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  1. cucadodger - Thank you for the information. Apparently our credit cards with Citi are not eligible for Easy Deals. 🙁 According to the representative at Citi, Diamond Preferred and Simplicity are the only cards eligible for Easy Deals.
  2. It looks like Welly World was able to have specialty dining added this morning so they probably have the promo added now. You could probably get it added now or wait till later this afternoon and give them a call. I was on hold 25 minutes this morning while they tried to figure out what was going on with the promo.
  3. I am currently booked under the Great Escapes promotion....my sailing does not qualify for 3FF. This morning, I noticed a price drop of $85pp in my category so I called to re-fare my booking. The agent said she could also add specialty dining. Apparently the promo code for specialty dining has not been added to the system yet and will be by the end of the day. Notes were put in my booking to add specialty dining.
  4. I am logged into my Citi account home page and do not see Citideals. I have a link for Citi Easy Deals and it takes me to a different web site. Is there another place I should be looking? Thanks.
  5. We did not receive a reply from the receipts we sent in for our Move Over Offer. Within a few weeks, can't remember exactly how long but less than 6 weeks, we received a check in the mail for the amount of our receipts.
  6. pacruise804 - Thank you for the tip on purchasing gas in Hubbard. 😃 Based on the information provided by TruckerDave above, we decided on I-80 across PA mainly to avoid the tolls in PA. OH’s gas tax is going up on July 1st somewhere around 0.10 to 0.11 a gallon but still much cheaper than PA. PelicanBill - Thank you for the “open road” comment. We’d prefer that option. I’ll check out the Sonesta in Parsippany. We were looking at staying in either Stroudsburg or Parsippany. The closer to the port is better for me. 😃
  7. Thanks for the time you put in the map. I've been trying to plan a couple of days in NYC after our cruise and this has been very helpful locating the places we want to visit and the relationship to each location.
  8. We were on the April 06th 5 Night sailing and we did not have Lobster on the menu any night. Lobster was available every night as one of the "Premium" selections. I have attached the menu from Day 2 - Formal Night.
  9. I posted this on the Buckeye Cruzers forum with no response so I thought I'd try here. For those of you who have traveled from Columbus to Cape Liberty, did you take I-70E/I-76E or go I-71N to I-80E? According to Google maps, there is less than 5 minutes difference in travel time between the two from our house. Both routes have tolls, but I don't know how much. I wondered if one has better traveling/road conditions over the other? We would be traveling late August during the day. Also, we are planning to drive within an hour or so and stay the night prior to the cruise and drive in the next morning. Any recommendations on a city to stay? I know this would probably depend on which route we choose to take. Thanks
  10. As of Friday (02/15), there are still mailboxes.....at least on Aloha deck.
  11. You may want to look at flights from Toronto (YYZ). I live in central OH and flying from Columbus to Barcelona in 2015 was $1200. The flights from Toronto to BCN were just over $600. It was a 7 hour drive for us to Toronto. With 4 people we saved over $2000 by making the drive. You are probably a couple of hours closer to Toronto than we are. I'm looking at flights this fall from CMH to AMS and BCN to CMH on the return. The cost is between $1400-1500 from CMH. From Toronto it is $800 RT.
  12. Has anyone taken this excursion through Princess? If so, would you recommend it and did you drive or not? Any other thoughts on the excursion.
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