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  1. https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/vasco-da-gama-ghost-cruise-ship-left-stranded-with-no-toilets/ar-BBXPtxn?ocid=spartanntp
  2. Just to clarify the day wear. Denim jeans and a jacket are perfectly fine.
  3. 29 nights Southampton to San Francisco with 3 days tacked on at the end is the longest cruise we've done. Enjoyed every minute of it, the ship, the food, the service, etc etc. Only 'complaint' we had was that it was the roughest crossing we've ever experienced plus a day of rough(ish) seas after we'd transited the Panama Canal. 🤣
  4. Thanks everyone. Liked the positivity posted; just have to hope some of it comes our way!!
  5. What's the latest anyone has booked a cruise? If we were to do the cruise we both fancy because of various problems it would be just one week before sailing before we could book - assuming of course that there was still availability. How does the issuing of tickets work? And were you able to get the cabin you wanted.
  6. Still nothing due to medical issues. Now a case of two steps forward and one step back which I suppose is an improvement of sorts. And still I torture myself by looking in on this thread. WHY?!!
  7. As it stands we're not in a position to book anything but still hoping against hope that we can get away before the end of the year. The travel agent in question is mainly online but has just the one High Street store and are offering a shopping in New York and home on the QM2 which is the first choice cruise. The 'missing one' is back up, a just in case cruise.
  8. I will, but I just wanted to know people's thoughts.
  9. If one travel agent is not showing a particular cruise (had done previously) but other agents are still showing availability does this mean that the first agent has sold their allocation? And if, for a variety of reasons, you wanted to remain with this particular agent could they still book the cruise?
  10. Do you still get slippers?
  11. I believe that the NCL Spirit also has a bridge viewing area.
  12. Is Costa on all the ships?
  13. Reading this thread made me wonder why are there no escalators on ships?
  14. Oh dear, at the beginning of this thread and having done a bit more research I was leaning towards the Azura, but now I'm not so sure 🙁🤣. The choice is between A932 Azura or B934D Britannia, fly cruises both over New Year. There would be three of us in the cabin so would need a balcony at the very least. Britannia's itinerary is slightly more appealing but tbh Azura is cheaper which cannot be ignored. We have not visited any of the ports so no help there. It really shouldn't be this difficult should it?!! 🤣
  15. Looking at Caribbean cruises and for the dates I have these two ships are available. A quick search of reviews on Google reveals more negatives than positives, and although I tend to take reviews with a pinch of salt they did make me sit back and think. So who can reassure me that the negatives were wrong and tell me which of the two ships they favour. Cruise would be over new year and we are 2 senior citizens who will be sailing with adult daughter (if this has any bearing on your thoughts). Thank you
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