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  1. TracieABD

    Regal Princess Disembarkation deck

    Deck 5 at Port Everglades in early Dec.
  2. TracieABD

    Thank you Jan Swartz!

    Very nice!
  3. TracieABD

    Just returned from Royal Princess

    Ohhhhh! Thank you for clearing that up. Where did Alexander go to when Matt came on board?
  4. TracieABD

    Just returned from Royal Princess

    I am so stinking confused. I was on the Royal in late Nov, and the cruise director was Alexander something... (or so I thought). Can anyone confirm this?
  5. Charles! I am so excited for you and Judy!!! I am also anxiously awaiting any cabin tips- We will be on the Coral for 34 days next December... I hope you are having a wonderful time on your super exciting World Cruise!!!! I am totally subscribing to this thread! Tracie-Lynn
  6. TracieABD

    What if we misis the boat

    I agree with what others have written about traveling in a day early, if possible. If it is not possible- then definitely have a private car hired. They will be able to pick you up and you will not have to wait in the taxi queue. Also, I am not sure if this will impact you- but if you have Global Entry or Nexxus, you may be able to negotiate customs faster. You also may want to consider doing carry on bags only- that way you will not have to wait for your luggage...
  7. TracieABD

    Live from The Ruby January 19, 2019

    I bet the reason there are more kid on board is for many schools, this is a long holiday weekend. Parents may feel ok about taking their kids out of school if it is only for 2 or 3 days vs. the whole week.
  8. TracieABD

    New England/Canada cruise questions

    Also, depending on when you go, it may not bee that cold. We had T-shirt weather all the way to Maine in October of 2010. You may actually fare a bit better in AT dining as a group of six vs. a party of two who does not want to share.
  9. TracieABD

    Princess Cruise "Secrets" 2019

    Is it any good?
  10. Oopsie! That would be quite the vacation, huh?
  11. Thank you for your review. The Sanctuary can be a tough one... It is like competitive sport or Black Friday up there on Embarkation Day- sometimes.
  12. Just to add... for those who are new to suites on the Royal class builds (Royal and Regal for sure), there is a dedicated Concierge Lounge on board for suite guests only. Sadly, it is not Grand class ships.
  13. TracieABD

    OBC for stock holders

    That is great to know! Thank you!
  14. TracieABD

    Worst nightmare ever, scamming to the next level

    I am so glad that worked out for you. I am baffled at how Princess finance cannot get the exchange rate correct. It is mind boggling.
  15. TracieABD

    First Day, what to sign up for

    They cordon off a section of the buffet area. You get several crab/ seafood based courses. It costs about $20 extra per person. I have heard it can be very hit and miss... I don't eat crab, but my family does and has done the crab shack several times. I would book the Sanctuary in advance if possible. In warmer climates it can sell out quickly.