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  1. Loving it. If you actually want to wake a bit later in the morning, can I recommend a few glasses of wine with dinner, which would probably do the trick? And reduce the profit you are giving to Seabourn, to make you feel like more of a winner in the financial stakes.
  2. Assuming Bell Boy has the right information, my experience of several years ago would no longer happen; what a good idea. It was hell when we tried to go back with a huge crowd of Italian passengers from a Costa ship - no idea of waiting your turn. Nearly ended in fights.
  3. Mysty, I doubt you could ruffle feathers however hard you tried. Some of the rest of us, I dare say .........
  4. If you have never been, it would be a shame to miss going ashore in Santorini. Two points worth considering - how many other ships are in that day, if several large ones it will be awful getting on the cablecar in the morning, but many passengers insist on doing just that and going back down for lunch on board. Going ashore after about 2 p.m. - which is what ship's staff tend to do - is normally a lot less crowded, and should give you time to have a good look round assuming you don't sail too early. And, yes, please do not use the donkeys.
  5. Well yes, I admit to a fridge, cooker and seldom used microwave. And part of the fridge for frozen things. Otherwise I would certainly go hungry. I have to take my cafetiere and coffee to stay with son or daughter; don't like her machine coffee, and he and his wife do not make coffee, full stop. If they have people to dinner I imagine they just offer them tea after! I only have it at breakfast time, but am grumpy if I don't get it. One of the few complaints about breakfast on ships - I ended up last few times having a double espresso put in a large cup and filled up with their slightly weedy coffee. Yes, Jeff, I love the Times animal photos, they too brighten up your day. My main extravagance is having the paper edition delivered every day, ridiculous I know but I feel the need.
  6. Seeing all the lovely cats and dogs on here recently gave me a calm, happy feeling - maybe we should try to have one of each posted at some time every day, as well as the funnies. The cats who hate each other really count as a funny. Anyone feel the same?
  7. I have virtually no appliances Lois, and am certainly not a chef. I like my coffee made in my cafetiere/French press best of all. However, I do like nice and interesting food. A bit of a problem unless you eat out all the time.
  8. When I was a girl, I decided to classify myself thus: human being, female, English, British. Wrong order really, but I suppose I did feel English first, even though half of my blood line is Welsh with a smidgeon of French thrown in. We do feel that we have more in common with our other British neighbours than any other English speaking nation, though. Well, I do.
  9. I tend to think that the only real rivalry is between England and Scotland. Understandable historical reasons.
  10. Looking forward to seeing a black cat on a less dark night!
  11. Good morning. Lovely in Lincs. right now - but not for long, I fear. Some good bits from yesterday, Carlos playing like a genius, Novak being gracious, and seeing Kate and Charlotte - how lovely they looked. Our football team being unsurprisingly outplayed by the best team in the competition, so not a disgrace, and it is nice to see that the papers etc. are not being nasty about them.
  12. Lovely to see Kate, looking very well (though very thin) and Charlotte. Now to concentrate on the tennis.
  13. I think I put my favourite on here a while ago There was a young man from Nepal Who went to a fancy dress ball He said 'I will risk it, and go as a biscuit' and the dog ate him up in the hall. Apt here at present?
  14. Does anyone remember when we were told to avoid bone marrow as it was possibly likely to give us some disease of cattle prevalent at the time? Maybe mad cow disease? Considered very dangerous.
  15. Just remembered, football is tomorrow. What did someone say here recently about dementia? Although my son says my memory is better than his.
  16. I have just had what I think is a delicious meal, with virtually no work. Luckily for me I can't do photos. It was king prawns in garlic and herb butter, heated in the oven with a small baguette to dip, and a small salad of just sliced red pepper, red onion and baby vine tomatoes, which was a pretty colour and tasted good. Not actual cooking, I admit. And half a bottle of Waitrose own vinho verde, which is slightly frizzante. All cheap and cheerful. Now, can I be bothered to watch the football? Probably not.
  17. Can I ask whose lasagne, Jeff - looks pretty good. Lola
  18. Thanks, I have seen it now on the BBC site. Look forward to seeing her; I guess if she is on radio or chemo they can time it so she is feeling at her best for these occasions. I just hope that if she is it won't need to be for much longer.
  19. We all need to bear in mind that the 'middle class' population of the world has gone up a lot in recent years, along of course with all the others, therefore a lot more folk with the money and desire to travel.
  20. Thanks everyone - I would like to see 13 cats being herded together to pose for a picture. Your girl jp has a bit of that look 'I am glad to see you, but not sure if I forgive you for going away'.
  21. Anybody got a photogenic pussycat ? Not that the dogs are not gorgeous, of course. I am more of a cat person, supposedly therefore less gregarious and a bit more aloof, which I am. Just for balance.
  22. I hope you are right, Phil. I had not heard that anywhere. The doubles should be entertaining too, and there is one Brit. in the final!
  23. I don't suppose Princess Kate will be at Wimbledon today to present the women's rose bowl? It would be nice if she felt well and fit enough. Otherwise, good old Queen Camilla will probably be there.
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