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  1. The closer you get to sailing day, the greater chance you will be upgraded to a Neptune Suite. We look forward to hearing what category you actually receive.
  2. I have emailed my CCL holding reports (.pdf) to my PCC for the past 12 years and I receive an updated booking that includes the OBC within 24 hours.
  3. Here is a link to the Sommelier Suit Wines onboard from December: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Sommelier-Suite.pdf
  4. Another vote for enjoying GB from an aft balcony. Room Service breakfast on the balcony, out of the wind that others will be experiencing, starts my day. As a photographer, having ipads/phones being held over the heads of those at the outer deck railings and blocking my shots is disconcerting. I can see both sides of the ship from my balcony, only a few feet from own bathroom, warm stateroom, a themos of hot chocolate, snacks, and my minibar. The ship rotates at Marjorie Glacier so no need to endure the crowded railings. I use my tripod for movies on my balcony that would be impossible on the outer decks with lots of people. Keeping up the tradition, I make a 10:00 AM pea soup excursion to the aft Lido Deck and a restocking of chocolate chip cookies. Others may have different choices and experiences.
  5. The names of those who have removed the HSC are posted in the crew area so your waiters and room Stewards know that they may not receive tips from you. Giving a random $5 in cash to a maintenance worker who does not recognise you as an HSC withdrawer, should not be an issue.
  6. This absolutely the case but an even better way to give kudos is via "Comment Cards" available from your Room Steward. The Comment Cards presented daily at the Captains Staff meeting with the cards then being posted in the crew living area. Recognized crew members receive recognition from both their peers and supervisors. Best to submit one kudo card per crew member. FWIW I submit lots of card on each cruise throughout the cruise. When I see one of my kudo card recipients later in the cruise, they express their gratitude with broad smiles and sometimes tears. Be it kudos or issues, it is better that the ship management know and be able to recognize the crew member or fix the issue before it goes into your end-of-cruise survey.
  7. Room Stewards and waiters each receive 30% with 40% distributed to those behind the scenes: plumbers, cooks, engineering folks, laundry staff, etc. Those delivering Room Service are MDR/Lido Market waiters that have volunteered to give up their off time to make extra tips. A few years ago my MDR waiter delivered daily appetizers to me at 3:00 PM and I asked him. Before he left the room, he always asked if I would be at my table for dinner and if he should save me the dinner menu. When touring the Nieuw Statendam Recycling Center, I learned that all of the reclyclables are sold with the income going to the "Crew Fund". So, when the art auctions stopped sending their flyers, the Crew Fund suffered.
  8. The porters fill the luggage racks and move them directly to the bag scanning as soon as the racks are filled. From my verandah-category balcony, I have watched luggage being delivered to the ship before noon. Always arriving before 11:00 AM and boarding before noon, my luggage has arrived between 12:30 and 2:00 PM with the only exception of a single bag being sent to the "naughty room" for having an extension cord. Others may have different experiences.
  9. The earlier that you board the sooner you will receive your luggage and be unpacked before the Passenger Safety Drill.
  10. If you purchase a Future Cruise Deposit while on board, it can be used as a deposit on a new booking, earn some on board credit (OBC) on a future cruise, and if you book within 60 days of returning home, you will get some additional OBC (code ZPM) for your rebooking.
  11. I always contact my PCC for price drops who tells me that she cannot give refunds but perhaps up to $300 OBC.
  12. Indeed starch introduces a new element into the laundry process. Shirts and pants are not normally ironed by the ship laundry, rather they are fitted over an inflatable mold and given a few seconds of steam to remove wrinkles.
  13. No excursion "deals" once on board. Any excrusions with limited seating (helicopters and bush planes) fill up fast and need to be booked ASAP. Dog sledding in the snow is only slightly more enjoyable than landing in a snow-covered Denali mountain pass.
  14. It appears that they do. http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/here/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/Bar-Menu.pdf
  15. Here is the missing link: http://www.rogerjett-photography.com/
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