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  1. babs135

    Alaska 2022

    Yes, I'd put it in the title of the thread but should have repeated it within the question.
  2. babs135

    Alaska 2022

    With the Canadian Borders closed and restrictions on sailing in American waters do you think it wiser to book a cruise towards the end of the season rather than at the beginning just in case they are slow to reopen? And if we booked for August/September what, if anything, would we miss if we'd gone earlier? Thanks in advance
  3. Interesting question. When we visited Iceland we went to a point where on one side we were standing on the North American plate and on the other side it was the Eurasian plate.
  4. With the slow rollout of the vaccine programme in Canada do you think the early part of Alaska's season may be in doubt? Thinking of changing our booking for this year to Alaska and wonder if we'd be better looking at July.
  5. So long as the decoration is not 'in your face', I can't see any problems. I've seen decorations over the Xmas and New Year period .
  6. Grandfather Sentenced For Dropping Daughter From Cruise Ship Deck | HuffPost Could someone please explain what is entailed in 3 years probation? Is it just reporting to certain authorities ?
  7. Is there any information about the Canadian decision to keep their border closed until February 2022 on the website? I've just looked and couldn't see anything. However, if, for example, you go to the Princess website there is a link to the information. Surely Cunard should be keeping their paying passengers up to speed? There may well be some people who still haven't heard the news. The only thing I could find is that if you put USA/Canada (our cruise) into the destination box the 2021 calendar comes up greyed out. I can still access my booking but there is no information to
  8. It should be 230 days, but as it's a cruise to New England and Canada I guess I can kiss the cruise goodbye. A real shame, especially as we can't transfer the booking to 2022 because the dates don't fit.
  9. The protocols that Cunard have put in place don't appeal to us at all and we were giving some thought to 'lift and shift' yet again before we had to pay the balance due in June. Initial choice would have been Alaska but I don't think I'm prepared to risk booking anything at the moment. We will now wait to hear from our travel agent and take the refunded deposit. The few pennies interest it will earn is better in our bank than with Cunard who, along with other lines, are really going to struggle to see through this further enforced change of plans. We will be back!!
  10. Guess I can kiss goodbye to our New England/Canada cruise in September. 28 nights of bliss gone in the stroke of a pen!
  11. Government of Canada announces one-year ban for pleasure craft and cruise vessels - Canada.ca Not a huge surprise
  12. If it's okay with you then I'll take your cabin 🤣
  13. If you only knew how many lessons I've had over the years! It's like a brick wall; even hypnosis didn't help. My fear outweighs my desire. It's a shame really as I do feel that I've missed out. I don't know why my fear is so deep rooted, I certainly don't remember anything traumatic although my late mum once told me that as a baby I'd loved having a bath but then I'd been admitted to hospital and when I came out I used to scream at bath-time so perhaps that's when something happened, but we're talking 70+ years ago!! If we do book (and it won't be until things are back to a more nor
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