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  1. That’s the way I see it as well
  2. That’s what I am thinking, Princess says it’s not a back to back because we are under one booking number, I disagree
  3. We have a 20 day cruise booked out of FLL, we have one booking number, but the ship returns to FLL after the first leg of the cruise, my wife says we will only get one mini bar setup and I say we will get two setups, I called Princess and was told two different answers, which one person said yes and the other said no, as it is under one voyage number, I am sure in the past we had two mini setups, and they weren’t booked as back to backs, I see a lot of different info on Cruise Critic, so am I right or will my wife win on this issue. Thanks for your help
  4. We are Elite status just finished the Panama 10 cruise and got 250 Free Internet minutes, anyone know how many minutes we would be getting for our upcoming 20 day Caribbean explorer cruise, just wondering if Princess would treat it as two 10 day cruises for 250 minutes each. Thanks
  5. So if you want a printout, go to the Internet Cafe, use one of their computers and print the statement off, they will help you print it if you have a problem, they won’t charge you, or just take a snapshot of the statement with your iPhone or iPad and print it when you get home, it will all be good
  6. Just log into Princess website from your IPad, it’s all free
  7. Well, tonight looks like the Lightning are going down and who wouldn’t like CoachTrotz from Thompson. Don Cherry has Wpg playing Tampa in the finals, I’m predicting Jets and Caps, that is after Jests knock off Vegas in 6 games
  8. Even though I’m Canadian and our home team is the Jets, I’m pulling for your Bruins. Go Bruins
  9. What’s happening with your Bruins, Go Jets Go, have a great day, good luck tomorrow
  10. Keep an eye on our Winnipeg Jets
  11. Depends on how you booked it, if you booked it as two seven day cruises then you will get two mini bar setups
  12. Princess now has the BOGO again, but BOGO has a new definition. Bring Own Goods Onboard.
  13. Figure it out, A beer costs Princess no more than 20 cents a bottle buying bulk and they sell in on the ship for around $7.50, who’s kissing who
  14. Hi, I had posted some concerns above, we were on the Ruby Mexican Riviera Feb. 3 and Feb. 10 and then Feb. 17, our first two cruises were excellent but the Feb. 17 cruise on the Ruby from San Pedro to Cabo San Lucas was not a good experience. I posted our concerns in this thread above.Yesterday we heard from Management fro Princess as my wife wrote the letter to them with our concerns. Our main concerns were the smoking and butting cigarettes into the carpet and the marijuana that some passengers were smoking, when we addressed these issues to staff on the ship, they didn’t do anything about it, we are asking what happened on this ship, did Princess change their rules. Management said the only complaint they heard about the Feb. 17 on the Ruby was the announcement early in the morning, where a passenger was missing and then found passed out intoxicated. I said to her, you mean no one else has complained about any concerns and she said we were the only ones, I didn’t just fall off the chip truck yesterday, I would say they have lots of complaints. She offered us a bottle of wine for our concerns, and we said we don’t want anything from Princess, all we want is answers on how Princess let this stuff happen and why nothing was done. I would have to think that a lot of you on Cruise Critic who were on that sailing voiced their concerns to Princess, and if you do have concerns about this sailing then please just take a few minutes of your time and let Princess know your thoughts. Would we sail again on Princess, absolutely, do we know how to party, yes we know how, when and where. We talked to a couple who were down the hall from us, they have been on Princess over 60 times and were frustrated with this one. Let Princess know your concerns Thanks again
  15. Actually the smoking violations were throughout the ship, don’t get me wrong, my wife smokes but only in designated areas, there was a captain change on the Feb. 17 sailing, but doubt that what happened was because of that, I spoke to security the second last day of the cruise and he stated that there were lots of issues on this cruise. On the first two cruises we saw the Captain all over the ship, but on the third segment, never saw him once
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