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  1. the Op doesn't mention which port?
  2. Port is open the entire time the ship is tied up. You can go on and off as desired. Car rentals are commonly used, verify the current parking restrictions. I've seen people come out in Maui on day 2 and their car is gone- having parked at the mall, the night prior 🙂
  3. There is a huge sell off of cars in Upstate NY. I would CANCEL. and book with another vendor.
  4. WHEN is your trip? Essential for value of the hatchery. What is your reason for going to Mendenahall - what do you want to do there? Absolutely needs to be determined
  5. NCL, offered a free shuttle- in the past. 🙂
  6. I've rented cars as well, but there are a lot more places you can add as well. 🙂
  7. This isn't a combo- simply- do each. I suggest considering the Lumberjack show, where it fits- at the end of your port day. Then just go to Saxman or Totem Bight early in your port day. Your transit- can be an arranged driver/guide, city bus, cruise ship tour, rental car.
  8. Over and over facts were needed and op answered partially at best. IF the CN had already been extended- Zero is the answer. They seem to think it’s cash and repeat that comment.
  9. If your certifications expire 6/23. They certainly have not been extended or expired. You keep talking about expired certificates. VERY unclear. ????
  10. They do Not refund Cruise Next deposits in cash. They return to your account. YOUR ONLY option- is a one time 1 year extension of the expiration date. The terms were very clearly noted when you purchased the Cruise Next. The only opportunity for a refund was within 30 days of purchase.
  11. Ok. Just my opinion- this is a poor choice if you don’t have the Tundra Wilderness tour included? You are looking at about 8 hours in transit. Whittier to Denali. Then 2 hours to McKinley- where there is nothing at the lodge. You will have to invest another 2 hours in rt transit/. If you go to Talkeetna. The only suggestion I have is to be ready for the first shuttle the next morning- and have your touring booked. Dealbreaker is if you have The Natural History tour or no tour at Denali. I’d then suggest ditching it and book something else.
  12. So you already had a 1 year extension ? If so you then had 5 years to use it.
  13. Good grief you had 4 years to use the Cruise Next. Did you request an extension BEFORE it expired?
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