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  1. babs135

    Cunard 2022

    I don't know whether to applaud you or offer my commiserations 🤣
  2. babs135

    TV Programme

    Tacky if you can't afford it, brilliant if you can 🤣🤣. Not seen the programme yet.
  3. And here's an example of an idiot, except it was Pringles, not peanuts. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/travel/travel-news/man-avoids-wearing-face-mask-22622495
  4. babs135

    TV Programme

    We did a 7 nights. Caribbean cruise on the Symphony in February so it should be quite interesting to see. First time on a mega ship and was actually quite surprised at how we didn't feel too crowded . Only time there were a lot of people in one place was when the theatre show finished and people flooded onto the Royal Promenade. But even then they dispersed very quickly . If I'd known it was to be our last cruise for the forseeable future I'd have had a few more drinks 😂😂
  5. If you're in the UK or can download it, there's a programme about the Symphony of the Seas on the TV next week . Billion Pound Cruise, 9pm on Thursday 22nd October. Chan el is More4
  6. babs135

    TV Programme

    Just a heads up that the programme about the Symphony of the Seas which should have been shown earlier this year is on next week . Billion Pound Cruise Thursday 22nd October at 9pm on More4.
  7. Much as I love Cunard and cruising this is not for DH or myself. One of the joys of Cunard for us is sharing a table in the mdr. Over the years we've met some lovely people, most with interesting stories and anecdotes to share. Nor do we want no say in any shore excursions. Some times the best day has simply been wandering around perhaps talking with locals,etc. Our balance is not due until June , let's hope things have changed for the better by then.
  8. I know I'm missing cruising. I'm reading Berlitz's 2017 edition of Cruising and Cruise Ships!! 🤣🤣
  9. For me it has to be the trip of a lifetime , but DH is far more caution than I am and, short of winning the lottery, a world cruise will sadly remain a wish and nothing more . I could , of course , go on my own but I suspect that the single person supplement would be eye-watering. 🤣
  10. OP, you don't say whether you are Britannia class or the Grills. If it's the latter you can order your evening meal 'off menu', providing of course that they have the ingredients and are given notice. One other thing I will add is simply this.....you won't be bored!! So much to do and not enough hours in the day.
  11. I don't know know old you are but Financial wise may be it's a question of spending up to the line that you figure you will need to make sure that you spend your 'twilight years' in relative comfort (thinking of health care, perhaps a nursing home, etc). The problem is, as I suspect it is for many, where is the line? If you're one of the lucky ones who have an idea of the answer, then go for it otherwise you may regret it at some point down the line .
  12. We've done this particular crossing a number of times and the weather has invariably been very cold and grey. Ocean-wise, we've had it both rough and smooth but the QM2 handles bad weather very well and if the captain deems it necessary he will deviate slightly from the course to try and find a smoother passage. I seem to recall that on one occasion we were even able to sit outside - well, for about 5 minutes and dressed in thick jumpers, but it was still outside!!!! Age-wise, don't worry. We are in our 70s and love the company of all ages. One of our best dining tables was age ranged from a solo traveller aged in her early 20s to a couple well into their 80s. In some ways this makes the conversation flow as each age group puts their 'spin' on a particular topic. You'll love it.
  13. Yes, it's definitely common sense when you think about it . As someone who hasn't sailed with children it just never occurred to me at all.
  14. I never knew this. Do we know why they restrict numbers? And my final question (!) Do we know if other lines have a similar policy?
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