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  1. It zipped up, no problem! Here's a pic of me at my heaviest 202 next to me in the dress this morning at 175. It's not the best picture, but I can definitely see progress!
  2. Hi ladies, Congrats to everyone who lost this week! My husband was out of town part of this week for work, and Wednesday I didn't feel like cooking for just me and the kids. So I cheated and took the kids to a Mexican food restaurant that's just around the corner. Two baskets of chips and a margarita later my Thursday morning weigh in wasn't exactly where I wanted it to be. Surely the kids ate one of those baskets, right? 😏 It could have been a whole lot worse though. I was still down 1.6 pounds for the week, 26.8 pounds total (started at 202, currently 175.2). 16 days until Liberty of the Seas! I wanted to be at 170, and I will be close if I stay on track. To be honest, I'm really happy with what I've done in the last few months. We're taking my mother in law on her first cruise for her birthday in February, so I would like to keep up this pace. If I do, I should be about 140 then - my final goal is 130 which should get my short 5'1" body into a size 6 - at least it did back when I was 25 and before I had a couple kids. I've stuck with it long enough now (low carb/ketoish and one to two meals a day), that it feels normal. We have a cheat meal, and I get back on the very next meal instead of before where that one cheat dinner would turn into biscuits for breakfast, picking up hamburgers for lunch, and ordering pizza for dinner the next day. Now to just keep going! @JessandLevi We home school too. I agree, it can be really hard to squeeze it all in, and I'm sure it's just as hot in GA as it is here in TX, so getting outside for a quick walk when everyone needs a break just doesn't happen in the summer! We started back the week after July 4. I try to walk around the house 30 minutes before the kids get up, but it doesn't always happen - my walk tends to turn into stopping to start laundry, stopping to unload the dishwasher, stopping to lesson plan, etc. I hope your year goes well, and you and your kids have an easy transition back into school.
  3. I'm such an introvert... that's probably why I don't know them. I would probably need a lava flow or two first!
  4. I ordered a new formal night dress in two sizes because I wasn't sure which would fit, and they arrived today. I tried on the smallest size first, and as I'm trying to zip up the back, which I can't really reach, I'm thinking "YAY! This is a perfect fit!" My husband is on a business trip, and he won't be back until Thursday. So I ask my kids to zip it up for me. I can gather enough fabric where I can reach to tell it's going to zip, and I'm so excited. BUT... you know when materials change on a dress how it's sometimes hard to zip over the transition? Well my kids both get to that fabric change in the dress and say it won't go any further. I'm dying to get the thing on and see how it really looks because I'm in love with this dress! Would it be weird to go ask a neighbor who's name I don't even know? Not sure I'll make it until Thursday! 🤣
  5. I'm pretty sure I would have been let go over a snarky comeback. Some people!
  6. Hi all! Congrats on the losses! I didn't log in last week, and then kept forgetting to check on this topic. I was down 1.2 pounds last week (baseball game cheat) and this Thursday I was down 2.6 pounds. I have officially hit 25 pounds! Only 47 more to go for my final goal, but I'm not worried about that right now. We sail in 23 days and one of my formal dresses zips up, and the other will be here on Tuesday. I went ahead and bought two sizes because we are so close - I didn't want to deal with returns and reorders this close to our travel date. I took the kids to the waterpark yesterday, and while my bathing suit fit when dry, it felt really baggy once it got wet. Guess I should see what I can find on clearance before there are only sweaters in the store! 🤣
  7. In regards to the Refreshment Package. If you decide to purchase it, your daughter will also be able to order virgin drinks / mocktails. We are sailing on Liberty soon which doesn't have smoothies, so I'm sure they will get their fill of non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiris!
  8. FWIW Here's an article Business Insider did a couple of months ago on this topic.
  9. I can't say I follow her regularly, and right now my kitchen sink isn't empty...but my shoes are on! 😉
  10. What would I pick, or what am I actually doing? DH and I got up and went for a walk, I started a load of laundry, and just finished a short free weight workout. I gained last night at the ballgame which was expected, so there was no skipping today's workout. I still have to go grocery shopping, do dishes, and fold Mount Washmore today. BUT... we just booked a cruise for February, and we are taking my mother in law. It's her first cruise, and it embarks on her birthday! I'm sure I'll make time to send her sample menus or photos today; she's so excited!
  11. I tried a 16 hour fast for a week or two and didn't see any change at all. It wasn't until I went to about 18 hours that I noticed a difference.
  12. I did a few things - I started eating low/no carb, and I started mostly intermittent fasting. I also stopped drinking soda and really upped my water intake. During the week I have a cup of coffee with heavy cream, a late lunch (usually a salad with meat on it, or leftover whatever meat we had the night before and lots of veggies), and then for dinner I have some sort of meat entree and lots of veggies. I add in full fat cheese and almonds as snacks between lunch and dinner if I need it. I try to eat lunch and dinner between 1pm and 7pm. My husband is doing South Beach so dinners have been easy so far, and I just make the kids a little cous cous or garlic bread for a quick grain. On the weekends, I eat breakfast lunch and dinner with the family, but I still keep it low carb - for example I'll scramble eggs for everyone but I'll just skip the toast. I have a cheat meal once a week - tonight we're going to a baseball game, so I'll be enjoying nachos, a hamburger, and a beer. After a few weeks, I can tell a big difference in that I'm not craving bread and sugar anymore. I could even go without ice cream which was a big craving for me before.
  13. Hi all. This is my first weigh in, so here's a little info on me. My birthday last year I hit my heaviest, 202 lbs on a 5'1" frame. I decided it was time to lose weight, and I have been going in the right direction, but only the tiniest bit every month. I finally got down to 197.8 on June 15. I started to amp it up, have lost 17 pounds since then, and weighed in at 180.8 this morning! If I can lose 10 more pounds, I will weigh the same as I did on my last cruise 9 years ago... maybe I won't have to buy a new formal dress! 😊
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