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  1. Dear Megavfm, Thank you for your reply. In case you have not heard the news today - there has been a bomb attack today near the new Cairo Museum - "An explosion targeting a tourist bus injured at least 12 people near a new museum being built close to the Giza pyramids in Egypt on Sunday, two security sources told Reuters. Most of those injured were foreign tourists, the sources said. One security source said they included South African nationals. There were no reports of deaths. A witness, Mohamed el-Mandouh, told Reuters he heard a "very loud explosion" while sitting in traffic near the site of the blast. Pictures posted on social media showed a bus with some of its windows blown out or shattered, and debris in the road next to a low wall with a hole in it. In December, three Vietnamese tourists and an Egyptian guide were killed and at least 10 others injured when a roadside bomb hit their tour bus less than 4 kilometres (2.5 miles) from the Giza pyramids. South Africa's foreign ministry said staff from its embassy in Egypt were visiting hospitals to check on the reported injuries" The above news report was from the English newspaper - Telegraph Kindest regards Master Echo
  2. Dear CrusinPashmina, I am sure you will like Les37B's lovely photos, we are so fortunate that he is able to take such interesting pictures from his vantage point close to work, so thank you Les. Thank you so much for being the consummate host for our visit to the Wind last Thursday. Your food and wine recommendations were perfect. The visit gave me the opportunity to ensure that Captain Arma is maintaining the areas of the Wind for which he is responsible, in the expected excellent condition. No one maintains the pool deck area in better shape than he, and the teak varnish was positively gleaming in the sunshine!! It was also pleasing to be greeted so warmly by crew members with whom I have sailed previously, rekindling the family atmosphere. I am glad that you enjoyed Tresco and the Isles of Scilly. The weather prospects for the coming week appear benign, particularly when compared to your transatlantic crossing! Happy days on your travels Kindest regards Master Echo
  3. Thank you so much for your indepth and illuminating posts. Concerning the mid cruise landtour, Aswan is so difficult to get to these days, because only Egypt Air fly from Cairo, and you really do not want to fly Egypt Air! Whilst Cairo is still a long way from the US, Aswan can be viewed as a bridge too far. Aswan has been on my bucket list for many years, long before all "the "troubles" and I would have bitten their hand off for the chance to do this! One can go to Cairo anytime. The only other alternative is to do a Nile Cruise, with the distinct possibility of gastric issues, and also hope the water levels are okay, otherwise one still wouldnt get that far anyway. i join the Shadow in Monte Carlo on June 17, sadly the day that Martin the HD, disembarks. Kirk was due to go on leave from Venice on June 28th. Does anyone know whether or not he is unwell? Also please does anyone know who will replace Alan King when he leaves at the end of June? kindest regards Master Echo
  4. To you all who have posted such beautiful and evocative images of my beloved Wind. Captain Arma has confirmed that a training and safety video was being produced during Thursday with cameras still evident in the afternoon. I was told that CD Colin Brown fulfilled a dual role of Hotel Director during the interregnum between departure of the old and arrival of the new HD. it will be something of a homecoming in a few days during the call in the Shetlands and will give him a chance to have a family visit. Kindest regards Master Echo
  5. Thank You Mysty for taking us along on your epic voyage and all others who contributed to the posts of this lovely trip. - I would have love to have been with you. Thank you for your pictures of Lisbon, which I know extremely well, and it was nice to see that "She" had given you a lovely typically blue Lisbon sky! Hope you enjoyed your Pasteis de Belem, and you managed to get a few more from the many outlets there are in Lisboa. Additionally you enjoyed the atmospheric "noise" when traversing under the April 25th Bridge, down the Tagus, it really is quite unique. I was waitlisted for the 2020 WC, but seemingly it has sold even better than yours!! Only around 12 cabins left!!!! Some very lucky people!! I can only hope that with two ships to choose from I might be luckier in 2021!! Enjoy your last week and hope the weather holds up for you until you reach Greenwich. The weather prospects for your remaining journey to Greenwich appear to be very good - fingers crossed. Kindest regards Master Echo
  6. Etual324 - That is a double OMG!! I presume it isn't a pet? Maybe Stumblefoot has the better option?!! Please tell me where you live - and I wont come visiting!! Kindest regards Master Echo
  7. OMG!! Stumblefoot - you poor souls. Please keep it to yourself!! Kindest regards Master Echo
  8. TTS, Firstly, thank you very much for the atmospheric pictures, and do hope the "horn" has not disturbed your night's sleep! Do hope Gennaro Arma has worked his magic and the storm forecast for Saturday disappears. Seemingly the "summer" weather so enjoyed by the British Isles over Easter has now become "winter", although it is forecasted to become a lot warmer for your arrival into Tower Bridge. I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you all. Spinnaker2, yes I too remember the sign behind the bar to the "hidden" loo. I seem to remember that there was also a small store cupboard adjacent to this, which held assorted ship's paraphernalia. It was also quite amusing to disappear from sight of the pool deck to use this facility, and fellow passengers thought I had come out of "crew" quarters!. Happy days - I wonder if it is still there? Next door to this, is the HD's cabin. BTW I am surprised that many passengers have been taken aback at the confirmation that our beloved Silver Wind will be "icefied" during her four month+ drydock after August 2020. As I said last September, the "Freudian" slip on the advanced itineraries which RP also saw, showing a Ushuaia cruise in Feb 2021, really gave the game away, but there was no official confirmation. However, seemingly we are getting the best of both worlds, she will spend some months "down under" in the frozen wastes, and the rest of the year in warmer climes. In theory to my mind - it just means I will only have six or so months or cruises to choose between. On an upbeat note - She will still be Our Wind, just looking newer and younger. At least She will still be plying the Seven Seas and long may she continue!! Looking forward to hearing more news from all currently on the Wind. Kindest regards Master Echo
  9. Dear TTS So enjoying your reporting on your voyage so far, and look forward to following along until Tower Bridge, assuming you are not all too frozen!. Les so sorry to hear of your aborted flight with good old BA!! Hope the flight was worth waiting for?!! Hope the jet lag is not too severe. Kindest regards Master Echo
  10. Dear Spinnaker So pleased you arrived home safely, albeit having to wait for tardy luggage! Would like to reiterate all the above posters in thanking you so much for all your "running" commentary of your life onboard the Spirit, together with the lovely photographs, and also for your reply to my questions about Cuba -hoping my cruise is still "on"!! Kindest regards Master Echo
  11. A friend who sailed on this cruise from Capetown and disembarked at Accra, has said the following:- The food wasn’t terrible ..just ok. Not up to past standards or ingredients..but could be because of the ship size and limited cruising ports to bring goods on. Definitely was not the same as the past! He was particularly disappointed with La Terrazza, and he is a seasoned SS traveller. I am really surprised as I did the same cruise on the Wind from Cape Town to Barcelona, and there were no problems with the standard or availability of ingredients. Kindest regards Master Echo
  12. Oh dear how sad - I can quite understand what a nightmare it must have been, however I am pleased to know that you have a second leg to look forward to in the "balmy" West Indian breezes. Thanks so much for your detailed report, Kindest regards Master Echo
  13. Dear jollyjones, Interested in your comments regarding your cruise to Cuba. What exactly were the problems you encountered? At least you will have had the opportunity to visit Cuba, problems notwithstanding, whereas it is extremely unlikely I will get the chance!! Like so many people,, the cruise was booked specifically to see Cuba. I also have flights already booked and paid for, which of course would be forfeited!😕 With regards your concern over the Cuban stamps, as a prolific traveller, put paperclips in your passport covering several used pages. If queried, you can say you have done it to make it easier for them to find an empty page. Kindest regards Master Echo
  14. Dear DCCcruiser57 Charmaine the FCC is not from RCI. I have sailed with her several times on different ships. She did a six month contract on Silver Discoverer in a start up role, and to my knowledge has been with SS since 2016. She is extremely efficient and very helpful, and I would be surprised if the fault for the lack of an M&M coukd be laid at her door. Kindest regards Master Echo
  15. Dear Spinnaker, How nice to see Samuele participating in a "show" - he certainly seems to be taking the magic seriously! Well, you have certainly seen a first - well to my knowledge - what an amazing display of synchronised swimming in a dry pool!! It must have been hilarious - not only for the passengers but also for the participants - hoping that none of them were hurt in their exuberance!! Boi noite as you leave Lisbon tomorrow night, and hope you have had a good time in the delightful Portuguese capital. Wishing you calm seas and a good new crowd of passengers for your leg to Barcelona, and looking forward to more comment and pictures on your last leg across the Pond. Thank you again Kindest regards Master Echo.
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