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  1. Ten Regent cruises and I haven’t played a single casino game. Of course, I go to Vegas and don’t gamble so I’m probably an exception. I’d be happy if they did away with the casino and brought the Connoisseur Club back.
  2. Robroy - I’ve only come into Miami once before but I think a 12:15 flight might be cutting it close. You’ve obviously done your homework checking the port schedule...and although I think it’s possible to get out on a 12:15, the slightest hitch could cause you to miss it. Personally, I’d take the later flight... but that’s just me. After a nice relaxing cruise, the last thing I want to deal with is a missed flight. To me it’s worth the extra few hours to not have the worry. Lastly, my wife and I are on that cruise, too. You should sign up for the M&M - I think we have 16 signed up already.
  3. I’m a computer person - I do most everything online whenever possible...and I don’t like the idea of a ‘computer-only, and only when onboard’ survey. If they really want feedback they should give you at least a week after you get home to fill it out. They could verify your responses with your booking number or last name/cabin number or something... Really, paper should still be an option, IMO.
  4. And the Arab section has the most amazing hummus restaurant in the world - Hummus Said. Incredible food, and inexpensive. I dream about going back just for the hummus...
  5. That’s right, I’d forgotten that. Purely a drawing, not a contest at all...
  6. Jackie, I, too was a bit confused initially - Air Deviation/Custom Air and the Air Credit are two separate animals as you well know. I believe the OP was kind of feeling out the benefits of both approaches, either doing Custom or taking the credit and booking on their own. So many options, so many variables. One thing that stood out to me was the TA ‘steering’ them to take their land package. This can often be a good thing, especially with a TA you know and trust - but it can also be a commission deal that’s good for the TA, not so good for the client. I’d recommend pricing it out several different ways, and if you’re looking for a pre-cruise night in your departure city (highly recommended) looking at a Concierge or above cabin is sometimes a good alternative. I’d have your TA price it with the air credit and ground package, in a Concierge+ cabin, and with just the deviation (Custom Air) fee of $175/pp just to see which options are most agreeable to you and your budget. Happy trails in your planning and I hope you enjoy your cruise.
  7. I’d be surprised if they didn’t do another “name our boat” contest for this one. I put forth a few suggestions last time but didn’t make the cut. I still have my favorite but it also started with “S” and I’m guessing they’ll want to mix it up on the next one. Or maybe not.
  8. Maybe we should just link to the discussions we had when they were picking names for Explorer and Splendor - might save us some typing...
  9. I just Googled this - as I recall, Explorer cost around $500 million to build...but RCI launched Symphony of the Seas last year and it was $1.35 billion. So no, Explorer is far from the most expensive ship out there. I guess those water slides and zip lines don’t come cheap...
  10. I think it’s probably the most expensive ship on a per-passenger basis. I’m sure some of the giga-ships cost more to build but they carry 8-10 times the number of passengers that Explorer does...
  11. I’d bet that’s something they expected to be edited out. Jokes on you guys, isn’t it? 😂
  12. Sounds like the discussion we had with the Moscow trip from StP...first time we were there we didn’t go because it was such a long trip, even though both of us wanted to visit Moscow. We regretted it for several years until we decided to go back. The second time, we did the Moscow trip and loved it although it WAS exhausting. I think you need to balance how badly you want to go against your own tolerance for long, exhausting days and how much other cool stuff there is to do closer to the port. There’s no right or wrong answer, just what works best for you.
  13. Looks like it’s time to dust off my “Shippy McShipfacer” campaign again...
  14. I’m all for personal expression and “don’t judge a book by its cover” and all that, but c’mon, man, slacks & a nice shirt don’t take any more effort than jeans and a flannel shirt...
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