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  1. Wow does that look good. Will you cook dinner for us!
  2. I believe you are correct. The single Black sea voyage is sold out, but it might be possible to book several B 2 B voyages. We were told we got the last Suite in our category for the full Grand Voyage. Hope to see everyone on board.
  3. We are just about to pull the trigger. Waiting for the final numbers. Would love to travel with the Wellseasoneds again!
  4. Would love to travel with you again Turtlemichael. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we get some clarity soon!
  5. The cruise is in September 2021 not 2020. If things have not become clearer by then, I fear they never will. For what it is worth, I have been self isolating for over two months with no plans to let my guard down for quite a while. I do hope we will be able to go on this cruise without fear.
  6. I think it comes down to around $1200 per diem. Yes, that is a ton of money. Almost makes the Silvers look cheap!
  7. There is so little action on the roll calls pages that I thought I would post here. We are seriously considering doing the 2021 Mediterranean Grand Voyage on the Shadow leaving Venice in September 2021. There will be lots of new ports for us including all of the ones in the Black sea. Now I can get excited about cruising again!
  8. Cruiseej. Yes, there is some confusion. I am well aware of the current cancellation policy. My concern was once I entered the penalty time period, should they again change their policy (as they did several months ago for a very brief period of time) I wanted to be sure the cost of my 30 day cruise would be fully protected. While I did not think that Silversea would do something which could so adversely affect clients regardless of their Venetian Society status, I am a belt and suspenders type of person and wanted to be reassured. If you did not receive the email several months which stated an even more favorable policy (which was quickly modified), then you might not have had the same concerns. Hope this helps clarify the post.
  9. Recluse spiders are really bad. I always check slippers, shoes and boots before putting them on. I even get a bad reaction to other spider bites...the joys of living in Florida!
  10. Thanks Stumblefoot, Cruiseej, and Alexandria for all your wise advice. I called Silversea (US) directly today and received the following answer which I paraphrase: Based on our conversation today, Silversea will apply the "Cruise with Confidence" policy in effect today, May 22, 2020 should we decide to cancel our cruise during the penalty period within 120 days prior to sailing so long as we do not cancel any later than 48 hours prior to sailing. Therefore, if we cancel our October 29 and November 25, 2020 reservations prior to October 27, 2020, we can apply the full amount we have paid to a future cruise credit which can be used for a cruise any time in 2021. It seems that it all hinges on the fact that I spoke with Silversea directly and went on record that we might need to cancel. Given that our booking is with a TA, I find it surprising that I would have to speak with SS to be protected. I do not believe that the fact that we have many days with Silversea had anything to do with the answer I received. I will have to forfeit the 5% on board booking discount I received on those reservations but would not be able to recoup that in any event with a full cash refund. Now that I have this in writing and reconfirmed following my paraphrase of the original email, I feel more confident that I can wait for a while into the penalty period before making a decision about next year's Grand Voyage. Now I just have to hope that the perks that accompany the Grand Voyage become more generous. While I hate to hope that October voyages will be cancelled, I would love to be able to take advantage of the 125% FCC if they do cancel. The Silversea representative with whom I spoke said that I could share this information on social media.
  11. My cruise is in late October, and I do not wish to risk a cruise then. My concern is that if I wait until 48 hours prior to departure hoping they cancel the cruise So I can have the 125% FCC and they change that policy, I will not be able to cancel without a sizeable penalty. I plan on rebooking a September 2021 Grand Voyage. Any thoughts about the likelihood they could change their 48 hour policy.
  12. Sounds like a plan to have a CC weekend in Northern Wales. Happy anniversaries!
  13. Just bought a Shark after 60 years of Electrolux. I am surprisingly pleased and actually vacuum more frequently! If Dyson is the RR, this might be the Jaguar.
  14. Les37b. Thank you for the information. I asked my TA to get the answer but as yet have not had a response. We are in the US, so it might be different. While we want to continue to cruise in the future, we also want to be prudent. I will let you know what I hear.
  15. QueSeraSera...we have lots of gas powered tools but just recently bought a few battery powered ones and are extremely pleased. They have improved so much, are quieter and lighter.
  16. Yes, chives and scallions are perennials, but be careful with the flowers! I made the mistake one year of throwing them into the landscaping! My deck planters look a lot like yours.
  17. JP ...And it needs to have a snow blower attachment as well! The planter looks great! What will you put in it? QueSeraSera... Of course you can borrow it! I will drive it right down to you.
  18. I will lend you my front end loader.
  19. I am a bit confused by the wording. If I elect to take a FCC for a cruise that I cancel and then apply it to a booking in late 2021, can I cancel that cruise 120 days prior and receive a cash refund or do I forfeit the money?
  20. Hang in there Lois - I went through a similar spell 13 years ago, and it is no fun. It can really wear you down, but believe me, you will get beyond all this and eventually look back in disbelief that it even happened!
  21. I love to see what everyone is doing. Our lives have been much more mundane. No spectacular food or impressive renovations. We have weeded the landscaping, spread 40 cubic yards of mulch and 15 yards of wood chips. I have pressure washed all the slate walkways and now will pressure wash the pool deck. Then, I will pressure wash the house. There is no rest for the elderly! Seriously, we are glad to see that everyone is coping well and so look forward to seeing everyone again on Silversea. Stay safe, keep day dreaming and stay well,
  22. Would Manfredi buy it back? Possibly at a discount?
  23. Thank you all for all these wonderful stories, jokes, etc. They really make a difference and remind me of why I miss you all so much. Stay safe and stay healthy!
  24. We are finally eating our way through the freezer and have found some interesting vintages! Was 2018 a good year?
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