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  1. See posts 2 and 3 (current cruise and 7/4 cruise). Maybe that is why it is yellow.
  2. Has anyone stayed at Hampton Inn Cape Canaveral Cruise Port (new) yet? Any reviews?
  3. Do other cruise lines test before disembarkation? I'm surprised Carnival doesn't. It almost seem like they don't want to know if people get Covid. It's certainly harder to do contact tracing when everyone is home.
  4. I couldn't find any of this information. Can you supply links?
  5. John Heald said there would be around 5000 sailing on the 2 ships this weekend (seems like a pretty high percentage to me).
  6. There are not usually many of them. The amount of wedding party people shouldn't prohibit Diamond and Platinum getting on too.
  7. Somebody has to get on the ship first. I don't understand why the Priority people can't get on first following the CDC guidelines.
  8. Male Baltimore Oriole Male Orchard Oriole
  9. That is a robin (double checked it on the Merlin bird app (through The Cornell Lab))
  10. It's really sad that people believe that Carnival is just a party ship. We've done over 30 cruises on Carnival and have never seen any crazy stuff.
  11. Do you know that the CDC hasn't told them? I'm asking because I don't know. I would think it has to be a percentage of passengers. So the number would vary due to the size of the ship.
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