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  1. thank you all yes I was giving the wrong info looks like there is a disembark going on looks like will have all luggage piled into my room again thanks
  2. Good morning, boarding the paradise today , group of 8 , 4 cabins .. no one has FTTF, one cabin is platinum. its been torrential rain here in the Tampa Bay Area .. we plan on being /meeting at the port 1130 am. since there is no disembark today ( not sure how long she has been at the dock) , When we board is it likely the rooms will be made up? Most of my pervious trips the stewards were in the midst of turning the rooms around. thinking of just bringing luggage on ourselves vs leaving it with porters and getting soaked ? Hate to be lugging it around though ! ‘Thoughts please or if anyone has had similar experiences? Thank you
  3. Very interesting thread here. I’m not sure if I differ from many of carnival cruisers , I do think I differ than most of the regulars here on this site. I made platinum years ago , I think you had to have 75 days or so to get it. My kids were home , there was always 4 of us getting two rooms and the product was a value .. that drove us to carnival it was a value , we were a young family ..and we stayed for several years .. Kids grown ,we kinda went to other lines when we cruised the value issue wasn’t a driver any longer .. , we also did not do as many cruisers , now it’s 3 land trips to one cruise ..the loyalty program really did not drive any behavior in me .. again not sure if I differ from the guests or just who those who frequent the cruise sites like this . I also think the program is awfully old fashioned and behind the times being built as it is today.. the party , trinkets does little for me..
  4. I understand the 15 limit per day on alcohol drinks.. it also says you can receive a discount on bottles of wine. we plan on bumping up to the limit most days.. ( 6 guys , without our wives, gambling and a drinking) we also like wine with dinner .. question : if we are hitting our limit .. how does that work if we buy a couple bottles with dinner every night .?
  5. A bit off topic, if you don’t want call backs , don’t sign in . You can also use your browser private , anonymous feature or use something like duck duck go. You really can’t blame carnival or any other site .. they’re are there for selling rooms. Sites, produce content , give info and the end result is trying to sail full.. Many sites also sell your info to third party sales orgs.. we will see in the future less PVP and more and more interaction with Chatbots .. most sites have them today and I know ccl is evaluating them .. the benefit is very consistent information.
  6. Two things about lido balcony .. once you book them you will be hard pressed to book another balcony room not on lido. when booking lingo watch that you are not near the laundry ...that's where you will find noise .. laundry folk
  7. I have always tipped thru auto tipp or whatever ever it’s called.. also tip in cash for perhaps the bartender , the waiter and steward.. I also detest people removing tips -like my cheapskate Sil a platinum cruiser.. however I do believe ccl will continue to keep raising tip amount due a certain percentage of people not tipping .. basically tippers are subsidizing non tippers .. if everyone stopped tipping , while it would suck for a bit for the workers , ccl would be forced to put in fare service charge , resulting in EVERYBODY paying .. workers would benefit .. cheapskates will pay there own way.. That or at least put a giant blinking sign for one line stating - tip removal.. and broadcast to a tv channel
  8. Will they give you an Unopened Beer if u have cheers?
  9. Greetings all , has anyone tried to submit a shareholder benefit request while cruising under a casino rate?
  10. Aug 17 , Tampa .. 85 .00 and I haven’t cruised carnival since many many years ago.. it was a result of Cuba cancelations
  11. I agree. This it the time where one feels and battles the crowds as far as why people have issues..I know some feel after all their ‘loyalty” the company sold the perks for 49-109 dollars., perhaps others don’t want to spend extra and do not like others have a benefit. but really it’s the way of the world.. u can buy anything.. I assume the perk program will eventually follow suit to all other programs.. the more u spend the more benefit you get..
  12. In the past they always posted the credit within a week , two at most. i do have a question slightly off topic.. I recently was offered and took a casino rate for a re purposed Cuba cruise.. if I submit my shares to the fax line what’s my chance of getting a shareholder credit ?
  13. Greetings all , been a very long time since I sailed carnival. Friends of mine were booked on the 8/17 Cuba and were certainly bummed .. im not sure what their current offer is but I must tell you last night I was curious to the rates for adjusted ports and saw very little change.from what they paid This am I looked and I had a crazy offer for casino (was not there yesterday ) rate I could not pass .. so I booked .. the nutty things are 1 I haven’t sailed in years 2 when I did I used to play in casino but never got comped for anything big, really if I want to gamble I go to Vegas It might mean they are experiencing some fallout ... anyway looking forward to sailing ccl again
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