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  1. I hardly drink and by hubby drinks a few beers per day. The only code we get is the RU9, so I still think no rhyme or reason….
  2. 2 people in Italy just tested positive on an MSC ship. Here we go…..
  3. It was always about a year out. Obviously, this year is a bit different. I’m looking for our March cruise everyday, and I know it will get posted here as soon as it starts appearing. Fingers crossed!!
  4. A lot of us wouldn’t be blessed enough to be financially or timewise-able to spend 3 months traveling anywhere. I’ll throughly enjoy my week on a cruise.
  5. I wonder if the change will happen to the 2022 cruises eventually. We are scheduled for May, and I’d rather skip Victoria and have longer port times in alaska if possible. I guess it’s wait and see...
  6. I requested ours March 6 via email and received confirmation 3/31.
  7. I would be shocked if they aren’t. Things are getting back to normal, now everyone go get your shots!!!!
  8. We booked directly thru NCL, so don’t know. We had credit so ended up being less expensive that way.
  9. We are going in May and I’ve reserved 3 very different experiences: the train ride, a whale watching tour, and a trip for wildlife/bear viewing. Of course, nothing is guaranteed! We are going NCL so we can visit Glacier Bay one day.
  10. Maybe it just hasn’t been released yet for 3/22. I’ll keep checking then. 🙂 TY
  11. I noticed this morning the released this for our cruise in March. I’ll pass at that rate. Gonna reserve a clam shell and a couple floats. FTTF still not showing, is that a thing of the past?
  12. I keep getting RU9 deals, it’s a slap in the face by Carnival.
  13. Nope. Matt & his girlfriend sell Arbonne now. I don’t think he works for Virgin. He has a FB page, still Matt Cruise Director.
  14. Loved our stay in the Havana. We had a patio, but I’d go for an inside next time to save money, probably on 6th floor so easy access down to the pool area. I hate lido pool area with all the noise and people.
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