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  1. We land at LGA at 9:30 am and boarding doesn't start until 2:00 pm (late due to additional immigration formalities and a US Coast Guard drill requiring participation from all crew members). I was just hoping there was some place walk-able from the port that we could grab a bite to eat before boarding.
  2. Hey Joe & Debbie! You are very welcome to come join us! I already made the name tags, so you'll be tagless (but not nameless, we are a large group of Debbie's btw!), but you are more than welcome to grab a drink and 'come on down'. See you soon!
  3. I was wondering the same thing. We sail Saturday on the Regal also and there is nothing showing up in my journey view.
  4. Thanks for that! I used google maps and found several nice places, but it doesn't look like an area that I want to walk around. Guess we'll stick to the airport for a bit.
  5. We will be arriving at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal Saturday much earlier than we will be able to board our cruise ship. We could stick around the airport and take a later taxi, but I prefer to go to the terminal, leave our luggage and find something to do near the terminal. Are there any restaurants that are within a walk able distance (less than a mile) from the terminal. Also, are there sidewalks? I prefer not to take a chance of getting run over trying to find a place to relax prior to embarkation. 🙂 Thanks for any suggestions!
  6. What is the "cleaned" option?
  7. I have used the laundry service twice. On our next cruise will only use it sparingly. It is hot wash and hot dry. Seemed to do fine for t-shirts and jeans, but I do not send anything that is delicate.
  8. We did the Ultimate Ship Tour 5 years ago on the Coral Princess. Loved it!! Highly recommend it.
  9. Another muster drill question. Having a senior moment...is it normally before sailing?
  10. Sure hope they are on board for our New England/Canada cruise on the Regal on the 21st!
  11. Thank you so much! 15 days and counting! This is our 3rd suite, 2nd aft and 1st aft wrap around balcony. Love the suite life and very grateful that we can do it once a year. My husband has already "warned" me that the suite life will probably end when he retires so I plan to enjoy it while I can!!
  12. Regal Princess, but not sure that's relevant. Is it done differently on different ships?
  13. Yes, yet ANOTHER Medallion Net question. This is our first cruise where we get 150 minutes complimentary internet. I researched here and cannot find an answer to my husband's question. Any assistance is appreciated. From my husband (my geek): How do they calculate "usage time" (for our 150 "complimentary" minutes). If we have our phones on to use the Medallion app, and it's on WiFi as I said, it WILL be attempting to connect to the internet quite often. Is the only way to stop that is to not connect the phone?
  14. Is this what you are talking about? The medallion fits into it? https://www.amazon.com/EverAct-Compatible-Holder-Replacement-Fitbit/dp/B01N1INYGG
  15. We have R731 on the Regal for our upcoming cruise out of New York. Looking forward to that big balcony and the concierge lounge. We've had a suite before, but this is our first aft with a wrap around balcony. Was it as wonderful as I envision? How was the concierge lounge? Anything worth getting excited about?
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