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  1. One of the benefits of CC is "knowing before you go" contributions from all of us.
  2. My Room Stewards have always moved my stuff as soon as the occupants have departed my future stateroom. This has happened as early as 8:30 AM to me. You will be given a time to report to the Front Desk and pickup your new stateroom key card. You will depart the ship and wait in the terminal until returning passengers are allowed to return. This is usually an hour before the regular passengers are permitted to do so. You can also just wait in the terminal and board with our wife. Your shipboard account may be rolled over and not settled until you disembark for the la
  3. You are correct on Notes. There are several tasting events during each cruise with a very limited number of attendees. Price was $35 p/p to taste and rate a sample of several numbered bottles. I don't know who selects the bottle numbers to be tasted. Blend is a similar venue for wine tasting with a limited number of attendees. I don't know how reservations for seats are made but I will add the issue to my questions for my November Nieuw Statendam cruise.
  4. Actually, 5:00 - 10:30 PM per my Westerdam When & Where
  5. A very quiet bar only open in the evenings on the Zuiderdam:
  6. After many years, I surrendered my Canon PowerShot S120, as my pocket camera for cruising. All of my indoor photos and quick-reaction photos when I did not have my regular camera were taken with that camera. Only slightly larger, I now use a Canon G7 MKIII. It has good zoom and excellent RAW photos but a huge reason for my upgrade is this camera's video capability. Another huge improvement is the 24-100mm zoom lens. Add great stabilization and I am happy with my upgrade. Although i have not yet tried it, the MKIII can live stream to YouTube.
  7. While you are waiting in the terminal. you will receive the current-day Where & When. With very limited seating, for Notes stopping at the Front Desk ASAP is highly recommended before the line disgruntled passengers begins to form. While there, sign up for the Behind the Scenes tour ($99) if interested (could be on a port day). Drop off luggage in your stateroom. Next priority stop is at the Specialty Dining booth across from the Pinnacle Grill on Deck 2 to make reservations for your free dinners if applicable. Next priority stop is at the Deck 9 spa if you want
  8. Here is a link to the latest spa prices that I have: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/specialty-2/greenhouse-spa Some photos of the spa area:
  9. The facilities are top notch.and co-ed. Here are some photos for you to make your own decision:
  10. Whatever bag you purchase, modify it with large stickers, or other colorful attachments, that you can spot among thousands of other similar bags in the disembarkation baggage terminal/ To be safe against anything inside being crushed choose hard-sided luggage. Your luggage will be sitting in the ship luggage trolleys for several hours and they may be under five or six heavy bags as seen below:
  11. Order through the Neptune Suite Concierge anytime during the day.
  12. Yes. You can have guests for dinner. I counted at least eight dining chairs in the suite. The rectangular dining able has four chairs but two more chairs from the breakfast table could be added to the ends to allow six places. Here is a photo of the breakfast table that I took in PS 7053 on the Koningsdam.
  13. The tasting sessions were conducted several times during the week at 6:00 PM for a very few people. Each bottle has a number tag but not sure who chooses the bottles to be tasted. Tastings are listed in the daily Where & When you receive each night. Recommend you ask at the Front Desk as soon as you board the ship. Cost was $35. I am supposed to be aboard the sister ship Nieuw Statendam this November and will find out as much info as I can. Remind me on my "Live from" CC thread that I will conduct during my cruise. A few of the tasting choices:
  14. My website is a hobby to show my photography but over the years of cruising, I have responded to CC members requests for information and just posted what I have gathered. There is a balcony outside of the Tamarind Restaurant with a great photo view of what is behind the ship. FWIW the 7-day cruises to Alaska from either Seattle, or Vancouver, have the same dining menus. Since I will be on the first cruise to Alaska in April 2022, my website will have all of the Lido Market and MDR menus for the Alaska season. The Gala Night menus have not changed in years and the seco
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