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  1. Thanks for posting the photos. Lovely scenes.
  2. All posters: Thanks for the useful information. Not related to streaming, but to VPN usage in general: We use PIA with pretty good results. We had just signed up when we stayed in Australia in 2016-17. Certain US websites (Medicare, some banks, etc) will NOT connect to a user who is outside the US. Once we turned on the VPN, using a US link, we could connect and perform the functions that we needed. Used the VPN onboard Holland-America, in order to bypass some URL restrictions they have. Was clued in on this by another computer nerd who was onboard (he was well under 30 in age!). As noted about O, HAL uses gateways in Florida, so when you use the onboard wifi, your IP address will be in Florida. Thus, the restrictions I mentioned above (banks, etc) do not apply.
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