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  1. My September British Isles cruise just got canceled by Princess. I will be able to get a refund for my non-refundable deposit. The other option they gave was to get double the deposit money in the form of FCCs. But, since the 2021 cruise is $2000 more for the same cabin type, I plan on taking the cash refund.
  2. That would certainly be agreeable to me! Thanks.
  3. I am booked on a British Isles cruise in September on the Regal. I originally had a refundable deposit, but changed it when the price dropped (before virus) in order to get the "freebies" that Princess was offering. Since they are now being more flexible with their cancellation policy, does anyone know whether Princess is refunding or giving FCC for the deposit? Or am I out of luck for the deposit money?
  4. Finally talked to my TA. My new final payment date is July 15.She did say that she could not do an automatic payment and that I would need to do it before that July 15 date or to call her before that date and she could do it. I feel better knowing that I have another month before I have to decide.
  5. I am booked on a British Isle cruise for Sept. 13. On checking the Princess website, it appears that they have moved the final payment date from 90 days to 60 days. I contacted my TA to inquire about my final payment date. Because I know they are busy, I said she could just email me the date. I received the invoice and the payment date had not changed. Before I call, can anyone tell me if their TA has changed their payment date for a cruise departing before October? Thanks.
  6. aheape1979 - I am really enjoying reading about your plans for your trip. I am booked on the BI on Regal in September. We, too changed to the Princess Plus. It cost us $380 each more, but our original booking didn't include gratuities or wi-fi. Between that and the premier beverages, along with an increase in OBC, it was a no brainer for us. We have booked our own air and have noticed the price has dropped by $400. We were willing to pay a change fee, but unfortunately, we can't change because we bought basic economy tickets. But, I will just feel good IF we get to take that trip. Such uncertain times. Stay safe out there!
  7. Having been to Ireland on 5 different trips, I have experienced the long drives to see various sites. I kept thinking I wouldn’t return, so have done a number of circular routes. My advice is to make a list of your must sees. Then plan a circular route to see them. Cut out the things that would be nice to see, but are not must sees. If Titanic Museum is a must see, go to Belfast, but maybe skip going farther up north. Choose 1 or 2 from Cliffs of Mohr, Killarney, and Blarney. Hopefully, you will return to Ireland again some year, but if not, you will have seen what was most important to you. Happy Travels!
  8. Hi, I'll be in London for 2 full days, pre-cruise in September. I have narrowed down my hotels to: Premier Inn Victoria Staybridge Suites London Vauxhall Hampton Inn London Waterloo While in London, we want to see: Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, London Eye, HOHO bus, and other places, time permitting. I know all of these hotels have a tube station close by and prices are similar. What I am looking for is if there is a good reason to choose one of these over the others. Any information would be helpful. Thank you!
  9. These secrets are so helpful. Anyone got any more?
  10. I feel for those people, but totally understand you can't help the weather. I missed a port in Greenland once because of icebergs! Sure hope I make both Guernsey and Le Harve as they were the reason for taking the cruise. All the other ports I have been to when I've traveled to Great Britain and Ireland and rented a car. Thank you for your info.
  11. dog, How much notice were you given for the cancellation of Le Harve? I have already booked (and paid for) my private tour. The company is saying that if the ship isn't going to dock, I need to let them know by 6 pm the night before. Not sure how you can predict weather that far in advance, especially the wind.
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