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  1. 12-13 volumes!! I live in a 2 bedroom flat and already have books in just about every room!!! I suppose they could go in the kitchen 🤣🤣
  2. Okay, a fun question; you've won the lottery big time and now realise that you can take the cruise you've always dreamed about but couldn't afford. Which one would it be? For me it would be a world cruise in the Queens Grill on Cunard. Over to you.
  3. I am so glad that my original post has brought back memories for some people. I've enjoyed reading the posts. Now, having finished THE book, which would you suggest I read next and is there any particular order to reading them? I note that John had written quite a few in his time!!!
  4. These last postings remind me of one occasion on the QM2 we were seated in the MDR with 3 other couples. We introduced ourselves and when we got to the last couple, who as it happened were the youngest, she very pompously announced that she had an Oxbridge degree (can't remember which university) and she was in this, to her, the most important job in the world and one she thought we wouldn't have heard of. (so important I can't remember!). Unfortunately for her I had heard of the job and started to converse with her about it. Clearly she was very 'put out' by the fact that she wasn't unique and as a result she and her husband never ate with us again and if we saw them out and about she would do a quick turn and run the other way!!! Thankfully this is an unusual occurrence for us because we have met some wonderful and engaging people that we've suddenly realised that we are the last ones in the dining room such has been the flowing of the conversation. Her loss, because the rest of us got on famously.
  5. I've just finished this excellent book by the late John Maxtone-Graham and would thoroughly recommend it to people who are interested in the history of the crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. What rather amused me was John's comment in the introduction, written in 1972, in which he stated that the airplane would shortly be the only way to cross and that those ships still in service would probably confine their activities to the Caribbean!!! How wrong he was.
  6. OP, you can eat breakfast and lunch in the MDR; you don't have to 'dress up'. Although you can ask for a table for two I would opt to ask to share a table - you may be surprised to find how well you fit in. Re the evening dress code; could you manage a dark suit or perhaps dark trousers (not jeans) and smart jacket. Pair it with a shirt and a bowtie for the formal nights and you're fine. That way the whole of the ship will be open to you to enjoy the full Cunard experience. Please let us know how your trip goes.
  7. OP, I agree with others, don't sell yourself short. I for one would love to 'pick your brains' on any money saving ideas you have. After all, money saved means money towards another cruise, something no one would argue with on this forum 😁
  8. Looking at a Bahamas and Florida cruise in late December. Choice is between the Anthem of the Seas and the Norwegian Bliss. Similar itineraries and prices. We've sailed both lines before and were happy with them. We are senior citizens but that shouldn't make any difference as far as I'm concerned!!!! Both out of New York. Which would you choose? I realise they will both be full of children but so long as they are 'not in my face' that doesn't bother us.
  9. And what do you do if your tried and trusted travel agent doesn't offer any Regent cruises? They offer Seabourn, Silversea and Azamara and nothing else in the luxury class!!!!
  10. May I ask are these cruises that have ACTUALLY BEEN BOOKED and will be taken? I know the rules for booking, etc are a little different to here in the UK, but 7 cruises booked....! And yes, if it sounds like I'm jealous then you are right. We have nothing booked and don't know when we will be back on the holiday merry go round due to health issues.
  11. Could someone clarify a question for me please. If I booked a cruise and stay package through a US travel agent and then had to cancel would I get all my money back? Sadly we had to cancel a cruise and stay package over the Christmas and New Year holidays and our travel insurance company paid back the whole cost (quite considerable) less a very small excess fee.
  12. Have you thought about Cunard? Certainly would think it worth you giving it a look.
  13. DH and I once received an upgrade from an inside cabin to a balcony when we checked in!! You may be lucky; who knows how the upgrade fairy works.
  14. Is it possible to purchase these anywhere other than onboard? We have nothing booked at the moment and DD is anxious to add to her collection.
  15. If we wanted to do it we could afford it but up to now our choice has been to book an inside cabin on whatever ship we choose which enables us to cruise more often. A cruise on Regent or similar cruise line would almost certainly be a one off with a longish gap until any next cruise. This is merely an exercise to see what options are open to us and what people think about Regent.
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