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  1. Thanks. I saw what category we have but can't figure out how to find out what cabins are available on HAL. I glanced at a couple TA sites but they want your e-mal before you could check for cabins and I didn't want to do that.
  2. Thanks, others have said that they didn't get them, so it looks like they may have stopped.
  3. I can't figure out HAL's website. How do you find out what cabins are still available and if there is a price drop on the category you booked? Please help.
  4. People have been talking about totes that have been given out in the past. Did you get one?
  5. Thanks for the poem Belle! I finally bit the bullet and weighed myself today after being "BAD" for months. I have 30 lbs that I would like to lose and I only have 73 days left before a cruise to lose it,,,don't think that will happen. Congrats to all the losers, hopefully I'll be one next week.
  6. Thanks for doing a review! We hope to do a Connoisseur tour in a couple of years.
  7. Thanks, I appreciate all the information you shared!
  8. There are no taxis that can comfortably fit 4 people and possibly a lot of luggage?
  9. The other day someone on the unmentionable site said they had an 11 AM flight and were able to use Port Valet. So it may be possible. Please let me know what you do because I am trying to decide between Already There, an Uber or a taxi.
  10. Thanks. We've take a shuttle (set up by the concierge) twice before and may do that again. We were also thinking of taking Uber or a taxi to the airport. Please let me know how it all works out for you. Our cruise isn't until the end of August. What ship are you going to be on?
  11. Thanks. Sounds like it's best to just go into DC.
  12. Thanks, that is what I was thinking of doing.
  13. We're staying there at the end of August. How are you planning to get to the ship, then from the port to the airport?
  14. Harpers Ferry sounds better but I'm guessing that it's not as direct as DC, maybe you have to change trains somewhere?
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