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  1. As of today, yes. We have two scheduled next year, we may need to slip one out but we’re not sure which one yet...
  2. Good question...just saw another discussion about this somewhere else & came here looking for info. @Jason OKeefe - any insight???
  3. I agree...we’ve much preferred just walking around on our own. Maybe do a Highlights tour and spend the afternoon on your own...
  4. Flossie, I don’t like to paint people with a broad brush, but I have to agree that in our 10 Regent cruises, we’ve only ever had problems with Destination Services while onboard. Having said that, though, our last two cruises showed a drastic improvement in that department so I’m sure that Regent is addressing this directly. And I also realize that many Regent passengers are - dare I say it? - overly demanding? I’ve seen first-hand how abusive some passengers can be...to the point that I’ve apologized to the DS reps for their boorish behavior. But knowing how difficult some passengers can be should ensure that Regent makes an effort to staff DS with the most diplomatic people possible. I just hope that our last two experiences are the start of a trend in improved service there...it was overdue, IMO.
  5. @Fogfog - there are links in the first post of this thread for each ship. Each spreadsheet has one tab per deck so you need to change tabs when you change decks. 🙂 PS - although I live in Greenville, I’m a WVU fan from way back. How ‘bout them ‘Eers!!
  6. So many factors at play here - not so much just over-tourism but over-population, over-vacationing, over-everything...and there's no easy answer that I can see. The population in the world has increased at a blazing rate the last 50-100 years...more people have more leisure time and some have more disposable income. There are more cabins on more bigger ships and more airplanes hauling all of us around. Social media increases people's exposure to vacation destinations and it just snowballs.... Me? I'm good to go to some more 'off-the-beaten-path' destinations. I like to travel for the experience, the food, the people, etc. - sure, it's great to see the sights you've seen on postcards and Rick Steves' shows but it's not the reason I travel. As we've gotten older we put more value on experiences than things, so we'll go where it's fun to go - and Venice in August just (to me) isn't fun. There are a lot of places now that I'll only visit on shoulder season, if at all. But until more people quit going in prime season this kind of stuff will just get worse. And as more people decide to travel shoulder, well, pretty soon those months will be like midsummer is now. I don't see an easy answer...
  7. My problem is the press vilifying CEOs who make $10-20 mil a year yet they don't blink when actors or sports figures make the same or more. Who is really contributing to something worthwhile? But I don't want to get political so I'll shut my yap now...
  8. That was my thought process, too - I just don't understand the concept...
  9. You're not? I somehow envisioned you as some kind of Regent Cyborg that was always connected to every relevant site. Thanks for bursting my bubble... At your level, Jackie, I kind of thought they'd fly you to the port in a private helicopter and lower you down to the pool deck in a harness...
  10. Cashback - actually better than OBC in my opinion. As I recall, the last premium wine tasting we did was about $169 pp and was worth every penny. They sabered an amazing Dom Perignon to start things off and then went from there...it was a real treat.
  11. Potayto, potahto. In my mind, a WC should cover more of the W. But since I'm not in line for one anytime soon, they could call it a Galaxial Cruise and it wouldn't make any difference to me. I won't be on it, unfortunately.
  12. I'm pretty sure Airplane Mode shuts off WiFi as well, at least on an iPhone.
  13. That was my understanding as well - a 'fine line' distinction.
  14. I think you also need to consider whether it's more port-intensive or ship-centric - if it's port-intensive you'll be off the ship more so maybe the public spaces are less of a concern. Also, what do YOU value most, a larger cabin or larger public spaces? I don't think you can go wrong on either, really.
  15. Wow - that's a really reasonable upgrade fee - I'd expect Regent would have charged $1,500 per person each way back in the old days. Did that also include the domestic portion of the flights or just the overwater sections?
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