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  1. Thanks for the information. I don't think I'll ever doing editing like that. I'm using a Tamron 18-400mm now. I don't like to change lenses so this gives me a good range (although I would like to be able to zoom more).
  2. Nice picture! What settings did you use? I don't know what wavelets are. I'm new to all this. I took the picture then cropped it in the camera (that's my extend of editing).
  3. Thanks! With all the good recommendations for Casa Juan I think that's where we will be eating!
  4. Yes, it is a lot to digest. I appreciate your help so much!
  5. Do you mean actually going to the airline website to see if you are still booked?
  6. Thanks again! How do you figure out how much light you want/need (what to set the aperture to)? I like to take pictures of birds (moving and still). Can you please give examples of what settings you use for certain types of pictures?
  7. If you book air through Flight Ease then later when you check Flight Ease (to see if the price has gone down) you find that the price has gone up, do you really get charged the increase?
  8. How do you know that 10-24 is a wide lens. I thought the lens numbers meant distance.
  9. Thanks for all the great information! My problem is how do you know what settings to use. Say I want to take a photo in A Priority, how do I know what to set the aperture to?
  10. I need to find some videos explaining manual settings. I really don't understand what settings to use for taking different types of photos.
  11. Did you keep your "A" setting the same for all pictures? What setting did you use?
  12. I haven't figured out what settings I need for pictures (shutter, aperture, ISO). When you say "A" do you mean Auto or Aperture?
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