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  1. Is anyone on this cruise? This will be our first trip/cruise with AMA, very excited as we’re on the new AMA Siena, pre 2 nights Zurich, 2 nights Lucerne followed by 7 nights cruise ending in Amsterdam on 12.30. We’ve decided to spend 3 nights in Amsterdam on our own, think it’ll be a blast to spend NYE in Amsterdam, definitely won’t be boring. We've done the majority of our river cruises with Viking (9) a few with Avalon & Uniworld and are looking forward to Ama, we’ve heard and read so many good things. So, who’s coming along?
  2. We just booked our first AMA river cruise on the new ship AmaSiena for December 2020. Very excited to give them a try.
  3. My choice would be Colmar, love the city and there are several markets throughout. Safe travels and enjoy!
  4. We recently completed our first cruise with HAL on the Koningsdam, yes it was inside, no life jackets required at the drill but it was the most chaotic and disorganized muster drill we’ve ever attended. So many people crowded into an area, chatting and not paying attention, You couldn’t hear the instructions and we were too far back to see the video, heaven forbid this was a real emergency.
  5. We returned last week from the Caribbean Princess and there are no type of stir sticks for drinks nor picks for olives, fruit, etc in drinks. Can’t speak for the bars but this was when I ordered a drink with dinner nightly. I asked for something to stir my vodka/tonic with and was given a coffee spoon, also the lime was floating in the drink. These may have already been phased out. **an aside....if your mixer is tonic I found they use the tonic from the gun, whatever you call the soda dispensers, it was really sweet and tasted like Sprite so I went to a grocery, bought small cans of tonic water and left them with our dinner waitstaff to mix my own drink at dinner.
  6. We were on the Koningsdam in July and also had the SBP, water, sodas, specialty coffees, etc were not included in the 15 per day. Guess it’s changed!
  7. Happened to us on a different cruise line, no notification sent to our TA or us just happened to find out by checking my personal cruise account. In our case it wasn’t an upgrade tho the cruise line thought so, it was to a higher class cabin but an ADA cabin so missing many of the amenities. We did not accept and had to be forceful in getting our booked cabin reinstated on arrival in a foreign port. We've now had our TA note NO upgrades. We always select the cabin class we want so it’s a moot point, no need to upgrade us.
  8. You're right and even with the crew manning all entrances into dining venues i noticed people completely ignore them and walk right in.....me me me people!
  9. Hmmmm interesting as we’re currently on the Caribbean Princess on our way to NY(Brooklyn) where we arrive tomorrow morning. I haven’t heard anything about GI distress among guests tho we have noticed they appear to be more vigilant about washing hands or using sanitizers when enter a dining venue. Sounds like guest not infected or affected are the last to know - had I not seen this post I’d have never known. Enjoy your cruise.
  10. We’re currently on a cruise, not Viking, our onboard gratuities are $15.50 per person per day, not included in our cruise fare and is added to our onboard account daily. To those who state they only tip those that provide exceptional service, in their opinion, and prefer to tip these crew members only, I ask, did you selectively tip the crew members who did your laundry and provided clean linens and fresh towels daily? What about those behind the scenes that prepare your food, wash your dishes and keep your ship spotless? Envelopes for each of these? If you have a problem I understand, talk to customer service and have adjustments made but to not tip those behind the scenes is not right. in my opinion, if you (we) choose to travel don’t wimp out and withhold gratuities, it’s unfair. Personally I’d prefer if Viking and other cruise lines just rolled the cost of gratuities into the cruise price, this would solve many problems. Like I said, this is only my opinion.
  11. Sorry, darned autofill, like it knows what I want to say..... curling irons!
  12. I think Viking has recently changed items allowable and it looks like urging irons are no longer prohibited.
  13. No way...no how! 1 communal toilet and no shower, give me the boatel anytime over this!
  14. Our TA has us marked for ‘no upgrades’ per our request. We book the cabin we want and if it isn’t to our liking there’s no one to blame.
  15. Thanks again everyone who took the time to respond. Like I mentioned, we haven’t cruised with Princess in several years and I was under the impression that wine could only be brought onboard at embarkation in your carryon, not in checked luggage. We have cruised with Viking river & ocean cruises the past few years and they have no limit on what or when you can bring on any adult beverages which added to my confusion.
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