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  1. Yeah, virus-sniffing cats would alert on people they just didn't like the look of. Kind of a feline power play.
  2. Honestly, I think it's more an issue of the passengers than the medical staff. The only issue I've seen on my (admittedly limited) cruises was on Cunard when they had the beginnings of a Noro outbreak, they quarantined one family who kept breaking their quarantine - we heard them being paged ship-wide on several occasions. Apparently they felt that "we paid for this cruise, we're going to enjoy it" - so instead of a 72-hour in-cabin quarantine, they got put ashore in Aruba, I believe, where they were immediately placed in quarantine by the local authorities (7 or 14 day, I'm not sure which) and then they had to make their own way home. Karma, you make me smile.
  3. Well, I agree with some of you and I disagree with others. At this point, it doesn't matter who falls into which category - the horse, as it so often is, is dead. VERY dead. I'll be so damn glad when cruising starts again just so some of the incessant bickering over inane topics might go away. Maybe. Hopefully.
  4. An early Regent cruise on Navigator (might have been our first??) and we had just tendered back to the ship from Santorini - Capt MacNeil raised anchor and we departed on time, but since we had a short sail to our next island, he pulled out into the caldera and did lazy circles during dinner as the sun was going down...the world's most amazing revolving restaurant. Sitting in CR having a magnificent meal as the brilliant blue and white encrusted hillsides slowly transformed to a million shades of orange, gold, amber and yellow, and then pulling out as the evening lights on shore started twinkling on through the deepening shadows. It was spectacular, unforgettable. That might have been the exact moment I was hooked.
  5. You have my sympathy - we moved from Colorado right after several large wildfires - one of which destroyed a chunk of Colorado Springs (our former town). They're devastating, unpredictable, and just overall bad news...
  6. Wes, those were special times. I love the Christmas markets, too - they’re magical. Unfortunately, getting away for a vacation in Q4 is almost impossible for us, so no markets anytime soon. I was there about 7.5 of my 20 years and would have gone back in a heartbeat had I been able. I was in Neu-Ulm, Frankfurt, and Hahn for the most part. Good times.
  7. Ha! I was thinking about taking a ride up that way today. Not sure where I’ll end up, though...
  8. I'm still thinking at least one more new car and maybe a kitchen reno...but both modest enough to still cruise. 🙂
  9. Global pandemic. Cities aflame. Anarchy nipping at our heels. Economy teetering on the brink... But I can always count on this forum to stay consistent with the personal attacks. 🙂 Thank God for consistency in the world.
  10. Mike, got ya, thanks! Appreciate you taking the time to stuff all four (five?) of these into the template for us.
  11. Z, thanks! Sorry for the delayed response, it’s still kind of busy here, which is good, I think. I'm not sure what my daughter’s long-term plans are but a military career wouldn’t surprise me. She loves her career as a critical care nurse but I think after a deployment like this it might be a bit of a challenge to slip back into civilian life. We’ll see what she chooses, but she’s an adult and a pretty sharp cookie so I’m sure she’ll do well with whatever she chooses to do.
  12. Z - we have four booked, too... we’ll need to compare notes and see if any match up...
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