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  1. babs135

    Why Should We Choose MSC?

    Lots of mixed reviews. People seem to either love or hate it. I'm looking for a Caribbean cruise toward the end of this year and have (un)intentionally avoided looking at MSC but that's probably a little silly of me. We are senior citizens and will be sailing with our DD so would definitely book at the very minimum a balcony cabin. I am assuming that the third bed would be a sofa bed? We don't mind a lively ship so long as it is not 'in your face', but are also happy with our own company so would like places to sit and read and people watch. Food is a subjective matter but we are as happy with a fillet steak as with fish and chips and as long as there is a good choice, it's tasty and filling we would be happy. Not clear on the drinks packages. Must confess to only the quickest of looks at the website and couldn't work it out - but that was probably me!!! I look forward to your comments and any recommendations for a cruise - east, west or south - absolutely clueless as regards to visiting the Caribbean. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
  2. babs135

    Travel insurance

    Don't you just hate it when people ask a question, you give them (hopefully) good advice and then ……...nothing. OP hasn't been back since posting the question. I wonder why, surely it was genuine.
  3. babs135

    How many days until your next cruise??? Part 2

    An infinite number; until DH is fit to travel we have absolutely nothing booked.
  4. babs135

    How far in advance do you book?

    As Americans can chop and change their bookings almost to the last minute (unlike us in the UK), do you think people who have booked are actually genuine or haven't quite made up their minds and are, in effect, 'holding' a cabin while they decide? Just curious.
  5. babs135

    Which Locks?

    Huge apologies because I suspect this question has been asked before but a quick search revealed nothing. How do I know which locks which ships go through? Will the information be on the cruise lines' website. Thanks in advance and apologies again for asking what has almost certainly been asked before.
  6. Does the third adult in the cabin qualify for the Premium All Inclusive? I've had a look at the website and if I am reading it correctly (!) I think it is only for the first two. If the 3rd person is paying full price surely they should get the same entitlements? If not, is there any way they can get the 'perks'? If it makes any difference I am in the UK. Thanks in advance.
  7. babs135

    Cruise Programmes on TV This Week

    Which channel was this on? Next Monday (18th) Channel 5 are showing a documentary following the MSC Seaside. All these programmes are sheer torture at the moment because until DH is better we are not going anywhere any soon. Really don't know why I'm even watching them. 😯
  8. babs135

    Sea conditions

    We've cruised enough times to know that you 'pay the money and take your chance' as far as the weather goes. I was just curious to hear from others who had done this particular cruise. Done rough and didn't care for it!!!!
  9. babs135

    Sea conditions

    Fingers crossed we hope to be able to start cruising again by the end of the year. I'm looking at the Canary Islands in December but wonder what the sea conditions (Atlantic Ocean) will be like at that time of the year. We've done transatlantic crossings with both smooth and rough seas, but would value hearing from people who have done this particular trip; Should mention it would be out of the UK. Perhaps it might be a little better if we were to sail out of Spain, therefore avoiding the Bay of Biscay and area? Thanks in advance
  10. babs135


    Friends of ours who live in the States booked an ordinary cabin on a Celebrity cruise (can't remember the ship) to the Mediterranean for April. The price has dropped so many times that having cancelled and rebooked they are now at Concierge level!! Never going to happen for us Brits.
  11. babs135

    Ship Within A Ship

    I know NCL has The Haven, MSC has The Yacht Club and Cunard has The Grills, but are there more ships with this extra accommodation, perks etc?
  12. babs135

    First trip on Cunard

    Us too. Lovely surprise.
  13. babs135

    Signature Suite photos

    No ship, no itinerary, no dates!! DH is medically unfit to travel at the moment and I am merely exploring options for the future which could well be not even this year . Hopefully looking at the Caribbean. We've never sailed with HAL so don't know what to expect and as our adult DD will be joining us we (or rather I) have decided a balcony cabin is the way to go.
  14. babs135

    Signature Suite photos

    Will do, although an earlier search revealed nothing. Searching is brilliant if you know how to ask the question 😁
  15. Does anyone have a photo of the suite with the 'extra' bed showing? There will be 3 adults sailing and we'd like to see exactly what and where the bed will be. Thank you.