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  1. We did the Ovation this past June out of Seattle and actually like the ship better than the Oasis class ships we have been on. This was our first Alaska cruise and we really enjoyed it. May try a southbound Princess cruise tour in the future. Been on one Princess ship and it was very nice and top notch service.
  2. So excuse me for posting since your the smartest person on here!
  3. On tables it takes quite a bit more than slots because the point system is different. On slots you get 1 point for every $5 ran through the machine, which could be your cash or your winnings that are ran back through. On table games I think you have to bet more and play for quite a long time from what I have read. I only play slots, and it usually takes me two cruises to accumulate enough points for Prime. I usually budget around $300 per day. I just made Prime for my second year in a row. Did my free cruise this year on the Ovation out of Seattle to Alaska. Had a blast! If I am incorrect on anything I have posted on here I'm sure one of the cruise critic diehards will bash me! Enjoy your'e gaming!
  4. I play about three hours a day in the casino(slots) and have been going at least twice a year and have never had a hand pay. I have won enough on several cruises to keep me playing but never had that one big hit. I've hit the 15 Gold buffalo's at the Atlantis before but never on the ship. There's always the next cruise!
  5. I like the Arturo Fuente Dominican cigars much better than any of the cuban cigars. Try an 858 or a Short Story!
  6. Took me a 7 night and a 4 night this year to make Prime. On the 4 night I had two machines that kept me playing for probably 3 hours each night. Ran about $300 of my money through them each night and everything they hit went right back in, so between the two cruises I dropped probably $3k. Some nights I spent less than $300, some more. Prime last year took an Alaska cruise as my freebie and get offers every month for shorter cruises. Probably go through $100 a night in free drinks in the casino.
  7. If you ever cruise out of Tampa you can Uber to Ybor and get a good cigar, hand rolled while you watch!
  8. When we were on the Mariner we could get our soda mug filled at any bar and at the soda machine.
  9. If you get lucky enough to get on a machine that will keep you playing on house money for a few hours each time you play then it is doable. I had 1400 on a 4 days with 3 port days and stayed in the casino each night until midnight. I finally went through what I had took, but my 7 day and 4 day combined got me Prime. Spoke to a lady that on day 3 had 23,000 points. She was playing 2 machines at max bet.
  10. So yesterday I called Club Royale to see how many points I have so far this year and the Gentleman said it will only show us your last cruise? I am already Prime and pretty sure I have enough to be prime again next year, but in the past they were able to give me a total for my cruises since April 1.
  11. Has he tried makers 101? I bought a bottle on the Navigator as a Christmas gift.
  12. I was just on the Navigator and if you are looking for some Blanton's to take home, they have it. We bought several bottles and also 1 liter Crown Royal 4 for $78.
  13. Self debarkation will be first and you can probably be off the ship around 7.30. We always do this usually are off pretty early. Every cruise we cut down on the amount of luggage we bring so that this process is easier. Happy cruising!
  14. We arrived two days prior to our cruise and stayed at the Grand Hyatt on Pine st. downtown. $50 for the limo ride from Seatac to the hotel. Loved the location because we walked everywhere to see the sites. We paid around $500 for two nights. The hotel was very nice. We also love that Seattle has port valet service for everyone flying in to do a cruise. When you debark the ship your bags will meet you at your home airport at no extra charge!
  15. Couldn't wear mine. Made my wrist break out real bad.
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