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  1. We should be on Silhouette now...It was booked as a real rest and relaxation cruise, no intention of doing anything other than enjoy the ship. As an extra treat we had booked the PH as we celebrated our Ruby wedding this year. Just sitting on the balcony in the morning with a coffee or in the evening with a cognac sounds like heaven... So missing the restaurants. We would have dined in Tuscan first night and last night would have been Murano’s. We so love the atmosphere in the speciality restaurants on Celebrity S class ships. Each meal feels like an ‘event’ but never in a ‘stuffy’ way... Ah well, we have switched to next September, only 300+ days to go...
  2. On the S class upgrading to a RS does give you a wider range of ‘free’ speciality restaurants. If I was you I would do some calculations on SS/CS/RS costs and decide based on how much you would use/enjoy the perk upgrades rather than just focusing on the room...
  3. We only saw the tub on the M class, that was enough to put us off! We did do one S class Celebrity suite (Equinox) some years ago and to be honest we really didn’t like it. I am quite small and found the tub not too bad to get in but difficult to get out of. When you are wet and slippy I think you are less confident.... We also found the whole suite had a very ‘cramped’ feeling. Whilst the Jack and Jill two doors of the bathroom can suit a party of 3/4 we found it left the bathroom lacking space. The bedroom was small and obviously basically an inside cabin with a window you couldn’t see through. The lounge had an oversized sofa bed with a coffee table. The balcony was OK. If we were a party of two guests we would prefer a rear SS 1. If we want the two rooms when traveling with family we much prefer to pay extra for a RS or PH. Add on the fact that basically the CS only has the same perks as a SS whereas the RS has unlimited speciality dining, bar set up etc then we find it hard to justify the cost of a CS. I do think the CS is a bit of a ‘marmite’ suite. - either you love it or you hate it! Many do like the separate room set up so don’t base your decision on our opinion only. Whatever room you choose have a fantastic cruise!
  4. Must say that we find the S class ‘not too big, not too small but just right’ However... Agree! We always do our homework first so when we cruised Carnival (many years ago) we did have realistic expectations. We did not expect luxury or relaxation we expected a short family cruise experience which was what we got. We never repeated the experience because we realised we wanted something ‘more’ but that was our choice rather than Carnival’s error. We also cruised Star cruises in SE Asia and enjoyed the difference from anything else we had experienced. We regularly look at a range of cruise lines (plenty of free time at present!) and it is all about finding the ‘ambience’ that suits you...not too stiff but not too casual, not too formal but not too relaxed....
  5. OP, so sorry your plans will change. In recent years we have also had ‘milestone’ celebrations moved by things beyond our control. Sincere best wishes for a fantastic birthday!
  6. Sincere best wishes your cruises do happen...raise a glass for us when you board!
  7. Perhaps when a vaccine is available the whole scenario will change...You show your certification and you are allowed to board. No vaccine, no cruise. Once on board life could be as normal if all of us can adjust back to that..... As others have said, no guarantee at present that having the illness once doesn’t mean you can’t have it again so you would be required to follow the rules the same as everyone else. One thing that I do think is important is that everyone has to follow the same rules. Once one ‘group’ of people are ‘exempted’ from a rule then it becomes impossible for staff to monitor/manage.
  8. We too keep reflecting back on our last cruise prior to this strange world we now live in. Also like you, It is some of the simple things we miss the most like sitting on the balcony... We also continue to be concerned for the physical and emotional wellbeing of crews on board and those now back at home possibly facing real financial hardship and many having less good medical support than ourselves.... I am a ‘The sun will come out tomorrow...’ type of person so we do have a cruise booked for next September...Whatever the new face of cruising looks like if the basic principles of a relaxing ambiance pared with excellent service continues to be the norm for Celebrity we will be back on board as soon as it is safe to do so.
  9. We have never really rated the RC suite offering. On the older ships there is no dedicated dining area and even on the newer we find the offering limited. Our last RC cruise on Oasis had an over busy suite lounge and dining area. It was OK but not luxurious. Genies vs Butlers...limited experience but Genies seemed more interested in ‘booking things’ or passing on requests to others whereas we find Butlers are more ‘hands on’ and actually do things. A ‘pro’ of RC is their varied room options for suite guests which can be really useful for larger groups. It really depends on what you want on a cruise. If you want to queue jump shows, get great seats, have priority for activities then the RC suite experience will suit you...If you want a dedicated nice dining venue and a comfortable lounge with concierge and Butlers looking to make your cruise special with attention to detail service then Celebrity wins... For those unaware of what suite receives what benefits then look carefully at the programs. A junior suite on RC receives very little whereas a sky suite on Celebrity receives full lounge and restaurant access across the fleet. Some of the relatively large suites on RC (Aqua Suites) still are not considered at the level of genie service... on Celebrity the higher perks kick in at RS level. If you are planning a suite experience on either line it really is necessary to check exactly what each individual ship has as a bonus for what you are paying. For example, many of the older RC ships offer limited dedicated suite areas and with the delay of the Revolution program some Celebrity ships (within the same class) have or have not suite deck areas...Really an area at present where you need to do your homework.
  10. I think this is the best and healthiest option for cruising for the time being...
  11. Sorry you were not able to resolve but pleased that you have decided not to accept an option that you clearly were not happy with. Look on the bright side, you have not actually lost any money and you can now look at all cruising options as/when the market reopens... Sincere best wishes you book something you are happy with.
  12. So hope that hotels, restaurants etc stay open until the New Year...a break from home for many and a lifeline for many businesses...
  13. Sincere best wishes that your TA can do something for you. At the end of the day why not consider just cancelling if you are not happy with the choices offered? I do understand you ‘had’ a good deal but if you are not happy with what is being offered why not just cancel? The snag if you make a compromise with the cruise and accept M class even though you prefer S class you may feel ‘cheated’. Like you, we far prefer S class over M class and would not be prepared to accept a swap. We would be on board missing the ‘flow’ of the S ships, their extra speciality restaurants and the rooms we prefer... I do understand Celebrity not wanting their new ships to go into the mix but agree with you that S and M are not an equal swap. In your situation I would wave goodbye to my old good deal and start looking for a new one if your TA cannot make some magic for you! Sincere best wishes for a good outcome.
  14. What a refreshing post! Totally agree with you, much as we would all love a winter cruise we can still enjoy life. Unlike you we are still reluctant to fly so we will make the most of our own country. During the Summer months we have been able to enjoy a couple of trips in our tourer. However, as we are seeing worsening figures over here in the U.K. we feel we are presently limited to our own locality. Plenty of parks and National Parks within a short drive to enjoy, though. The leaves are changing colour, shortly we will wake up to frosty mornings and bird feeders alive with sparrows, robins and blue tits. Each day we will make the most of things...I will have time to read books that have been on my iPad for four cruises and finally get stuck into my cross stitching! On the day next month we should have been boarding Silhouette we shall have Bellini’s with breakfast and a very special evening meal. If conditions over here improve we will consider booking something self catering last minute, perhaps with a wintertime sea view. Sincere best wishes, OP, for a pleasant winter and hopefully a great AI holiday! Once again, thanks for a positive post. If we all focus at the things we can enjoy rather than those we can’t will all get through this difficult time in a more positive way.
  15. As others have said the M class PH deck really is stunning. One of the small but really useful spaces in it is the butler’s pantry with microwave and full sized fridge, so useful if you plan to spend most of your time on the deck. Your butler will keep it stocked with drinks and snacks. If you plan on dining in your suite some evenings chat with your butler about what you would like giving him notice to arrange. With warning they can arrange things not on the standard room service/MDR menu.
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