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  1. I have no problems with you gaming this system. 🙂 (as long as you do not intend to share with your potential roommate, as I can tell you do not 🙂 )
  2. If you are asking if you can get away with only buying one package In those circumstances, I would estimate your odds of success at 75%. 😄
  3. Holy moly! You have a Royal Family Suite (the old term which most of us understand) Congratulations! Are there just two of you????
  4. According to cruisegirl1, the MDR "special embarkation day lunch" is open to Suites.
  5. @Tatka - what are those "ants" on your diagram?
  6. Docs & luggage tags are not issued until 49 days before your cruise, or thereabouts, until what just happened to me. 90 days out is the time for checking in online and getting your SetSail Pass. Two different things.
  7. Agree: No. But I am estimating that they will show up shortly, end of this week or beginning of next. Just keep checking.
  8. Funny that you should ask. 😉 I didn't think to check that. So, I just checked. Yes, docs/luggage tags are available for all three. But when I checked the 3rd one, it turned out that I had never filled out my check-in info. So I did it now. But the docs were there before, anyway. 🤣
  9. It is well-known here on Cruise Critic that docs are issued at the 49 day mark. Today is 49 days before my January 5 cruise on the Anthem. I received an email today informing me that my docs are ready. I'm on a B2B2B. I also received emails that my January 16 docs are ready and my January 27 docs are ready. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?
  10. I recall extra ice show, extra aquatheater show and main theater comedian.
  11. I had lunch with one of the app guys last week. He was extremely vague on the rollout of the texting feature.
  12. If the price is fine with him, reassure him that they are all good cabins. 🙂
  13. That category is priced unreasonably higher than oceanview balcony cabin, IMO. Others may have that opinion, too. 🙂
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