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  1. Last time on Sapphire we had our own meeting place in one of the MDR. We were just take from there to the next available tender.
  2. We stay a Chilworth Manor. We have BB and EM, cruise park and ride. We have met people who just stay overnight and drive to the dock, it’s only about 15/20 minutes or so.
  3. Thank you for all the replies good and bad. So they sell Citizen watches and what other makes? As originally asked I wan to research prices before I go. I want to take advantage of the first day 10% discount, elite discount and use my on board credit.
  4. Is the American sockets in the cabin two pin or three pin?
  5. I'm on the Sapphire end of August. I wondered about buying a watch while on board. I know there is a 10% sale on the first day plus my elite discount and I have OBC. I like to have an idea of prices before hand so can anyone tell me what makes of watches they sell on the Sapphire?
  6. Phew, I was starting to think I'd dreamt it after I typed it.
  7. Further question. What information do we miss out on and what do we need to chase the cruise agent for?
  8. When does the trip brochure come out before the cruise. Others cruise lines are about three months is Saga similar? (Booked through TA will I get one?}
  9. I didn't realise Saga would treat those who booked through a travel agent differently. We were booking another cruise line and mentioned to the agent about Saga, they said we could book through them as Saga had recently started using cruise agents. They didn't mention we wouldn't have access to certain aspects of organising the book of trips and services prior to sailing. This is our first cruise with Saga so are grateful to have our own CC group to ask questions. I'm sure there will be many.
  10. Did someone on here a mention lanyards that identify children as having special needs. Enabling people to help and assist them better.
  11. There lots to look at on Amazon. It will give you an idea of sizes.
  12. Also, you can use different colours for different family members. Put together complete outfits in a cube, loads of possibilities.
  13. I use mine to keep things together on the shelves of the wardrobe too. I pack undies in one, t-shirts , another for shorts, etc. I roll the clothes as I find they don’t crease as much. They were an embarrassment saver some years ago when my suitcase lock broke when disembarking. Everything was still in the case not all over the baggage hall.
  14. How does a FCD on Princess work? Cost, how long does it last, how much is it worth in OBC and can you transfer it to your cruise booking agent?
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