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  1. Bizinsider - can I assume the Bird Rock Coffee in question is the one on Kettner Blvd? We live in SC but our daughter lives in Sandy Eggo and she loves coffee. 🙂 I’ll have to tell her to check it out next spring when she gets back from Afghanistan.
  2. I hope it’s not too noticeable but be prepared for a few bumps in the road during the ramp-up for Splendor. There will be crew moves, new people, crazy training requirements - all while maintaining service in the other ships. I seem to recall there were some minor issues when Explorer entered the fleet; I’m guessing there will be some with Splendor. But hopefully they’ll be minor and quickly remedied. The sad thing is we won’t be on Splendor until 2021 at the earliest. I envy those of you who will be on board sooner. Enjoy that gorgeous new ship!!
  3. Well, that just makes a LOT more sense. I hope that one day I’ll be able to figure out how those newfangled ‘calendar’ thingies work... 🤪
  4. Man, all of this discussion is going to make the next 34 days just drag out...I cannot WAIT to get back onboard Regent...
  5. Unlike some other cruise lines, Compass Rose (the MDR) has a pretty decent rotation in the menu - in addition to the ‘always available’ items there are nightly specials and usually a selection from one of the specialty restaurants. Granted, I’ve never been on board more than 14 nights at a pop but I’ve only ever requested additional specialty dining once or twice - like others have said, sometimes dining out is enough of a chore that I just order in and have a nice meal on the balcony or by the door.
  6. Merril, unfortunately no, I don’t think the tenders are ever level with the platform - there’d be too much splash and spray if it were. FWIW, the tender stairs are relatively short and there are always crewmembers available to assist. I’m not sure of the exact number of steps, perhaps someone could post a photo or at least do a count?
  7. Wow, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone post THAT phrase before! LOL!!
  8. Not trying to detract from Prakash’s service but I also tripped on some cathedral steps in Malta and fractured my hand and my stewardess brought me ice twice a day for several days, too...although I had to ask her for it.. 😄 It’s the things like this that keep us coming back to Regent year after year. Isn’t it great being able to get out and enjoy the world while being pampered like that?
  9. I agree with Sharle on these - you can always try to get additional specialty restaurant reservations on any cruise. Your chances are better if you offer to share a table (great way to meet new people, IMO). If you have a butler they can help with this. And yes, you can take an air credit if you book your own flights. Keep in mind that you lose your Included transfers if you opt out of Regent air. While people in the upper suites may get priority boarding and some other perks, I’ve never seen any ‘class distinction’ on any of my 10 Regent cruises so far. Once onboard, it really is very equitable.
  10. It wasn’t. I think TC was inferring it would be a better ship to take a WC on due to the added amenities.
  11. “Named Suites” are suites that are named instead of being designated with a category letter, i.e. Master Suite, Grand Suite, Explorer Suite, etc.
  12. I’d amend that to say they *may* make a cruise better. We’ve had a few who were outstanding and a few who were borderline annoying.
  13. My guess would be that wines are not properly transported and/or stored In a supermarket setting. They’re probably kept too warm and might be stored upright for longer periods of time. Just a guess, though, as I don’t drink much champagne either.
  14. We almost always use Regent air...but not for the Caribbean. We live in SC so it’s a quick 2-hour flight, so we take the air credit and book our own flights. That way we an avoid the deviation and baggage fees. We got first-class from an airport closer than our gateway city (saving about 1:40 of driving each way) for about what we’d have spent going through Regent. We give up the transfers, too, but it’s minor in Miami.
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