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  1. Stage 0 is very good news, Lois. Hardly there at all! Hang on in there, thinking of you. Davey, lovely pics from the Nile. We were there aeons ago, with no tourists (like it probably is now again), and it is completely mind-blowing in Luxor and Karnak to see the wonders. Even after 50 odd years we can still remember it all.
  2. True - but I have found that they tend to put the least desirable cabin numbers on the website, and if you phone and say you want to be near midships they just might find something in a better position! Also, be aware that the 'balcony' cabins on deck 8 have the most useless tiny balcony you can barely stand on, and one on 7 below, with window, is cheaper and better arranged.
  3. I can't compare as we have not been on Spirit, but just a slight warning about guarantees. The ship is smallish, and though she does sail well, if the weather is rough she goes up and down quite a bit at the bow end. If you are prone to seasickness, I would suggest a cabin as near to midships as possible - the back ones are midships. The inside cabins are, for those who can bear no window, much cheaper than any outside, and actually a very well designed cabin, and feel quite spacious. But I would choose my own, near to midships, on any deck - 5 and 6 are fine. All insides are the same size and design. She is a nice old ship, but though recently refurbed and so on, slightly old fashioned in style if you are used to ultra-modern. The East to West restaurant (bookable for evening) is excellent, both for food and service, and the room is attractive. As you should expect, the staff are lovely, and all now very used to one another, so service is pretty seamless.
  4. No tin had needed, Denarius. Most female cruisers would agree with you - we have the option of a possibly uncomfortable 'evening gown', or something lighter and less stiff, like evening trousers or skirt and lightweight top, preferably a bit 'dressy'.☺️
  5. I think one or two people have been on SOD recently - any chance of a review, please?😊
  6. If trousers (pants) suit you, why not black silk or velvet evening ones with various dressy tops? It is mostly the top half seen, in the dining room anyway, and my tops are all lightweight and do not need ironing. Some a bit 'bling', others plain with an unusual necklace or scarf. Much easier to pack.
  7. Yes, read it a while ago - looks as though it was the weather. We would not have been very happy not boarding until 5; or indeed not disembarking before probably 2. And she is going to have to miss a port on the way back, presumably. A bit of a nightmare for staff reorganising, but they have to do it now and again, usually as well as one could expect. This young Captain seems more happy to say it like it is than some others, who simply do not do a blog when things go a bit wrong.
  8. Yes, one good point in Saga's favour is the all inclusive aspect, which now does include some pretty good drinks. We have always preferred the free and easy way you get a drink on lines like Seabourn and Silversea etc., not liking the idea of showing a card or whatever when ordering, especially when socialising. The 'packages' some lines offer seem very convoluted, and sometimes pretty pricey unless you drink a lot.
  9. Well, she is still in Palma at 7.45 p.m. A nice port to be stuck in, but who knows why? Let's hope that Princess Michael of Kent has lots of stories lined up for extra talks on board! The ship certainly would not be able to make Rome tomorrow. Not surprising that there are no Captain's blogs recently.
  10. As an old 'Saganaut' I definitely agree with both of you. We are always awake by 8.a.m., in fact normally by 7, but even so we have found the announcement straight into the cabin with no possibility of turning it off is annoying. Especially as some Captains like to drone on for ages. On port days, anyone who needs to know for going ashore purposes should be able to turn these announcements on in their cabin , otherwise they should only be broadcast in the public areas. I feel sure Saga read these posts - PLEASE act on them, or you are likely to lose some of your new customers.
  11. I don't know if it is of interest to anyone, but Sapphire, which should be sailing towards Rome today, is docked in Palma - could be weather conditions or possibly an engine problem or similar. She was very late leaving Southampton on 6th, but made Gibraltar, her first port. Might be of interest to anyone on her next trip, to the Canaries.
  12. In the UK a white tux (i.e. white jacket, black trousers, bow tie) is considered tropical evening wear, therefore generally worn in hot climates.
  13. travguy - you may struggle to get an answer; only a couple of those who post on here have been on the old ships - and I am afraid I don't drink coke, so can't help. The forum has only come to life with interest in the new ships, and although those on Sapphire certainly do use the internet, hardly any seem to know about CC.
  14. Naming no names, but I have read somewhere (on CC) that a certain other line did offer some sort of inducement to obtain top marks from passengers? πŸ˜‰
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