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  1. Hi Peggy just checked the deck plan... location is fine, suites above and below. .. we have sailed in suites next to stairs and elevator on Explorer. Never heard noise. Enjoy and look forward to sailing again! sheila
  2. Ronrick and TC Both HAL cruise ships docked yesterday in Ft. Lauderdale, due to federal urging. The out of state and country residents were transported to the airport. The folks with the corona virus were transported to hospitals. I am a resident of South Florida and think that our governor was too late in shutting down our state. Spring break became a party on the beaches. Where were their parents and the governor? He should have made all the above decisions much sooner! sheila
  3. Herb and I cruised on NCL Pride of America around the Hawaiian Islands about 10 years ago. All our young servers and cabin stewards were American citizens. The service was just great. we had a wonderful time. Sheila and Herb
  4. Go Army... So glad to hear they are well and on their way home! We are in Florida and have been watching scenes of the two ships docking and have been thinking about your family! Hoping to meet you on another sailing one day. sheila and Herb
  5. My thanks to Bessel and Jackie and Wendy for supporting those of us who are special needs folks. We cant wait to go on our next cruise... dine, dine and more dining!
  6. To Lana I am sorry, I messed up and deleted this accidentally. Your story is an inspiration to so many of us. Bless you and be safe and well!🙏
  7. I do not believe that this information will be standard once this nightmare is over. I have had COPD for many years. Never had a problem going anywhere on train, plane or ship. I agree, based on ADA rulings, I could not be denied boarding on a ship. However, until this crisis is over, I would not board a train, plane or ship. It’s all about preventing me from getting sick in normal situations. That’s on me! Sheila
  8. I think that the cruise lines will be shut down until July 1... let’s hope this virus is ending, and we can go back to living. Sheila
  9. As many of you know, I am a combination of all the special needs, previously discussed. I use a portable oxygen concentrator (10 years) and a scooter. I don’t think anyone has ever complained about it. And, we have made many friends over the years. I go on tours, but am very conscious of my fellow travelers, waiting to get of the bus until others are off. It it is too big a walk, I remain on the bus. I take very good care of myself, health wise, and bring every medication I might need. If I feel ill, I remain in our suite and rest it out. Unfortunately, I see too many folks onboard, who are younger, and coughing everywhere. I won’t infect them, but they can infect me, and many people on the ship. My physician loves the fact that we travel all over the world. He says that’s what keeps me going strong! We do a lot of cruising. And spend a great deal of money, only on Regent! Shame on you for wanting to discard me! It’s up to you to find another cruise line of your liking. As long as Regent will accept me, with my special needs, I will continue to sail with them. Sheila Jackie... thank you for defending folks like me!
  10. Go Army.. Our prayers are with you for your family’s health and safety. Sheila and Herb
  11. Thanks Dave... I reread it and see it. So I guess we shall wait and see. Interesting! It says if I will not be allowed to board, I will get a FCC. That is ridiculous. If I can’t sail on Regent, they should be required to do a cash refund. I think they did not think this through Time will tell. sheila
  12. I have read this and cannot find where I am banned because of my respiratory issues. Our next cruise is November 2020. Where is that statement? Sheila
  13. Hey Jackie This is why I love you! It sounds just like something I would do. Love the psychic story.... sheila
  14. Let’s put this into perspective.....We have lost much more money the stock market so far (on paper) than our money at Regent. So, I am more concerned about our money than than the amount we could lose at Regent. if the market recovers and RSSC doesn’t, so be it. sheila
  15. Why is this your concern? Do you have a large chunk of money invested? Sheila
  16. Who cares what happened 20 years ago? I loved Renaissance. Sailed several times.. so many different issues caused it to go under. None of us really know what the future brings. Certainly not about Regent. Let’s just all hope we make it through this crisis and in a few months we can enjoy life and cruising again! sheila
  17. Jean.. Yes, I was able to use the FCC for a cruise in November 2020, that was already booked. It is now paid in full. In addition, there was a small balance of FCC, which we applied to our next existing cruise already booked for February 2021. As a US resident, we could have cancelled one of our future cruises and rebooked. However, I do not know if there is a difference for U.K. Sheila
  18. Bob and Jeannie Our anniversary is March 27th. Obviously, we will celebrate in our home by ourselves. 🥂🎂.... it’s ok because we will toast to another year of health and happiness. As you know, several special dinners were planned for aboard Splendor. Hopefully, some day the sun will shine again and we will all be able to sail on Splendor and enjoy everything we love about cruising on Regent. I think it makes us realize how important it is to live each day to its fullest and savor each moment. Bless everyone🙏 Sheila and Herb
  19. Our insurance is with Travelguard. We cancelled our Splendor cruise on Monday 3/9, which was scheduled to sail 3/14. Got FCC, which we applied to our cruise in November. I could not get through by phone to Travelguard to check if I could make a claim, instead of the FCC. It was impossible to get through to them. After several hours, I decided to complete their online form to change the existing policy date to our future booking. It was the only choice left to me. I did it just before the policy went into effect. I was delighted five days later when I received confirmation of the change of date. Hope I answered your question. sheila
  20. I am the person you are all talking about. A older person with compromised health issues I have been cruising for years with my condition. My doctors have always encouraged me to continue to travel. I know how to take care of myself. Now, they might forbid me to board a ship after this crisis has passed. Nonsense! BTW... will Regent refund my FCC because they will not let me sail? Lots of interesting questions.... Sheila
  21. BTW.. I have never posted some of my grandchildren photos. Here’s one: my four granddaughters. (Missing my three grandsons.) Sheila
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