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  1. I would like to thank the CC community for their wealth of information. I held out for a cancellation of our 4/12 cruise (check ✔) but was waiting until this Friday to call the airlines to cancel, hoping that they "blinked" first. And I read here that the airlines sometimes make inconvenient schedule changes that may result in a refund versus a credit. I am not a ""virgin traveler" (most of our travels go forward without a hitch) But this climate is very different. So long story short our flights were changed, I called American and found that we are entitied to a refund of the fare paid. In the small scheme of things we made out. But to those that have much MUCH more to worry about I wish you well. Peace.
  2. Boston area checking in. Still working (insurance agency=essential) but husband on furlough. We are very early 60s but labeled as "at risk" which is messing with my head. Keeping distant from all friends and neighbors AND my co~workers who are also worried about exposure from everyone and everywhere. Done quite a bit of much needed deep cleaning but that is getting old real fast. Have a beach condo in Maine to escape to but they just closed the beaches today so no chance for a leisurely stroll to clear the mind and shed some lbs. We have 3 nurse nieces in Boston hospitals which is very worrisome most especially with the shortage of PPE. I believe WE will be fine but it's them and the hospital and medical staff that concerns us the most. Sending prayers love and appreciation to all those that put themselves in harm's way. A big thank you to all. And well wishes to everyone else.
  3. No kidding. I just thought I'd chime in and voice my fear. I'd rather THEY cancel than me, cuz I'm NOT going. It's that 48 hour time line that concerns me. Good for you, hope it was free! Nope. Just want my money back.
  4. I, too, am sailing that ship/date and have a fear that NCL will pull that same sneaky BS of cancelling the cruise a day before embarkation. That way if most pax cancel using that 48 hour "peace of mind" clause they will "honor" with FCCs versus a refund (within 90 days...) if they cancel the sailing. I so don't want to go. But I don't want to cancel to only receive a future cruise credit. I, as most, prefer the cash refund. Ha. We'll see. I am checking these boards every day, two-three-four times a day, because NCL, naturally, is mute about the subject. If anyone hears anything, please post!
  5. I hope you're right. I was hoping for a cancellation by NCL but missed by 1 day. We are scheduled for Encore on 4/12. If there was any trip I wasn't looking forward to it was this one. I know I have a choice but it still stinks.
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