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  1. I am sorry that you did not enjoy Two70. IMO it surpasses the VCL as something that I like on a ship.
  2. The rising tide bar in no way blocks the elevators. You enter CP from the elevator lobbies.
  3. Never mind. I was thinking of the "regular" Oasis Lagoon pool. Haven't been to the "CLUB".
  4. Welcome to Cruise Critic. As a solo traveler, I find that having a balcony cabin all to myself is as good as a JS to a couple. Save your money. JMO.
  5. I wish you good health and protection from those kiddie germs!
  6. Congratulations! Now you can go back to thinking good thoughts about Air Canada. 😄
  7. In an absolute sense, a cabin on the aft of the ship will experience more motion than one in the center. (but less than one in the very front of the ship). In terms of motion sickness, very many people who experience queasiness in a car or bus do NOT have that problem on a ship. Unless the Mariner hits very bad weather, you may even lose track of the fact that you are on a moving ship - it is usually that smooth. There is a trick that others have explained on this message board. If you put/save your SetSail Pass from the app into your Wallet, you can read your cabin number in the bar code.
  8. There are no "bad" balcony cabins on the Mariner. If you are assigned a true Deck 10 aft cabin, you are very lucky. Those are highly prized.
  9. All three January cruises are barring the D+. The implication of what I was told is that when it gets to Southampton, it will already have been turned into a Suite Lounge. But who knows?
  10. Only some of the JS cabins on Anthem have the split bathroom. I believe (and it's only an educated guess, since the ship hasn't been launched yet) that Odyssey's JS will not have it.
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