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  1. Sorry, Harry, I don't know the answer. I am disappointed that we have had so few reports from those who have been on the ship recently; maybe only a few bother with Cruise Critic, but news about current events on board, as well as opinions on everything on the ship would be so good to get.
  2. Right, everyone - what we need now is a report please from someone who has been on Discovery recently, to bring us back to civilisation. Please!
  3. wowzz - I didn't reply earlier as I am not sure if all the included wines are available from the bars, but certainly I have seen people having a glass of wine from the various bars, and not just in the restaurants at mealtimes. We tend to be a sherry before lunch and cocktails before dinner, but the bars definitely have wine available - and in quite large glasses!
  4. I wonder if anyone knows how full SOD is generally - in other words, is the higher price putting many off from booking, as JoJo seems to think. I agree that Saga should get their itineraries out sooner, or they will certainly lose trade there as people commit elsewhere.
  5. Formal wear for men can be a jacket and tie, in my experience - and they even found them at reception for a friend who had not brought any formal wear with him, which was accepted in the dining room. As to pricing, while the new ship is still very 'Saga', one needs to bear in mind the fact that all cabins have a balcony; there is much more choice in dining, and the whole ship is more 'glam' and spacious than Sapphire (which I did love). Plus a proper raked theatre, and various other improvements on Sapphire and Pearl.
  6. Thank you all for good wishes. It is not a serious illness (I have had one of those!) but just so inconvenient, as I can't drive at present, and DH is not allowed to, and children are both far away. Plus kind neighbours are in Spain at present. So, muddling on. Will come back when I am more myself. Love the dog! Lola
  7. Hi all It has put things a bit into perspective for me reading of others' troubles. Two years ago I broke right femur, leading to what is called a dynamic hip screw- metal plate on to bone, with screws into existing hip. Took some time to get mobile and driving. DH is 92 and frail, so not a lot of help sadly. Last Mon. I fell again, on the snowy ground outside door putting stuff into bin, and could not get up. Eventually shuffled into house on behind! Much pain, worry about femur. Next day, phone to GP sent me to Lincoln hospital by ambulance with DH who should not be alone. Long day, but X-ray showed no further bone or plate problem, thank heavens. Now struggling round on frame again, but coping with basics, and muscles are beginning to heal up. DD came to pick us up - she lives over 3 hours away, and stayed a couple of nights. As they rightly say, old age is not for cissies! Anyway, got round to putting a bit of makeup on today for delivery of rise and recline chair (for him, but also me at present), so must be improving. Sorry about going on, but it does you good to get things off your chest to people! And I am glad I am not on Diamond Princess! Lola
  8. Fingers crossed for you! Hope all is clean and clear by now, and let us know how your cruise goes.
  9. Another thought, Alan - perhaps you would post a report on how your cruise went, afterwards? We are a bit lacking on news of Discovery.
  10. retiredbrit - unless you are a real connoisseur of wine I feel sure you would be fairly happy with the choices on offer on Saga. The staff at lunch and dinner will offer the 'wine of the day', but are always more than happy to give you one of the alternatives - these are usually wines like - for reds - a shiraz, a cab. sauv. possibly a pinotage and a tempranillo, of the order of a £6 or so a supermarket bottle. Ditto whites - a sauv. blanc, a chardonnay, a pinot grigio. I think there is something sparkling included also. If you are a sherry aficionado, you might enjoy what we were pleasantly surprised to be offered included - Tio Pepe, Crofts Pale Cream or Harveys Bristol Cream. Reasonably good cocktails also, and beer (don't know which). There is a list of wines to purchase, which vistaman might want to use, but for most of us the included stuff is adequate.
  11. I can't comment on Discovery, as we have not yet sailed on her, but on Sapphire (with no apparent noro on board) at the entrance to each restaurant you were obliged to at use the sanitisers at the doorway - either spray on or putting your hands into the 'machine', under strict supervision. Some people say they are useless, but I would like to think they help. I agree that there is no age limit on being hygienic or not. If anything, as one gets older and is naturally more health conscious, at least for me I am very aware of the dangers of bugs, and wash hands thoroughly, as everyone else I see in the loos does.
  12. 89 is a large number of people. She will be undergoing a deep clean when she gets back to Southampton. I do feel sorry for all on board, as it sounds like a sad end to their cruise. Obviously, luckily not as bad as the problems in Asia with all the ships affected by the other virus!
  13. She does appear to be anchored off Gib. What a shame! I believe that more than a certain number of cases of noro (not to be confused with corona) have to be reported to the authorities. We have been on ships where there have been a few cases, and the worst thing happening was extra precautions at the entrances to dining rooms, and buffets being altered so that you could not serve yourself. We managed never to get it. Maybe we will get some reports on this and previous cruises on Discovery, sometime?
  14. I am hoping that someone who has been on Discovery recently will chime in, but certainly last autumn on Sapphire there was always a shuttle bus into town, free, unless the distance was very short.
  15. Having an inquisitive look at the P and O board (have not cruised with them) I note that one or two people say they want to cruise only from the UK, and are prepared to go a bit pricier than P and O. Silversea do very few cruises ex UK, but how about Saga? All ex Dover or Southampton, all year round. Yes, the initial cost looks high, but does include insurance, door to door transfers, drinks and the specialist restaurants. Note - smoking hardly allowed, not on balconies and only somewhere on an outside deck. Admittedly, the passengers are generally in the 65 and over category, but quite challenging excursions are on offer as well as those with little walking (the only extra cost), and tips are included. You can dine at a table for two or more, and have the same one reserved each evening for dinner if you wish, in the main dining room. We have cruised Silversea, Seabourn and Regent (favourite by far Seabourn), but the new Saga ships are not so far behind.
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