocktail party in the Haven that was really nice. The last was we got chocolate strawberries and some other snacks in our cabin. No eating in the Haven dining room.
  18. Getting back to the behind the scenes tour it usually the first sea day around 9am. If you plan to also go to a meet and greet at 11am there is a lot of rushing between.
  19. My roll call for next January is the same. Only a few. I'm also going on a 21 day Panama Canal cruise in April that has over 150 already signed up for the meet and greet.
  20. Hi Alan. Remember us from the SA cruise Dave. & Ellie? I keep checking this thread to see what kind of flights they're giving from Miami to Newark. We are doing a one way from NY to Miami next January with free airfare. I know it's too early to get the flight but would like to see what others have gotten.
  21. We were suppose to stop in SF for our Bliss Panama Canal cruise in April but they cancelled it due to a "berthing conflict" So jealous.
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