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  1. Thank you both for the most helpful replies. Yes, I was also surprised to see San Juan as a port of call although for us that is one of the attractions of the cruise - we went there several times in the 1990's on Cunard Countess 14 night cruises which started and finished in San Juan with a day in the middle back there as well (two 7 day itineraries back to back). It is a fascinating place but I totally agree it seems strange with everything that is involved for the ship and its passengers for just the one stop in a USA territory. Drinks - thank you both for the explanations includin
  2. Hi all, first posting on the Saga board - we are very experienced cruisers but have not been on Saga previously. We are looking (fingers crossed) at the 35 Night Caribbean cruise in December 2022. One thing has disappointed me with the itinerary and I did wonder if this issue is the norm with Saga. The cruise leaves Barbados and has a week at sea before arriving in Madeira - but the stay there is only from 1200 to 1700, realistically leaving a meagre 4 hours at best ashore. Surely with a week at sea beforehand they could have gone the tiniest fraction of a knot faster to have allowed
  3. While I respect and understand the views expressed above by knowthescore I would be totally gobsmacked if Carnival/P&O were to remove Ventura from the fleet before Aurora or Arcadia. She is much newer and bigger, as we all know, and presumably cheaper to run on a per person fare basis. I just cannot see it happening.
  4. Sorry to ask a further question (tried to edit the original post but it would not let me). Looking at the MSC brochure it says the Aurea experience cabins have "My Choice Dining" - is that correct as my TA suggested that was only the case with Yacht Club cabins? Thanks again. Peter
  5. Hi, we have been on one MSC cruise on Magnifica four years ago in Europe and loved it (we are from the UK). Thinking ahead to 2022 and keeping fingers crossed, we are looking at an offer today for the 14 night cruises from Barbados that stop at a Caribbean island every day. Although we have done several Caribbean cruises, one of the attractions of this cruise is the fact that it goes twice to both Martinique and Guadeloupe neither of which we have been to since the early 1990's. Just a few questions, please: Are most of the passengers on these Caribbean cruises from Europe or t
  6. Just had an email from Princess cancelling our Round Britain cruise on "Crown Princess" scheduled for 23 September 2021. No suggested alternative offered. I think "Sky Princess" appears to be doing a similar cruise in August but will not transfer to that being in the school holidays. Shame as it replaced our cancelled CMV cruise.................which replaced an earlier cancelled CMV cruise.................and an earlier cancelled P&O cruise.................. Good job we live 200 yards from the beach on the south coast of England - that's our bit of sea for the foreseeable future
  7. Can we cancel and have our deposit refunded due to a change of ship?
  8. Self explanatory link attached. Kind regards. Peter https://www.cruiseindustrynews.com/cruise-news/23485-cruise-ship-fleet-headed-to-auction-block.html
  9. After five chase up reminders I finally had a response today from the CMV Administrators which, surprise surprise, said they were able to sell the database of previous CMV customers as the "buyer intends to operate in the same business as the seller". They said I may wish to contact the buyer requesting the removal of my data - but helpfully (not) gave no contact details. I have replied asking them to advise me the contact details of the buyer, presumably Christian V. As I said on a different thread I know this is all a pointless exercise on my part but it just rankles that a new com
  10. Hello, first posting on this site. We have done many cruises but not yet on Oceania although I am acquainted with their smaller ships from ship visits when they were part of the Renaissance fleet many years ago. A simple question please if anyone can assist. We are in the UK incidentally and there is currently a lot of advertising for Oceania cruises, the offers of which all include drinks with lunch and dinner. That is not actually much use to us as our "drinking time" is before dinner and then late night after the entertainment is finished. (we are not really "daytime" drinker
  11. This may be what you mean nosapphire but just to clarify.............ABTA gave those instructions to claim from Banks/Credit Card company only to people who had booked direct with CMV. Along with several friends, we booked a CMV cruise through Travel Agents and our claims are all being processed by ABTA with claim numbers and updates provided. Apologies if you meant only those who booked direct! Kind regards. Peter
  12. That will be a "NO CHANCE" from us (even though we have not lost any money, assuming ABTA refund next year's deposit in due course). Kind regards Peter
  13. Additional link with further details of what has been purchased. https://cruise-adviser.com/cmv-owner-buys-assets/
  14. I appreciate there are other threads on this subject but felt the possible new name merited a new thread. The new company CVI Holdings was registered at Companies House on 18 August 2020 and Mr Verhounig has bought cars, furniture and the database referred to in other threads. I have documented my views elsewhere on the SAME people setting up the SAME company (with a new name) leaving millions owed to CMV's creditors, so will make no further observations. https://shipmonk.co.uk/2020/08/28/as-former-cmv-boss-buys-some-of-its-assets-could-the-essex-based-cruise-line-be-on-t
  15. Whenever I ring a TA with the intention of booking, generally having seen an offer in the papers, my opening line is, "I may well book this cruise with you today. I will only do so if the date I have to make the final payment to you is a maximum of one week before the cruise line's required date. Is that acceptable?" Without exception they have agreed. Kind regards Peter
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