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  1. What is the major disadvantage for having the classic package? Like can you get classic drinks at the Martini bar? Do people who had the classic package feel like they were missing out? I have the option on cruise planner to upgrade at £9.84 per person per day. I have also heard that I could wait till boarding and get two days free? So my thinking is two Martini’s at $15 per day would pay for the upgrade. New to cruising and my head hurts with all the options lol.
  2. Will a WIFI connection and WhatsApp work for you?
  3. Hi I have the classic package included and on my cruise planner it only shows the full price per day? Confused. Andy
  4. Thank you for the quick reply. Glad there won’t be a problem with getting there earlier. Only a a few weeks to wait now 😀😀😀
  5. Hi We are staying in Southampton the night before our cruise. We have to check out of our hotel room at 10:30 but our Embarkation letter says we can’t board the ship until 1pm. Question will they still allow us to park the car at the port and off load our luggage before 1pm? If not allowed to board we can wander round the city without worrying about the luggage being left in the car. Many Thanks Andy
  6. Hi Sorry for the silly Question but looking to book the mixology. It doesn’t give me an opportunity to book a date on our 10 night cruise in October. However would like to do it on our second sea day which so happens to be our anniversary. Can i arrange the date once on board? What are my chances of getting the date I want. Sorry not not used to cruising Many Thanks in advance. Andy
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