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  1. For what it is worth, we were segmentarians on the WC for several years and have never felt left out. Yes, there are events for world cruisers, but we understand that. And we have been fortunate to have been included several times. We will certainly do parts of the world cruise again.
  2. We requested it before the cruise and they provided it at no additional cost. Another time, the F & B manager knew we liked green Chartreuse and since there was none on board, he went and bought a bottle for us!
  3. We had a bottle of special single malt on board which was kept in the main bar below the bar. We could have asked to have it moved to Panorama if we had so wanted.
  4. Spins. By any chance are you on the Shadow in November?
  5. I know of several crew and officers who have bikes on board from time to time.
  6. Would someone please ask Captain Destefano if he will be on board in November. We have so enjoyed sailing with him.
  7. Bon voyage to everyone. We are looking forward to reading all about it.
  8. We hope you have a wonderful trip!
  9. We were told that the steps were built specifically for a lady on the World Cruise. She has done many world cruises with SS, and she told me that she hopes to celebrate her 100th birthday year on the 2020 cruise. She is a delightful lady who travels alone except for the time when her son joins her for several weeks. She does water aerobics daily, and she used to climb up and down the pool ladder! I hope to be as fortunate when I turn 80.
  10. They should get rid of the shops and the highly overpriced and useless merchandise.
  11. If you are able to get off on Pitcairn, I would love to know if Bernice Christian is still alive. It should be an amazing experience, and we will follow along and wish we were there.
  12. Rally - Great to see you posting. We remember well our time traveling with you and also the wonderful birthday dinner where Gilbert and Chef Dotti went at it over the prep of the dessert. Gilbert was maitre dā€™ on this cruise as well. We still remember the code word for Pinch. Hope our paths cross again! CrusinPashmina - Hope you have better weather than we did. None the less, Iceland is a fabulous adventure which I am sure you will enjoy.
  13. J-P We received the information about the charity in the suite and filled out the opt out form. I never checked to see if it had been posted prior to that day, but if it was, it was removed before the end of the trip. Denny01 - Also, if there is something that you do not like, be sure to say something to the appropriate department head or Hotel Director.
  14. One of our favorite places on the Shadow is the Observation lounge on deck 9 overlooking the bow. There is no bar there, but if you want a drink, just call room service and it will be delivered to you. I understand that the refirb will include the addition of The Arts Cafe. We enjoyed it on the Muse for light snacks all day long. I assume that it will be similar on the Shadow. If you think you might like to dine in either La Terrazza or La Dame (upcharge), then you should go online 120 days prior to sailing to make reservations. They can be changed once on board, but it is better to have them than be shut out. We prefer having pre-dinner drinks in the Panorama Lounge on deck 8 rather than the main bar on deck 5. The bar is more lively and noisy while the Panorama Lounge gives you the opportunity to gaze out the windows or, weather permitting, have your drinks on the aft deck which is lovely especially on a port intensive cruise. Tipping is a very subjective matter, but you should know that tips are included in your fare. Having said that, we do contribute significantly to the Crew Welfare Fund rather than to any individual crew member. You should also be aware that a $1/day donation to the owner's foundation is added to your bill, but you can opt out by going to the Reception Desk and saying you do not want to participate. Above all, if you want something, just ask for it. They will do everything possible to accommodate your request. Hope you have a wonderful trip.
  15. Spectacular photos! I certainly would have tried the hike and definitely would have used poles on the way down. Glad you all did it safely. No polar plunge for me either.
  16. Your photos are wonderful, and we look forward to them each day. I'm sorry that your dinner in LT was not as good as hoped for, and we agree that we hate to say anything negative, but sometimes it is required. Continue to enjoy the cruise and your wonderful weather.
  17. In Hobart, if they offer the tour to visit the animal rescue sanctuary, it is well worth the time. We hand fed kangaroos and saw many animals who owed their lives to the wonderful people there. In Sydney, you must go to the fish market if you do not take a cooking class. Also the botanical gardens can be wonderful depending on the season. Have a wonderful trip.
  18. I think you make a good point about the Cloud being "Expedition lite", which I guess shouldn't surprise anyone especially those who have done the true expedition cruises. We booked it for the itinerary and didn't really think about the LCD's (we call them LOL's = little old ladies). If we choose to do another expedition cruise, we will choose the ship more carefully. I do hope that the Silver Origin will not be expedition lite! When we look back on this cruise, we will remember the weather and missed ports, but we will also remember the good times we had with friends doing interesting things, trying to win at trivia and generally enjoying someone else doing the cooking and certainly the cleaning. Iceland is a fascinating place and maybe some day we will visit in better weather.
  19. Rich - Can you tell if any additional wait staff joined the ship in Reykjavik? The pizzas on board are quite good. I'm so glad they could make the special one for Barbara. Hope she enjoyed it.
  20. We just did the west African ports on the penultimate segment of the world cruise on the Whisper. While we did not visit as many ports as the Cloud did, we had an amazing time. Take a look at the 2020 and 2021 world cruises to see which ports they will be visiting. While you might not be able to make reservations for just a segment or two right now, space might open up when you are within 120 days of departure.
  21. JP. Good comment about the serving stations being placed in the corners and not more centrally located. The rude server was at breakfast in LT. She is Asian and possibly there was a language barrier when I asked for the mug but she was also the server in the MDR who took 20 minutes to come up with extra sauce for the steak Diane (which by the way was excellent). There were also several newbies who were clueless and should have been better trained but we always try to cut them some slack. For us it was the fact that the dining rooms were at least 2 to 4 people short of enough to provide the service to which we are accustomed. Also, several times in LT for breakfast the servers took our orders without using the ipad and had to come back and ask for our orders again. Even with that, eggs were not cooked as ordered. Now in fairness, this was our first expedition cruise with our most recent cruises being the world cruise and a b2b transatlantic on the Whisper. Gilbert was maitre dā€™ on the Whisper as well and everything was fine, so I have to assume it was the number of staff rather than the supervision which made the difference. We know nothing is perfect, and as I have said, we are Silversea enthusiasts, but it is sad to have to defend their poor performance to people who were new to Silversea and who were truly disappointed. For those who are taking upcoming cruises on the Cloud, do not worry. I was being possibly overly critical of a cruise line that for us up until this cruise usually received scores of 9 or 10. You will find many things you like and a few you do not. Food is subjective and I just gave my opinion. Overall, service was fine except for the dining rooms. Our butler Oscar and cabin attendant did everything we asked for. Service in the Panorama lounge was fine.
  22. It is interesting how people's impressions of the same event(s) can differ. We thought the refirb of the Cloud was beautiful. We were less impressed by the amount of space given over to the zodiacs which made walking the deck less than fun. We were understandably disappointed by the weather and the cancellation of 3 ports and the cancellation of our whale watching tour in Husavik which had been so highly recommended. I agree that they might have been able to come up with better experiences on shore or even just in the zodiacs. I was interested to see that on the subsequent cruise, they allowed passengers up on the bow on deck 5/6. That might have been fun on our trip. As you know, we are Silversea cheerleaders and enthusiasts with many days on board. We were highly disappointed in the food and even more in the poor service both in the main dining room and La Terrazza. Food is subjective, but we felt that the basic ingredients were not up to the standard we were used to, and the prep was sometimes really bad. For example, the last evening in LT, I ordered the veal liver which is usually very good. This time, the majority of the dish was well prepared, but then I cut into a portion where the chef must have decided to pour all the salt, which ruined it. I am sensitive to salt, but this was ridiculous. In the morning, we could never get our eggs cooked the way they were ordered, and it was impossible to get toasted english muffins served at the same time as the eggs. We always had to go into the buffet area to get the butter which was routinely forgotten. One of the servers chose to disagree with me when I ordered my coffee in a mug rather than the standard cup. While it might have been a language issue, the way she handled it was less than stellar. Service in both the MDR and LT was generally bad. It should not take 20 minutes to get extra sauce for a main course. It seems that they have decreased the number of staff to accommodate the high number of expedition staff, and there seemed to be many poorly trained servers. There really should be a better solution. I have never before seen the maitre d' in the restaurant bussing tables or serving tables. In our opinion, there were just not enough people to handle the restaurants. We have been on many SS cruises, and this was the least good of all, not because of the weather or the missed tours, but because of the food and service. When we were at the airport, we were approached by a lady who had been on the cruise who asked what we thought. It was her first Silversea cruise (she is a Regent devotee) and she was quite displeased. That put us in the position of having to defend Silversea all the while agreeing with much of what she was saying. Another passenger approached us with many of the same complaints. She had only been on Silversea once before and was quite disappointed with the cruise and especially the way the shore excursions were handled. She would have preferred more of an expedition cruise rather than a cruise with chancy ports. We will give Silversea another chance but probably not for a while. This cruise was quite disappointing. I'm sorry to be so negative, but I really needed to vent. All that aside, we truly enjoyed spending time with Rachel & George, JP & Chris, Barbara & Rich and Page & Mike. After all is said and done, it is the people who make the trip and not the small things which are not up to par.
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