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  1. Ah, ok. I will give it a few hours and see what happens this afternoon. Thanks!
  2. I already tried rebooting my laptop and even tried using a different browser. That didn't help. I did do the password reset, completed that...still the same thing. Ugh. I loathe having to call them, but it looks like that's my only option at this point. Thanks for responding!
  3. I love it! Although I do feel it makes them look too similar to Disney ships. Not that I don't love Disney ships...I just wish there were a little more distinction between the two.
  4. Hi All...I typically only have one cruise booked at a time, and never had an issue accessing my account on Carnival.com. However, we booked a second cruise for 2023 (have one booked for 2022). After I attempting to add the booking to my account (which I received a message saying it was successfully added), the website booted me off. Now when I try to log back onto Carnival.com, it doesn't recognize me. Has anyone ever experienced this, and if so what did you do to fix it? TIA!
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